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Another half-billion dollar Barbados resort announced with standard fanfare, concept paintings etc.

Memories of Four Seasons – but this time it’s different. Really.

Announcing a Canadian – Barbados joint venture for a new mega condo resort and residential development, this time at Foul Bay.

That’s good, I guess. If it is finished. If it doesn’t blight the coast.

If it doesn’t run out of money. If the developers have put up real hard cash and are not relying upon hype, investors and deposits from potential buyers to use as leverage for yet to be found finances.

I wonder who the “Barbados partners” are. I wonder if any government officials have a piece of the action. I wonder if any government resources will be diverted “unofficially” to construction. I wonder if the environmental concerns were really addressed and if they will be enforced in our headlong rush and desperation for new foreign investment.

I wonder about a lot of things as I read the news. Bajans are getting very jaded about such projects and that is no wonder.

Good luck to Ecoterra International Corporation

Good luck to the Ecoterra International Corporation in the development of their new five-star Pure Beach Resort & Spa. I pray they succeed, and I desperately hope this isn’t the start of yet another set of concrete bones bleaching in the sun.

One final, important message to the developers and our all-too-eager government: Bajans must have easy access to the beach and there must be nearby parking – because without the parking that’s the end of local access, isn’t it? That’s usually the end result of these projects and we’ve had enough of that.

New Luxury Resort for St. Philip

Barbados’ economic stewards have received some welcomed news amid the protracted financial gloom.

As efforts continue to attain finance to jump-start the stalled Four Seasons Project, a Canadian company and its Barbados partners will next week break ground to signal the start of a massive $541 million residential development in St. Philip.

The people behind it say it will be a five-star beach-front residential and brand name hotel development constructed on land valued at a whopping $119 million.

Barbados TODAY learnt that the Pure Beach Resort & Spa, which will be located on the coast at the picturesque Foul Bay, received approval from the Town and Country Planning Department in April this year, after Canadian company Ecoterra International Corporation submitted the necessary master plan application in May 2008.

“The Master Plan consists of a total of 300 plus units of luxury residential villas, condo, penthouse suites, boutique hotel suites, luxury spa. The amenity rich Pure Beach Resort & Spa boasts boutique shops, fine dining restaurants, and bars where stunning panoramic view of the ocean awaits you,” the developers stated in an outline of the project.

… continue reading the Barbados Today story New luxury resort for St. Philip


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Harlequin shuts down Merricks, Allamanda projects

How many abandoned developments can Barbados take?

by Stolen Sea Eggs

2009: “The Merricks Beach Resort will become one of Barbados’s most luxurious, family-orientated 5 star resorts and will offer state-of-the-art accommodation and amenities including a world class spa. There is currently a shortage of this level of accommodation on the island.”

… from Harlequin Property: The Merricks, Barbados

2011: “Government had offered Harlequin concessions but to date they had not received them, so the development company had to shut the projects down until the concessions became available.”

… from the Nation article 13 workers lose jobs

Where is the bottom?

Word came yesterday that Harlequin Properties shut down construction at the Merricks Resort Development and the Allamanda Beach Hotel – “due to Government’s failure to provide concessions” according to an article in The Nation.

Harlequin says that the Barbados Government promised the company certain unnamed concessions at the start of the projects, but to date the government hasn’t delivered on its promises. That could be. Could it also have something to do with the alleged fraud at Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort? Who knows!

These are bad times and they are not getting better tomorrow. Whatever the promised concessions, if they involve revenue output from the Barbados Treasury the vault is empty and no amount of promising or wishing will make it not so. Did we promise roads, power, water and other infrastructure to the project? The money probably isn’t there. It really hasn’t been for decades unless we planned to borrow it and that free ride on our grandchildren is ending according to the IMF and any reality check.

We can’t pay our pensioners and government employees on time, chemists are waiting up to a year to be paid for government prescription plans and at least four buses I know of are sitting idle because the budget isn’t there to cover major engine and transmission work.

Other big projects are in trouble too as the private sector goes into hibernation during the financial chaos. The Four Seasons is nothing but a concrete wasteland, and in another year or so many of the half-done footings will be seriously damaged. There’s nothing more insidiously destructive to unfinished structures than salt-laced water running down exposed rebar and into the concrete for a couple of years. I’m sure that my friend and rebar engineer Grenville Phillips II would agree. 🙂

Barbados: Failed promises to investors and philanthropists

The other side of the story is that over the years Barbados has made it a habit to promise much to foreign investors to entice them to the island, but then fails to pay up. Off the top of my head I can think of a two prime examples, but there are many more… Continue reading


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