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Bahamas Member of Parliament gets it wrong about Barbados election financing

Former Bahamas Attorney General probably believed the lies

Bahamas Member of Parliament Alfred Sears is holding up Barbados as an example in his campaign to outlaw secret political contributions.

“Mr. Sears, who was a guest on Love 97’s Sunday talk show, Jones & Company, said in many countries, like Barbados there is legislation against (secret political contributions).”

While we wish Mr. Sears all the success in the world in his quest to bring transparency, integrity and accountability to the political process in the Bahamas, we have to correct his mistaken notion that Barbados is a model to be followed.

  • Barbados has no election financing rules
  • No public disclosure requirements for political donations.
  • No Freedom of Information Act
  • No Integrity Legislation
  • No Conflicts of Interest rules.

Election Financing in Barbados: Anything goes

Barbados politicians are allowed to accept secret donations from any person or company, whether Barbadian or not. There is no limit as to the amount of money they can accept, and no restriction on politicians or their family members from receiving personal gifts or employment from companies that do business with the government or want to do business with the government.

click for large

As an example, if some political supporter wants to give $75,000 to a politician as a “campaign donation”, there is no legal requirement for the politician to reveal the donation publicly or even to place the donation into a designated bank account. ‘Matter a fact, our former Prime Minister Owen $ Arthur was caught out depositing a $75,000 “campaign donation” into his very own personal bank account. (cheque photo above)

Goin’ wid Owen would have gotten away with it except that then Opposition Leader David Thompson got up in Parliament and showed a copy of the cheque. A shamefaced Owen Arthur had to say “oops!” but no laws were broken. And that’s the way Barbados politicians want it!

Opposition MP Dr. William Duguid came right out and said that Barbados politicians would never pass integrity legislation or a Freedom of Information act and he was telling the truth.

Barbados politicians brag about Integrity Legislation and FOI “coming soon” but it never comes.

Bahamas MP Alfred Sears probably went to some conference where some lying Barbados politician told him that we have FOI, Integrity Legislation and Election Financing Laws. It’s happened before to another Caribbean politician as we’ve previously reported. (Clive can you dig up the story please, I’m off to work. M.)

Both the BLP and DLP have promised Integrity Legislation and FOI for decades but they lied. A few bills were proposed but always die before they pass into law. Then the government calls an election and says “We tried but those rotters in the opposition spoiled our efforts! Elect us again and we’ll finish it this time!”

Although Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation are talked about, NOBODY TALKS ABOUT ELECTION FINANCING LAWS! Oh no… noooooooo way Barbados politicians will even talk about Election Financing limitations and disclosure rules. You mek sport!

So our best wishes to Bahamas Member of Parliament Alfred Sears, and he shouldn’t worry that the Barbados politicians fooled him. Those lying bastards have been fooling Bajans for four decades and we keep believing them – so you can hardly blame Mr. Sears for believing them too.

Further Reading

The Bahama Journal: Outlaw Secret Contributions says MP


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Arch Cot Disaster: Links to Mia Mottley & family discovered

Updated May 14, 2011

Canadian geologist Professor Hans Machel testified the week of May 9, 2011 at the Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths of the Codrington family at Arch Cot. We’ll be putting up a new Arch Cot story, but for now have a read or re-read of our March 13, 2011 piece about the Mottley family connection and the unanswered questions about how a powerful Barbados family received land permissions when others were denied…

Powerful Mottley family obtained Arch Cot land use permissions denied to previous owner!

Will the Arch Cot Inquest follow up on our story?

“The Mottley family bought Arch Cot scrub land that couldn’t be built on and then got planning permission when the previous owner couldn’t. They made some quick and easy money.”

“Look at these documents I’ve attached. The people of Barbados deserve an explanation from the Mottley family and from the government officials who granted the land use permissions to the Mottleys that they refused to give the previous owner.”

The following was received via an anonymous emailer. Once again we remind all readers to keep an open mind and to keep asking the questions that need to be asked. Just because somebody says so, doesn’t make it true, but this story should be simple enough that the coroner could find the truth if she wants to. Continue reading


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Two Barbados political parties argue over who is most corrupt

The author of this hit piece calls himself “Dave U. Random” and he’s obviously a DLP supporter. The style is vaguely familiar but the tactics are undoubtedly inspired by DLP backroom manipulator Hartley Henry.

That’s okay. We’ll further the discussion by printing one sided pieces from the BLP too!

But we haven’t forgotten, and we want Bajans to remember, that there’s not a lick ‘o difference between the two large political parties in Barbados. Not a lick ‘o difference in philosophy or practice – only a different bunch of piggies fighting over the public trough.

As Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid said, there’s no way any Barbados politician will vote for Integrity Legislation.

