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Prime Minister Thompson’s funeral as good as any funeral could be

This is a short post to express our gratitude and admiration for the many folks who worked so hard to plan and carry out David Thompson’s funeral. Because of their long hours, meticulous attention to detail and heartfelt commitment to duty, our lost Prime Minister and his family were honoured in a fitting manner that, amid the tears and sorrow, brought a feeling of pride to every Bajan on the island and over and away.

We couldn’t begin to list every agency or person who played a part – and we thank them all – but we want to mention some of the folks who impressed us so much.

A big thank you to…

Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Barbados Defence Force and Coast Guard, whatever their duties, never looked sharper. There was not a hair or button out of place. Not a scuffed shoe or dull kit anywhere that we saw, even on the streets far from Kensington. Whether a part of the honour guard or directing traffic along the procession route, they turned out in top-drawer form and performed their duties with class and snap.

The official pall bearers. One word: magnificent. They must have practiced hard and late into the nights beforehand. Can you imagine the pressure, the dedication? All eyes were on them and they made us proud.

Public Works, Sanitation Service Authority. We just had Hurricane Tomas leave a trail of havoc throughout Barbados, but the streets were clean, free of debris and ready in time for the Prime Minister’s funeral. That didn’t happen by itself. Crews were working for days beforehand and throughout the night before the funeral. They did it for David and for Barbados. Theirs is a thankless job with no glory. We’re proud of each one of them and we’ll say so.

News media, especially the CBC for their excellent televised coverage of the funeral and Barbados Today for covering the story from a multitude of perspectives right from the PM’s passing to the after funeral articles. Frankly, we’d link more often to Barbados Today, but their flash-no-text presentation doesn’t lend itself well to being part of an internet community. The Nation had some good coverage¬† in their dead tree edition, but they must do something about their website as it was inaccessible for much of the time due to lack of capacity. Even this morning some 24 hours after the funeral people are reporting being unable to access The Nation’s website. Hey Nation… you’re either in business on the web or you’re not.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Maxine McClean was in charge of the State Funeral and she did us proud. Yes, we know she had a great team working with her. Yes, we know that many parts of the plan were worked out months ahead – but that doesn’t matter. Maxine brought it all together like the orchestra conductor. A friend of ours who is a little closer to the action than we are says that Maxine provided leadership by example that brought people together. He also says that she anticipated and took care of several major problems before they had a chance to happen.

You can bet that any major foul-ups would have been laid upon her shoulders – so we give Maxine the full credit and thanks she deserves.

That’s our list… How about yours?

The comments are open folks. Who would you like to say thank you to for yesterday’s state funeral?

(photo courtesy of The Barbados Advocate)


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State Funeral for Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson, Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye to David in the rain

(The link to the CBC live coverage has been closed.)

Dark clouds and rain on one side of Kensington Oval, blue sky and sun on the other.

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