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Musical tribute to Prime Minister David Thompson

“The whole nation praying for you.”

Tribute to Rt. Hon. Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados

Song written by: Shawn Barrow
Musical Arrangement: Anderson Ward, 
Vocals: Shawnie + Mr Impact
Recorded at Uprising Studio


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Prime Minister David Thompson returns to lead Barbados Government

“Health challenges remain”, but for now the PM is back in charge

David Thompson and his family arrived back in Barbados on Sunday evening and today it was announced that he’s back in charge. Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart returns to his post as Attorney General.

No matter the politics, all Bajans are pleased to see Prime Minister Thompson and his family back on the island after his months away for medical treatment. As we said back in May when the story about the PM’s health broke, “Barbados Free Press joins in prayers for Prime Minister Thompson and his family. We hope his medical troubles turn out to be nothing too serious and that he will be well soon.”

Prime Minister Thompson returns to a fully boiling pot that includes an economy in trouble, the current NHC scandal and the failure of the DLP government to implement any of the major promises of the 2007 election platform.

We’ll give him a week to settle in, but then he’d better be prepared to defend his wicket.

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Barbados Advocate Back in Charge


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Prime Minister Thompson’s health is his own business

Dear Barbados Free Press

On a point of principle, the Prime Minister’s health is nobody’s business but his own.

I refer to Julius Gittens’ article “Tell Us More – P.M” (online edition of “Barbados Today”, July 6, 2010, and his blog of same date).  Mr. Gittens states that he thinks that “while the PM is getting great medical advice he might not be getting – or taking – the best communication advice.   He is the prime minister and the public have a right to know as much as they possibly can, both for his own benefit and for ours”.  Accordingly, the P.M. should give us “full, frank disclosure”.

Presumably, Mr. Gittens refers to whatever diagnosis, or diagnoses, may have been made of the PM’s medical condition.   I respectfully dissent for the following reasons. Continue reading


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Thompson’s Folly: Forcing “Barbados Ambassador For Culture and Youth” Upon A Girl Named Rihanna

Prime Minister Thompson couldn't resist naming Rihanna "Ambassador for Culture and Youth"

Prime Minister Thompson couldn't resist naming Rihanna "Ambassador for Culture and Youth"

Should Bajan Girls Adopt The Rihanna Pasties Fashion?

What would David Thompson – the man, father – advise a 21 year-old daughter who showed up in public dressed with exposed breasts and pasties as Rihanna did on July 4th to celebrate American Independence Day? Would he say he was proud of her? Would he say “Whatever you do, I support you” ?

Or would he take her aside and tell her that she had gone off the path? No father who cared for a daughter could do anything else.

When Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson named pop-star and sex symbol Rihanna as our “Ambassador for Culture and Youth”, we had our doubts about the wisdom of this political move – for a political move is exactly what it was. Thompson and his DLP advisors just couldn’t help themselves: they saw an opportunity to leverage their political profile by tying themselves to an icon of the day. Not for a moment, not for an awards ceremony: but with an open-ended ambassadorship for Barbados.

Thompson and the DLP could have recognized Rihanna and her work to date in some more appropriate and less-permanent manner – but no… they wanted to forge an ongoing union with an international superstar. So… they made Rihanna “Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth”, complete with a diplomatic passport and the worldwide message that Rihanna was a fine example for young people.

Don’t get me wrong here, folks: Rihanna is an adult. She can wear whatever she wants to wear. She can show titty and tattoo guns all over her body…. That’s her business.

But when she is our “Ambassador for Culture and Youth” and shows up dressed in a way that no father could say he was proud of, then it is the business of the people of Barbados.

Mr. Prime Minister: you got us into this. You gave (probably forced upon) Rihanna a title and position that means something to Barbados – or should mean something to Barbados.

Do you still think that Rihanna’s behaviour is worthy of her position?

But what about Jdid?

A few days ago our friend Jdid of Doan Mind Me blog in Toronto Canada published a little article mentioning Janet Jackson’s nipplegate. I wonder what he will have to say about Rihanna’s new fashion statement? Jdid old friend… over to you!


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