So relax, sit back and enjoy the show as the DLP and BLP try to convince Bajans that THIS TIME it’s gonna be different. Honest, Honey, I’ll never hurt you again. Trust me. I promise…

Corruption and corrupt people now rule the BLP

by Dave U. Random

The Barbados Labour Party is becoming a war zone with the ‘gang of five’ now trying desperate measures to destroy “the decent four.”  They cannot get Mia Mottley or William Duguid because they have pedigree so the soft targets in that mix are Rawle Eastman and Cynthia Forde.  We have already told you that Clyde Mascoll will be the BLP’s candidate in St. Thomas, while Douglas Skeete (George Payne’s cousin) will replace Rawle Eastman in St. James North., hence a scheme had to be hatched and carefully executed, to discredit Forde and Eastman. Continue reading


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Barbados Labour Party self-destructing over leadership battle of the elites

“Crabs in a barrel

An animal so stupid and selfish that when piled in a barrel they will tear each other down to get an inch closer and would easily succeed if they worked together. God we’re so much better than them…”

… sacred oath of the Barbados Labour Party

After three years of turmoil Mia fights to stay alive while King Arthur awaits rebirth.

Mottley retained “for now” say the “party faithful” ? !!!

How many “successes” at retaining Mia Mottley can the BLP survive?

The recent “attempted coup” against BLP interim leader Mia Mottley is hardly worth mentioning by itself because it is nothing more than the continuation of three years of turmoil. It simply doesn’t matter who tried to de-throne Mia this time because nothing is settled.

If anything, the leadership of the BLP is less secure and less defined.

Just who is in charge at the BLP? Bajans still can’t say and neither can the BLP, except in a show of empty bravado.

Let’s review some history and then, much to the chagrin of the BLP, we at Barbados Free Press will tell the BLP how they can be elected as the next government. Not that the BLP elites will listen to their fellow citizens at BFP: but the membership just might… Continue reading


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Noel Lynch and The Nation newspaper – Partners in hypocrisy

Nation Newspaper selective in quest for morality and justice

Adrian Loveridge writes…

“I must admit that I find the editorial in the NATION today (Monday 23rd August) rather hypocritical.

Where was the same indig(nation) when the then Minister of Tourism refused to share a radio studio with me?

Imagine for one second if it was the other way around. Continue reading

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Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the Bajan Wall” as sung by the DLP & BLP

Sung to Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” by a chorus of Bajan politicians. (Courtesy of BFP reader Motbutu)

Another Brick in the Bajan Wall

We don’t need no trans-parency
No reporting or disclosure

Hey people, mind your own bus-iness

You don’t need details of projects
Nor ex-plan-ations
Its Guv’ment business only

Hey people, leave this thing alone Continue reading

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President Obama and the Goldman Sachs campaign funds: An impossible discussion in Barbados.

President Obama is being called upon to return the almost one million dollars that his campaign received from Goldman Sachs employees – in light of securities fraud civil charges now faced by that company. The calls to return the campaign funds also concern the fact that Goldman Sachs received big money from the Federal Government bailout program and that thought riles many Republican and Democratic voters.

In light of everything, I can see folks demanding that this money should be returned, but I can also see the point that this money was donated to the Obama campaign by individual employees – not by Goldman Sachs the company – and therefore should not be returned. The entire issue is receiving extensive news coverage as the Americans debate and discuss.

An impossible debate in Barbados

The interesting thing about this issue though is that the American voters are able to have the debate because under their election laws the parties and politicians have to keep financial records and those records are open to public scrutiny.

It helps to keep everything honest – which is why our Barbados politicians won’t stand for such a requirement.

We know from the past that Bajan politicians receive “campaign donations” and “accidentally” put them into their personal bank accounts and “forget” to inform anyone about these donations. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was caught red-handed corruptly putting a cheque for $75,000 into his personal bank account. If it weren’t for then Opposition Leader David Thompson waving a copy of that cheque around at an election rally, that $75,000 would never have seen the light of day from Owen Arthur’s personal expenses.

And that’s only one cheque to one politician on one day.

Barbados needs to have proper election financing laws if we are ever to break free from the current system of government that is best described as a kleptocracy, but the current Thompson DLP government isn’t about to implement an elections financing law and neither are the BLP if that party ever waddles back into power under Mia Mottley’s ah, er, “leadership”.

How much in election funding did CLICO & CL Financial group of companies give to the DLP and BLP?

How much in election funding did VECO give to the Arthur/Mottley BLP government?

Well, Prime Minister Thompson? Well… Opposition Leader Thompson?

Why can’t the Barbados public know the answers to those questions?


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Dozens of contractors hired in Barbados Flood Prevention & Drainage plan – but the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate is still broken!

Sluice gate has been broken for years at Graeme Hall wetlands Barbados

Has a political decision been made to not repair the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate?

A reader sends us this quote from a government press conference carried by The Barbados Advocate and some commentary and a question: Has a political decision been made to not repair the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate?

“Thirty-six contractors will be awarded contracts before the end of this month for well digging and cleaning throughout the island in an effort to minimise the incidence of flooding.

