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What it feels like to be Mixed Race?

Race permeates everything in Bim. It’s always there even when not visible – always hiding just below the horizon. The politicians bring it out appropriately or not, and often with the intent of causing division or distraction.

But we have to admit, it’s not like the old days even if some folks wish it were so. It was much easier to be a politician in Barbados when all you had to do to deflect valid criticism was to say “whites!” or “curry boys!”.

Jody is a mixie Brit with Bajan heritage. Here’s what she says…

silhouette scribbles

Someone recently asked me what it felt like to be mixed race and this made me realise, I’ve never really written before about my own ethnicity and culture. Firstly we have the term mixed race – before anyone gets all political with this, mixed race is a term I feel completely comfortable with. Now however, we are supposed to say dual heritage instead, just as we are no longer supposed to say half caste which I do find offensive, along with half-breed. I have been called all of these names (and worse).

download (4)I have a British white parent (a mixture of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh), and a black Caribbean parent whose own parents are from Barbados. Both my parents are British. My Caribbean grandparents emigrated from the West Indies in the early 1950s as the UK is the mother country of Barbados and the British government asked them to…

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Barbados Prime Minister: No offence to call labour dispute businessman “an Egyptian Jew”

Photo above: Freundel Stuart, our dark-skinned black race Christian Prime Minister

Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart isn’t usually known for kicking sleeping dogs or trying to put out fires with buckets of petrol – but that just changed.

PM Stuart, (a Christian and a black man with darker skin) was talking to The Nation about comments made by Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman. Stuart says he can no offence with Sir Roy for saying that Diamonds International employees were sacked by an “Egyptian Jew”, businessman Jacob Hassid. (BFP’s original story about Sir Roy’s comments here)

Roy Trotman is a black man with slightly lighter skin than Prime Minister Stuart. Sir Roy is thought to be a nominal Christian of unknown denomination and is under fire for bring race, religion and ethnic origins into a labour dispute.

Let’s try this experiment…

If as Prime Minister Stuart says, there is nothing wrong and no offence with Sir Roy Trotman’s remarks, we invite the PM, Mr. Trotman, The Nation and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation to adopt Mr. Trotman’s standard for a week. If Trotman’s comments are not playing the race card to stir up the predominantly black-skinned and Christian union membership – if his comments that an employer is “an Egyptian Jew” are normal and acceptable speech on this island, then let’s embrace Mr. Trotman’s and PM Stuart’s standard.

I wonder what former CBC anchor Ian Bourne will have to say about this at his Bajan Reporter news website. Mr. Bourne is of mixed race with lighter skin, and is either a Christian or a B’hai. Or something.

Further Reading

Please read the full article at the Nation’s website here, but unfortunately BFP has to reprint their entire story because that newspaper has a history of removing and changing news stories to suit changing agendas…


May 14, 2012


That is how Prime Minister Freundel Stuart last night described the raging public discussion surrounding union leader Sir Roy Trotman’s description of Diamonds International boss Jacob Hassid as an “Egyptian Jew”. Continue reading


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St. Andrew MP George Payne delivers the height of hypocrisy about Sir Roy Trotman’s racism

“We cannot at this stage, with such a fragile economy, have individuals make statements to scare people away from Barbados”

Former BLP Minister of Tourism George Payne comments to The Nation about Sir Roy Trotman’s anti-Jew statements. (See BFP’s Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews)

Hotel owner Loveridge fired by Payne for not being sufficiently indigenous.

Correct us if we’re wrong folks, but isn’t this the same George Payne who while Minister of Tourism publicly dismissed Adrian Loveridge as the unanimously elected Chairman of the first Small Hotels Committee because he was not ‘sufficiently indigenous’?

Is Adrian Loveridge hanging about on the web today? Can he confirm our memories are accurate?

Further Reading

Please attend at The Nation to read the article, but we have to post it in full here because that paper has a record for changing and deleting news stories… Continue reading


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