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Australia shows why we need a Referendum over Barbados Republic

Australia RepublicBarbados Republic

“A proposed law: To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament.”

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Back in the mid 1990s there was a huge movement in Australia to dump Queen Elizabeth and become a republic with a President as head of state.

Aussies and the world saw a republic as a done deal for the Centenary of Australian Federation in 2001 – the same as Barbados Prime Minister Stuart’s plan to celebrate 50 years of Bajan nationhood by establishing a republic.

And who wouldn’t blame the Aussies for wanting to dump the Crown? The country was established first as a penal colony, slavery really, with all the usual brutality and racial and class divisions.

But many Australians didn’t want to leave the decision to their Parliament as had been proposed “based upon the jubilant mood of the time”. Australians insisted on a referendum, and in the end the people said ‘No’ and voted to retain the Queen as Head of State.

The divisions in the population looked like this, says Wikipedia… (Australian 1999 Referendum)   Continue reading


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Conflicted, confused and hypocritical Sir Frederick Smith wants a Republic – and his title too

We call upon Sir Freddy to lead the way and ditch his title NOW!

Twenty five years ago, now-retired Barbados justice Frederick Smith received his Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth. In a recent Sunday Sun interview, Sir Freddy Bear says it’s time for Barbados to do away with the Monarchy and become a republic upon the death of Her Majesty.

As his reasons for ditching the Monarchy, Freddy-baby provides the following…

  • Her Majesty is charming and able, but Charles is something else.
  • Our next King, Charles, is a proven adulterer. So was Diana. Charles is therefore unworthy of respect and the position of King. By extension, the whole Monarchy is unworkable and should be ditched.
  • Sir Freddy doesn’t want William as King, because he wants a Republic. Sir Freddy also strongly implies that he doesn’t want William because he is the child of Charles and Diana, two adulterers.
  • Barbados has been independent for 45 years so it’s just time to ditch the Monarchy and become a Republic.
  • Barbadians are sensible so we don’t have to worry about becoming a banana republic or a dictatorship and also we will continue with the British tradition of democracy because that’s how we started off.
  • Barbados gains nothing by remaining with the Monarchy. The UK gives us nothing. There’s a recession, doan ya know!
  • Britain will not punish Barbados for ditching the Monarchy.
  • We just have to get back to the Caribbean Court of Justice and talk with the other Caribbean nations, then everything will be fine.

SIR Frederick Smith should show some integrity of belief

Well, if it’s “just time” for Barbados to become a Republic, Fred should lead the way and return his title now. Why wait for for Queen Elizabeth to die? Does Fred not want to offend Her Majesty? If so he shouldn’t have given the interview, but he did and that’s done.

“Go ahead Freddy, return your Knighthood. There’s certainly lots of precedent for those who feel the Monarchy is too much of a burden or demeaning. Go ahead if you aren’t just shite talking. Show some leadership and integrity. Take a stand, man!”

Where to start in Barbados?

No respect for an adulterer? We have to ditch hundreds of years of history and tradition because the next King, Charles, is an adulterer? And the next King, William, the son of an adulterer?

As to not respecting a leader who is an adulterer… well, where to start in Barbados? How about Prime Minister Owen Arthur with multiple affairs and outside children? Shall we ditch the Prime Minister’s position because one occupant of the position had some outside women? (“Only one PM had outside women?” giggles Shona)

Yes, it’s too bad about Charles and Diana. It was too bad about Henry the VIII too. And, it was especially terrible about a former cocaine-sniffing Barbados politician whose heart couldn’t take the constant 24/7 partying.

It’s terrible that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur got caught stealing campaign funds by putting them into his personal bank account. It’s terrible that former Chief Justice SIR David Simmons unethically accepted an appointment that politicized the courts and brought the justice system into disrepute and mistrust.

If SIR Sleepy Frederick Smith wants to argue for a Republic, he does his fellow republicans a disservice by saying that human failings of the future King are a valid reason for ditching the Monarchy or any institution of government. The same goes for the argument “It’s just time”. Hardly reasoned thinking from what was once a sharp legal mind.

Should SIR Frederick Smith renounce his title, and report success with the Caribbean Court of Justice, then we’ll listen to his republican arguments – if he can think of any valid points.

Sunday Sun editor titles photo “Sir_Frederick_Sleepy_Smith-450×350.jpg”

Check it out for yourself. The editor of the Sunday Sun labelled the above photo “Sir Frederick Sleepy Smith”. Nice touch! Continue reading


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