Speaking to the media yesterday at a review of the wells in the St. Michael West Central area at Belfield, Black Rock, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage, Lionel Weekes, said that the island-wide review, which takes place during the dry season, is done at this time to also ensure that drainage systems are working…”

… from the Barbados Advocate article Flood Prevention Plan

The recently announced government programme to hire contractors to clean grates, wells and generally maintain the drainage systems is admirable and long overdue. The Thompson government should be congratulated for “pre-emptive” action rather than waiting for the crisis as was the effective policy under the Owen Arthur government.

Sometime ago the Thompson government changed the name of the Ministry to “Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage” and this indicates the DLP government recognizes how critical the drainage systems are to the overall health and economy of Barbados.

Nonetheless, one vital repair to the drainage infrastructure is missing: the government sluice gate controlling waterflow in and out of the Graeme Hall wetlands has been broken, rusted and blocked by silt for many years. This integral and important part of drainage management on the South Coast has been inoperative for years, apparently because the government is seeking revenge against the owner of a facility within the Graeme Hall watershed. Thus the environmental health of a large area of the South Coast has been put at risk against the public interest.

Will the sluice gate be repaired under the current operation as seems advisable… or, has a political decision been made to continue to not repair the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate?

Over to you Denis Lowe, Minster of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage…

Further Reading at BFP

February 16, 2010 Barbados Advocate accurately reports Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary press release!

February 11, 2010 Barbados Environment Minister caught lying again about Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Dispute

January 14, 2010 Barbados Government takes new steps to destroy foreigner’s US$35 million eco-tourism investment on South Coast – Part 1 in a series


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DLP Propaganda: “Meetings are the level of accountability the Barbadian public agreed to last election”

Commending therefore the Government’s decision to have the constituency reports to outline what the Members of Parliament had done within their respective areas, he said this showed the public a certain degree of accountability.

“The level of accountability is what the Barbadian public has agreed to when they handed the Democratic Labour Party a landslide victory in 2008!”

… Joseph King, Chairman of the Christ Church South Democratic Labour Party branch, re-writes election history in the Barbados Advocate article DLP supporting accountability

Memo to the DLP: Public Relations Meetings are not accountability!

“Listen Ah went to the meeting but left before it started. Choir, Performances, Opening Remarks, Prayers, PM Address, Featured Address by Chris Sinckler and Constituency Report John Boyce and Question & Answer was too much for me an EAGER BEAVER. Ah left when I realise it was a Constituency Conference and the Agenda format.”

… BFP reader Anasa comments on the Dog & Pony Show the DLP calls “accountability” (read Anasa’s full comment here)

DLP Re-writes Election History – Barbados News Media asks no questions

Truly you have to give credit to the Democratic Labour Party for their ability to re-write history and have the Barbados news media remain silent while the lies flow. Who else could get elected two years ago on a platform of the immediate implementation of Freedom of Information and Integrity laws – then break every promise – and now have the Barbados Advocate write an article praising the Thompson government for being accountable?

Then again – the BLP did the same thing and the media whores published their lies too, without so much as a question.

Hmmmmm… perhaps our problem is the media whores of Barbados who trade their silence for government advertising revenues?

Need some proof?

Okay, here we go…

Fact #1: 2007 DLP Election Manifesto “Pathways to Progress”

Hey… see the nice lady giving David Thompson a hug? She believed his promises in the DLP’s “Pathways to Progress” election manifesto. Nice lady, but a sucker like the rest of us.

Fact #2: Email from DLP Communications Director Reudon Eversley

“Hello BFP folks

Apologies for not getting back to you much sooner.

DLP leader David Thompson hosted a press conference today where he distributed the attached documents dealing with a proposed legal framework to promote accountability, transparency and accountability in public life and fight corruption.

The Ministerial Code takes effect immediately after a DLP government is elected. The Freedom of Information Act and Integrity legislation will be dealt with in the first 100 days in office.

Any questions, give me a call. If you were part of the traditional media, you would have been invited to the news conference where you could have asked whatever you wanted.

Best regards
Reudon Eversley
Communications Director
DLP General Election Campaign 2008”

… from BFP’s article David Thompson Reveals DLP’s Integrity and Freedom Of Information Plans – Much Cut and Pasted From The Internet Only A Few Days Ago

Fact #3 – No Ministerial Code Declared “immediately”

Oh… that’s right. Didn’t happen. Thompson lied.

Fact #4 – No Freedom of Information Legislation Introduced after 100 days

Yup, Thompson lied.

Fact #5 – No Integrity Legislation introduced after 100 days

Oh, that’s right. Thompy lied.

PM Thompson promised Freedom of Information laws within 100 days of election. He lied.

In Opposition, David Thompson promised "immediate" conflicts of interest rules for Ministers. He lied.

Folks, we wish we had the staff at Barbados Free Press to publish an article in response for every unquestioned lie published that government lapdog, the Barbados Advocate. Sadly, it sure looks like the DLP government buys the newspaper’s loyalty and unquestioning silence with government advertising revenues.

