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Four years ago, DLP Communications Director said THIS about Integrity Legislation

Reudon Eversley’s message to Barbados Free Press

March 8, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Reudon Eversley’s assurances on March 8, 2008

In response to the issues you raised (about the lack of follow-through on the DLP’s promised Integrity and Freedom of Information laws), let me say I believe Prime Minister David Thompson is most sincere about honouring the promises that were made during the last election. I have had no reason to doubt Mr Thompson in the past and he has given me no reason to do so now.

As I said in a previous intervention, Rome was not built in a day. PM Thompson may not be moving with the speed that you would like but, having known him for many years, I can tell you he is a man of honour and integrity and will keep his word.

He has been exceptionally busy since the election addressing a lot of the problems left by the former “highly competent” BLP government. As I have spent considerable time away from Barbados since the election, I am not fully up to date on where the administration is on the issues in question but rest assured you will be informed in due course.

Reudon: What do you and the DLP have to say now about your promised Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information?


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Full weight of law descends upon Rawle Eastmond’s spurned mistress

“Cause when you’re out with your women, your wife will be at home: Cooking your food, doing your dirt, buddy what you trying to do?”

… Eric Clapton’s “Outside Woman Blues”

Adultery carries its own priceNo Bail for Rawle Eastmond’s outside woman gone crazy

Please don’t misunderstand what I am writing to you now. No one has a right to assault anyone or threaten their wife or family even if that someone is a woman who was used and discarded by a married politician. I wanted to say that the sin of adultery carries its own cost in ruined lives. I thank my husband Marcus that he is always true to me and our children. And I want to say to my husband about him being true to me… YOU BETTER BE! Your loving wife, Shona

P.S. To the woman I say, “Rawle Eastmond isn’t worth it.” Get on with your life and never think of that two timing adultering bastard again. Don’t steal from other women. Get yourself a good man who is honest. You think if you did steal him away from Mrs. Eastmond he wouldn’t cheat on you too? Once a thief always a thief. Same for lowly pieces of trash who cheat on their childrens because that is what they do. They destroy everything.

“Well, you can’t watch your wife and your outside women, too You know you can’t watch your wife and your outside womens, too ‘Cause when you’re out with your women, your wife will be at home Cooking your food, doing your dirt, buddy what you trying to do?”

Eric Clapton, “Outside Woman Blues”

For when the Nation removes their article to change history we’re going to repeat it here… Continue reading


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