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Public flogging of students degrades Barbados

Dr. Victor Agard would have made an excellent Negro Overseer

Dr. Victor Agard would have made an excellent plantation field boss

St. Leonard’s Boys’ School senior teacher whips students for lateness

One would think that teachers in a nation that was built upon a foundation of whips, chains, rape and cultural genocide might view the public flogging of students as unacceptable in the year 2009.

We are disgusted with the actions of Dr. Victor Agard and moreover with the educational system and society that permits this outrage. Those educators who constantly run on about how the legacy of slavery still impacts our society today would do well to look in the mirror. They would also do well to look at some historical images of slaves being flogged to note how many of those wielding the whips are slaves themselves.

As for Dr. Agard, he should be aware that upon viewing a photo of him whipping their son, many fathers would be of a mind to have a quiet little chat with the teacher and provide him with some advice.

(Photo from Nation News: Getting licks for lateness)

For those who believe there should be a “debate” about the issue, feel free to do so – but at BFP we won’t be joining in. Once again we turn to our friend Dennis Jones at Living In Barbados blog who wrote much of what we would say in his excellent piece Flogging is a form of torture. Don’t pretend that it is otherwise.

And finally for perspective, let’s look at some other people today and in the past who, like Dr. Agard, believe that the flogging is appropriate, whether in public or private.

If the shoe fits…

whipped slaves


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