We want you to think back to January 2008. Think about how you felt when the corrupt government of Owen Arthur fell. Think of the pride you had in January 2008 that Barbados was finally going to have transparency and accountability laws for elected and appointed government officials.

We, the People of Barbados, thought that WE won the election.

We were wrong. Now we know – the people of Barbados didn’t win the election.

Thompson and the DLP did.

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss”


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Lies of Omission: News articles, editorials, hide Chief Justice Simmons’ political background

Barbados lawyer Andrew Pilgrim is stupefied why the Thompson government sacked Chief Justice Simmons!

Barbados news media & lawyers Robert “Bobby” Clarke and Andrew Pilgrim try to suck and blow at the same time

Why, whatever could the matter be? According to the Barbados news media, it is so unfair and wrong that Chief Justice Sir David Simmons was not given the “normal” extension to allow him to continue in the position for two years past his 70th birthday.

“I think it is a political decision that has led to (Simmons) going home. I can’t envision why he was not offered an extension, as all the other chief justices have been given,”” says Andrew Pilgrim, one of two lawyers interviewed by the Nation newspaper in their article Lawyers’ Say.

The other lawyer, Robert “Bobby” Clarke, is puzzled as well – “Extending his term should have been automatic, unless there was a political variable inside there.”

Golly, Bobby, do ya think there is a “political variable” involved? Hmmmmmm? Whatever could it be? Bobby is mystified.

Then the Nation publishes the editorial Saluting Sir David’s services lauding Chief Justice Simmons and talking about what a surprise it is that he won’t be continuing as Chief Justice. Puzzled at the reasons behind this development, the editorial says “Whatever may be the factor, or factors that contributed to Sir David’s decision to retire with effect from April 29 – his 70th birthday…”

Now if you just arrived in Barbados from outer space or New Jersey and read these two Nation News articles you too might be puzzled as to the reasons why Simmons has been sent packing by the David Thompson DLP government of Barbados…

… because the articles NEVER MENTION that before David Simmons was Chief Justice for 7 years, he was a professional politician for 25 years.  A BLP Member of Parliament in Opposition and Government. A senior Cabinet Minister for three governments. Attorney General. Acting Prime Minister.

As a career politician, David Simmons should never have accepted the office of Chief Justice

The articles NEVER MENTION the controversy when then Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed his old BLP friend Simmons as the new Chief Justice of Barbados – supposed to impartially and independently judge all matters while putting aside 25 years as a professional politician.

The articles NEVER MENTION the disgust at the time by people who were involved in legal battles with the Owen Arthur government when Attorney General David Simmons went from representing the government to being head of the courts that were supposed to judge their case against the same government!

The Nation News articles are lies.

They deliberately whitewash (or is that shitewash?) the fact that David Simmons has been fired because his original appointment was a Barbados Labour Party political strategy designed to exercise political control and influence over the Barbados courts. Simmons’ appointment effectively killed the separation of powers between the government and the judiciary. His appointment brought the administration of justice into disrepute and caused tens of thousands of Bajans to lose faith in the entire judicial system.

Prime Minister Thompson’s decision to sack Simmons as Chief Justice will go a long way to restoring the faith of the people in the independence of the courts – but only IF Thompson resists the temptation to appoint a DLP supporter as our highest judge.

Will our Prime Minister appoint a truly independent Chief Justice this time around? Or, like career politicians Owen Arthur and David Simmons did last time, will Thompson corruptly use the opportunity to further politicize the Barbados courts?

Stay tuned, folks!


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Barbados PM breaks ground on billion dollar project – No conflict of interest rules apply!

Freedom of Information Request #2009-3

To: Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson

Dear Prime Minister,

Under the Freedom of Information legislation of Barbados, I demand to know how many current and former politicians and members of their immediate families have an interest in any way in the Port Ferdinand marina project in St. Peter that you broke ground for last Friday morning. This also includes politicians and their family members participating as sub-contractors, suppliers and “consultants” on the project. (Barbados Advocate article about the groundbreaking link here)

I enclose the required fee and expect to receive copies of the requested records within 100 days as per the FOI law that you promised to have in place two years ago.

Yours truly,

A Bajan citizen empowered by the Freedom of Information Act of Barbados (To be enacted in 2017 by the Barbados Integrity Party government)

Why do we need conflict of interest rules for Government Officials? I thought you’d never ask!

Government officials use the law to expropriate privately held land for “the public good” – a few years later the land is sold to private interests and a Minister of Government ends up living on expropriated land. Barbados has no conflict of interest or integrity laws to prevent such abuse. It is actually legal for government officials to expropriate private land and then sell it to friends, relatives or even themselves! (Nice trick, yes? See Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land)


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GBL Blog: Thompson brought no legal action against corrupt individuals… Why?

“Every day I check my one stop shop site for world (read ‘american’) news, huffington post, and I see something to indicate that as f*cked up as America is, and as IGNORANT as it’s citizens are, they do have one thing going for them.

