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Is Derick Crawford the Barbados rapist? Two victims say police arrested wrong man to sooth tourism!

Rape victim Diane Davies: “Barbados Police arrested the wrong man.”

Barbados Police so anxious for an arrest that anyone will do?

Barbados Police primed a victim prior to an identification procedure: “When asked to attend an identity parade last May, the victim was warned by police before even entering the room that the arrested rapist had changed his appearance.”

DNA tests non-existent in 3rd world Barbados?

“The truth is that if a woman  is raped in Barbados, she is unlikely to get the support she needs. There are almost no procedures in place and the police are way behind in how they tackle crime.”

“They have made no effort to find him. That is the crux of the matter. How many more cases have there been that we won’t have heard about?”

… British tourist to Barbados and rape victim Diane Davies

Derick Crawford has been in jail for two years for the rapes of Diane Davies and Rachel Turner. The two victims say that he didn’t do it and that the Barbados Police have charged an innocent man. The victims also say that the Royal Barbados Police Force is incompetent and have arrested a convenient suspect to clear the crime and protect the tourism reputation of the country.

That’s strong talk from two rape victims – not just one – but what does the evidence say? What do the DNA tests reveal?

Ahhhhhh…. that’s rather embarrassing. You see, Barbados Police don’t collect and test DNA samples when investigating rapes. In this day and age that failure is probably gross negligence, but hey… we’re not really a first world country so don’t hold that against us. Our police have a veneer of professional competence but when you get right down to it, the Royal Barbados Police Force is the last place that citizens go when they want something done in a competent and professional manner. Continue reading


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Barbados Tourism Disaster: Serial rape victims slam police, government, tourism authorities

Daylight rape near popular beach – scene of 13 reported rapes in past year – tourists not alerted – police did nothing

Police “callous, incompetent, totally inept”

“Barbados authorities are more concerned about protecting the lucrative tourist industry than they are about seeking justice.”

Police “try to brush the rapes under the carpet so as not to damage the overseas tourist market”

Questions about the role of racism in the attacks and lack of police response

British tourist and serial rape victim Diane Davies is going public in a major news story about how she was raped in broad daylight near the “Platinum Coast” Sandy Lane Hotel. On Monday, October 25, 2010 the 62 year old grandmother was beaten and raped at the same spot where another tourist had been raped just two days earlier and where 13 women had been raped in the previous year.

The Barbados Police never alerted citizens and tourists about the serial rapist in the area, nor did they make serious efforts to arrest the serial rapist.

Perhaps Police Commissioner Dottin can explain why he didn’t care enough to order a stake-out of the serial rapist’s chosen spot, or alert women in the area that they were at a high risk of rape?

Instead, and as usual, the Barbados Police played their role in what has become an all-too-familiar story of covering up crime against tourists.

Our government, police and tourism authorities just don’t get it: The way to protect our lucrative tourism industry is to protect the tourists – and when something does happen, to immediately respond with professionalism, massive resources and genuine care and compassion for the victim.

Millions of prospective tourists around the world are now reading…

“The truth is that if a woman  is raped in Barbados, she is unlikely to get the support she needs. There are almost no procedures in place and the police are way behind in how they tackle crime.”

British tourist and serial rape victim Diane Davies in the Daily Mail story I was viciously raped on this Barbados beach but local police cared more about protecting tourism, says brave British grandmother

Memories of murdered tourist Terry Schwarzfeld

Murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld

Our government, police and tourism industry obviously learned nothing from the February 28, 2009 daylight beach murder of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld. Mrs. Schwarzfeld’s murder came after her killer had committed a series rapes and robberies at the same spot over the course of several years.

The police and tourism authorities covered up the crimes and ineptly left the serial criminal to continue his business at his usual location. That cover-up and incompetence is part of the reason that Mrs. Schwarzfeld was murdered on a tourist beach in broad daylight.

Then when Mrs. Schwarzfeld was murdered there was the usual total lack of proper response from the authorities. Continue reading


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