Elected officials are held accountable for shit.”

The Good, The Bad & The LOL blog fires a broadside at David Thompson and the DLP for their phony election-only “commitment to integrity”.

Well done, GBL!


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GEMS cover-up continues under DLP: Hundreds of millions of Barbados tax dollars vanish with zero public accountability

What are the functions and objectives of an independent Senator?

During the time the late Sir John Stanley Goddard sat in the Senate he repeatedly called for up-to-date financial statements for Hotels and Resorts Limited to be made available.

After all, it’s a majority Government owned company funded by the taxpayer and surely we have a right to know their current fiscal position?

I understand that HRL’s accounts have now been laid in Parliament
for the subsequent years since 2001, yet why has there seemingly been no Senate debate, discussion or public comment?

Losses for the GEMS project have been quoted at anything from $200 to $400 million, and as yet, no analysis has been in what part in the closure of over 30 private sector hotels over the last fifteen years they have played.

Adrian Loveridge

(Editor’s note: The headline “GEMS cover-up continues under DLP…” was created by Barbados Free Press. The body of the article is exactly as received from Mr. Loveridge)

Below article from the November 12, 2007 Nation News…


by Patrick Hoyos

November 12, 2007

WITH A SORT of morbid fascination, I have been revisiting the shipwreck that was Hotels & amp; Resorts Ltd, the above-ground financial counterpart of the Stavronikita at the end of 2001.

Yes, dear readers, I know this is almost December 2007 – so, you may wonder, what is the point? Well, there really isn’t any except that the 2001 accounts were only recently laid in Parliament along with the remainder of the company’s annual reports from 1997 to 2001, so I thought it would be “interesting” to recap the disastrous position GEMS had found itself in by then.

Writing in the notes to the financial statement for 2001, KPMG stated that “the company incurred a loss for the year ended December 31, 2001 of $22 million and had accumulated a deficit of $60 million at the year-end date. Also at that date, current liabilities exceeded current assets by $51 million. This raises substantial doubt that the company will be able to continue as a going concern without the continued financial support of its shareholders.”

$51 million? How did that happen? Current assets – which were made up of cash in hand as well as trade, VAT and other receivables, prepaid expenses and inventory – totalled a paltry $4.1 million, while current liabilities – the company’s bank overdraft, accounts payable and accrued expenses, a sum due to CRL Ltd, interest-bearing loans and interest payable – totalled $55.6 million. Subtract one from the other. Continue reading


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Prime Minister Thompson’s new strategy for avoiding Integrity Legislation, FOI: “Private sector must be included in this legislation”

Government of Barbados guarantees failure of Integrity Legislation by including Ordinary Citizens!

A DLP insider reveals how David Thompson and his gang intend to sabotage Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information laws by expanding the promised laws to include private citizens and corporations. This, of course, will throw a spanner into the works of any legislation. After if fails to pass due to public outcry, Thompson and his fellow piggies at the public trough will say, “Well, we tried our best.”

Writing in The Nation, Frank Da Silva says “Bring on integrity law“, but then slides in the big bombshell like it’s a positive, not what it truly is: the core strategy to kill ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation). Says Da Silva…

“All of this must of course include the implementation of the campaign promise for all ministers, selected public servants and others who are doing business with our Government, to ensure there is a declaration of assets to the Integrity Commission (to be established).”

And just to let us know that it’s not Mr. Da Silva’s ideas were reading, he lets us know that it’s Prime Minister David Thompson speaking…

“(I, Frank Da Silva) support our Prime Minister’s remarks at the last family gathering that the private sector must be included in this legislation.”

Citizens get it: David Thompson and the DLP Lied

In Opposition, David Thompson promised "immediate" conflicts of interest rules for Ministers. He lied.

In Opposition, David Thompson promised "immediate" conflicts of interest rules for Ministers. He lied.

Over two years ago David Thompson and the DLP were finally dragged kicking and screaming towards Integrity Legislation by an electorate that demanded a stop to the corruption and outright theft of public funds by politicians. Thompson and the party promised in writing to take some very specific integrity initiatives immediately upon election and then introduce other very specific initiatives, including legislation,  within 100 days of forming a government.

Some of these integrity initiatives, like a Ministerial Code that included conflict of interest standards, did not require legislation – only a declaration of government policy. For instance, Thompson promised to introduce conflict of interest standards that would prohibit Ministers from issuing government contracts to companies they owned themselves.

Thompson could have, and should have, announced the policy on his first day in office. What suckers we were!

It all seemed like a very good start and we almost believed Thompson until the end of his first month week in office when we realized that once again the political class had pulled one on the citizens who believed in them.

Face it folks, we believed David Thompson and the DLP, but we were lied to by the best.

This latest revelation tells you everything you need to know about Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information, Conflicts of Interest standards and the Ministerial Code. It is difficult enough to implement ITAL upon an unwilling class of political elites. Throwing in a requirement that the little contractor who wants a government contract has to list assets and open up to an audit is GUARANTEED to kill Integrity Legislation.

Thompson and the DLP know that. I dare say, so does Mr. Da Silva.

It’s all a set up folks. Nothing but a big set up so that when ITAL fails, the DLP can say they tried.

What foul LIARS the Prime Minister and his bunch are! They didn’t do what they promised in writing and now they deviously plan to screw the electorate again. The BLP Opposition can’t say a word because of everything that’s hanging over their own heads.

What a desperate mess we good citizens find ourselves in – but there is another way…


A Battle of Ordinary Citizens vs the Political Elites

Opposition dares not mention Integrity Legislation

Opposition dares not mention Integrity Legislation

Who are you going to vote for next time? Mottley? Thompson? Arthur? Marshall?


The political elites are all the same. We need ordinary citizens to stand as candidates with integrity as their platform. We need to strategically vote to remove power from the Political Class that has been raping this country like it was their own piggy bank for the past 20 years.

Frankly, I’ll vote for a dead cat before I’ll ever empower the BLP or DLP again.

Further Reading

Living in Barbados, August 19, 2009: Freedom of Information – Basic Concerns and FOI Legislation

BFP, August 10, 2009: Barbados Government On Integrity Legislation: “Not until we’ve pigged out at the public trough for a few more years”

BFP, December 29, 2008: Thanks To Prime Minister David Thompson, Barbados Government Officials Can Still Use Their Office For Personal Profit

Here is the Nation article by Da Silva. Please go to the Nation to read it because they deserve your visit. We only include it here because both the Nation and the Barbados Advocate have a habit of revising history by trashing or changing archived articles…

GUEST COLUMN: Bring on integrity law

Published on: 10/16/2009.


THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from a column published on Friday, February 20, 2009, in the WEEKEND NATION. This excerpt is even more relevant today than it was at that time:
My political experience has told me that the best platform for good governance is one in which there is a strong and active opposition party. Our Government should take this as impetus to perform at the highest level of excellence on all fronts. And I believe they will. Continue reading


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Barbados Auditor General: Owen Arthur – Mia Mottley Government stole land and profits from the people of Barbados

UPDATED: February 15, 2011

We’re reminding everyone of this story for a reason: The Arch Cot Inquest resumes on February 17, 2011 and BFP is about to publish an article showing how government corruption in land dealings contributed to the deaths of five members of the Codrington family.

Nothing changed with the election of the DLP Government in 2008. The piggies are still feeding at the trough – just a new group of piggies, that’s all.

Original Story published October 15, 2009…

“On two occasions, lands for which the infrastructural development was funded by the Corporation were placed under the control of private developers for allocation to potential buyers. There was no clear benefit for the Corporation from this course of action. With applications in excess of 24,000, there was no benefit in allowing private developers to allocate land, without any stipulations about whom the land should be sold to.”

… from the report of Auditor General Special Audit of the National Housing Corporation (available at the Auditor General’s website here)

(Sure, no benefit to the corporation – but many benefits to friends of the BLP government!)

How crooked BLP politicians and their friends ended up with public land for cheap!

How the Thompson DLP Government will protect the guilty! Continue reading


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Barbados Advocate ‘Yellow Journalism’ Editorial Ignores the Truth: Hartley Henry carried out his threat at Barbados Underground

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT – Discussion of alleged intimate acts

Tell your neighbours, Tell your friends about the Lie in The Barbados Advocate

It is really very simple, folks. Let’s review what happened step by step…

1/ August 23, 2009 – An article at the Nation News is published accusing the PM’s senior advisor, Harley Henry, of threatening to harm the reputation of editor Carol Martindale if she did not publish a story about a DLP political survey in a certain manner. It is alleged that Hartley Henry told the Martindale that he would “turn Barbados against” her. He accused the paper of being “the mouthpiece” of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley. (Nation News: Threat to Sun Editor)

All Bajans are familiar with Miss Mottley, who is a rather heavy woman with a deep voice. Just reality – Miss Mottley can be quite a large figure in any photograph, especially when she wears her favourite all-red dresses and outfits. Like we say folks, just reality.

2/ August 26, 2009 – Hartley Henry publishes an article in The Barbados Advocate denying that he threatened Martindale as alleged – and surprisingly at the same time revealing the actual threat. Henry confirms that he told Martindale that unless she did as he demanded, “the whole of Barbados will come to understand how it is that”, a particular individual “can have unfettered access to” a known publication. Henry’s article No threat to press freedom, it is all about the ‘connection’ hits the internet the evening of August 26, 2009 when the Barbados Advocate’s August 27th edition is posted online.

How is it that a “particular individual” has unfettered access to The Nation newspaper? What was Mr. Henry threatening to reveal? What was “the connection”?

Barbados didn’t have long to wait…

3/ August 27, 2009 (about 5:39pm Bridgetown) – Hartley Henry follows through with his threat to harm the reputation of editor Carol Martindale by publishing an expanded version of his article at Barbados Underground blog.

Read in context of the current allegations of threats against the Nation News editor, Mr. Henry alleges what can only be a lesbian sex triangle involving two Nation News staffers and “said heavy roller” who gets “prominence on demand” in the coverage by the Nation News – according to Mr. Henry. Everyone in Barbados knows who Mr. Henry is referring to as “said heavy roller” who, Mr. Henry alleges, “licks” the two female Nation News staffers as they are “lying prostrate at every beck and call.”

Henry also alleged that the two Nation News staffers take turns running “the desk” at the Nation News for each other so they can each have sex with “heavy roller” up in “the nest” and “The whole thing makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like students of theology. In return, the heavy roller gets prominence on demand.”

Well, Mr. Henry threatened to ruin reputations if the newspaper didn’t print the article his way, and I guess he meant it.

4/ August 28, 2009 – Barbados Free Press publishes an article remarking on Hartley Henry’s disgusting allegations as published at Barbados Underground blog. BFP stated Senior Advisor to Prime Minister Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist.

5/ August 30, 2009 – The Barbados Advocate publishes a front page editorial Whose yellow journalism? backing Hartley Henry and declaring that everything is ok as Mr. Henry “did not utter threats against Ms. Martindale’s life, if he did express any vindictive emotions at all.”

The Barbados Advocate editorial never mentions that Hartley Henry did, in fact, follow through with his threat to ruin Ms. Martindale by publishing his disgusting allegations online at Barbados Underground blog.

Barbados Advocate readers will never know how deceitful the paper is unless they have internet access and read Mr. Henry’s article at BU or read about it at BFP.

Of course the editors at the Barbados Advocate know about Mr. Henry’s article at Barbados Underground. So does Prime Minister Thompson by now.

The Barbados Advocate has once again proven that citizens cannot trust the Bajan news media. The paper has also shown that it is truly undeserving of the name The Barbados Advocate.

Ladies and gentlemen, here (in text and a jpg) is the deceitful editorial as published in The DLP Advocate…

Comment: Whose yellow journalism?


‘Monkey See Monkey Do?’

Yellow-JournalismIn what seemed to the unbiased reader to be a self-righteous diatribe against a known party-political activist, another section of the media rushed into print last Sunday, August 23rd to make out a case against “intimidation”. The Barbados Advocate would wish today to bring some sanity and sobriety to the issue and to demonstrate that it is even less than a ‘9-day wonder’. In fact, if truth be told, the matter seems to be of such minuscule importance that the seemingly “offended” newspaper appears guilty of ‘making a mountain out of a mole-hill’.

The burden of the claim seems to be that Mr. Hartley Henry, a former Journalist and a regionally known political strategist attached to the ruling Democratic Labour Party, called the Nation Newspaper and requested that the results of the CADRES poll conducted for the DLP “get the same treatment as polls done on behalf of that same newspaper”.

Mr. Henry is alleged to have made remarks to Sunday Sun Editor Ms. Carol Martindale, threatening to “tarnish her reputation” and “turn Barbados against her” and “bring her down … if she did not do the right thing”.

This story received the full treatment in the particular section of the media from which it emanated, namely a Headline story and a “Page One Comment”. The Barbados Advocate wonders why the matter was dealt with in this way.

Let it not be said that this newspaper condones any unprofessional behaviour from any part of the society against professional journalists; after all, this newspaper prides itself on being in the forefront of the fight against those who would vent their vindictiveness against media workers, particularly those in the print segment. However, this recent brou-ha-ha has made the Barbados Advocate come out to put matters in proper perspective, lest the public be fooled into “taking up other people’s FIRE-RAGE”. Continue reading


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Senior Advisor To Prime Minister David Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist

Prime Minister David Thompson & Henry Hartley

Prime Minister David Thompson & Henry Hartley

Hartley Henry Makes Public Allegations of Sexual Impropriety, Beatings, Attempted Suicide by Nation Newspaper Staffers

Uses Barbados Underground Blog

We told you on August 24, 2009 how Barbados journalist and editor Carol Martindale alleges that Hartley Henry threatened to turn Barbados against her if The Nation Newspaper did not print a story about a political poll in the manner that the senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados demanded.

Friends, when one of the the most powerful and connected men in Barbados threatens to destroy a journalist’s reputation, that is a threat not only to the victim: it is a threat to the very heart of our democracy.

Ms. Martindale quite rightly called the police who are said to be investigating the threats. (With our police, you never know.) Caribbean journalists are appalled at Mr. Henry’s behaviour and the story has been picked up by the Caribbean news media and even by Harvard Law School’s Global Voices. (See our original story: Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson – Police Investigation Launched)

Hartley Henry Sets Off an Atomic Bomb at Barbados Underground Blog

On Wednesday August 26, 2009, Hartley Henry published a response to Ms. Martindale’s allegations in the August 27th edition of The Barbados Advocate newspaper. You can read that newspaper article online here: Under the Microscope: No threat to press freedom, it is all about the ‘connection’.

Mr. Henry’s Barbados Advocate article is full of innuendo about a “connection” to Nation News staffers that affords a “particular individual… unfettered access” to favourable coverage at the newspaper.

Although Mr. Henry pulls his punches (as we shall see!), it is interesting that even this relatively tame article indeed makes a good start at fulfilling the threats he made to ruin Ms. Martindale.

Hartley Henry Makes Good On The Threats to Ms. Martindale

Since the Democratic Labour Party abandoned its own blog after winning the January 2008 election, Barbados Underground Blog has become the defacto DLP government blog frequented by DLP supporters and government insiders alike. Mr. Henry and other DLP insiders have previously published quite a few articles on Barbados Underground, so we were not surprised to see Mr. Henry’s current Barbados Advocate article re-printed at Barbados Underground…

… and then we started to read the additional paragraphs and words included in the Barbados Underground version. Ca-Dear!

Read in context of the current allegations of threats against a Nation News editor, Mr. Henry details what can only be a lesbian sex triangle involving two Nation News staffers and “said heavy roller” who gets “prominence on demand” in the coverage by the Nation News – according to Mr. Henry.

Well, Mr. Henry threatened to ruin reputations if the newspaper didn’t print the article his way, and I guess he meant it.

Our opinion?

Hartley Henry would not have published his reputation-ruining article at Barbados Underground unless two conditions were assured: 1/ Prime Minister Thompson had knowledge of this article and agreed to the strategy, and 2/ Barbados Underground was safe and secure in the knowledge that the DLP government would protect them from any repercussions of publishing Henry’s hit piece.

Check it out for yourself at Barbados Underground: No Threat To Press Freedom It’s All About ‘The Connection’

About Barbados Underground…

Our readers should know that this is the first time we have linked to Barbados Underground in the many months since we dropped their link from our sidebar for publishing threats and racist comments. Infamously, Barbados Underground published comments describing a murdered Canadian tourist as “white trash” and regularly publishes articles calling for the exclusion of whites, Indians, Asians and other minority races from Barbados on the basis of their skin colours. Just a warning folks to let you know what you will find over there.

Again, we don’t normally link to racist blogs, but this story is important as it reveals so much about the character of persons in the Prime Minister’s office. The Hartley Henry article published at Barbados Underground is part of a story that needs to be told.

Prime Minister Thompson’s Problem Now…

Prime Minister Thompson had advance knowledge of Henry's Barbados Underground article or he didn't. Either way, the PM has a problem.

Prime Minister Thompson had advance knowledge of Henry's Barbados Underground article or he didn't. Either way, the PM has a problem.

If Prime Minister David Thompson had pre-knowledge about and approved Hartley Henry making good on his threats against Nation News journalists, that makes him a party to the threats, if not in law – certainly in reality.

If, on the other hand, Prime Minister Thompson had no pre-knowledge about Henry’s Barbados Underground article – that means he has lost control of his advisor. If that is the case and he does not publicly discipline Henry, Thompson will lose face and appear weak and indecisive.

That’s quite the choice for the Prime Minister. Which door will he open?


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Has it come to this in Barbados? Dialysis patients turned away due to shortage of needles, gloves, standard supplies

THERE IS a shortage of supplies in the dialysis unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

And patients who rely on the unit’s blood purifying service fear their lives may be on the line.

“[The hospital] is short of equipment and people are literally afraid for their lives,” said a patient who spoke under anonymity.

Gloves, needles, and other items were needed, said the patient who added that waiting periods for dialysis treatment had lengthened.

“Some patients have had to wait for four or five days for treatment, and others were even turned back.”

… from the Nation story Dialysis Problem

A legacy of neglect and wrong priorities by successive Barbados governments

Surgical-gloves-BarbadosI wonder if politicians, civil servants and administrators in Barbados really get the fundamentals of their jobs. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of another crisis or emergency that is simply the result of poor management, out and out neglect or irresponsible prioritisation. Or no prioritisation.

As an example, our “leadership” – both BLP and DLP – thought it was a wonderful idea to go into debt to the tune of half a billion dollars or more to host Cricket World Cup. Oh yes, it was under a BLP administration but Thompson and the DLP went along all the way with the CWC plans even to the point of voting to change the Constitution on a whim one afternoon. (“Oh bye the way” said the BLP,we’d like to change the Constitution this afternoon.The reply from Thompson’s DLP was “No problem, can we be outta here by three?”)

We’re still waiting for the seven hundred yachts to show up for the games as then Tourism Minister Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch predicted.

Oh sure, we can set up Community Councils to distribute the biscuits and beef to the party faithful – but you want water in the pipes so factories don’t burn down? Ha! Water in the pipes for firefighting would cut into the biscuits doan ya know?

“Oh… we’re a hundred police officers short and we can’t hire enough qualified candidates because we pay garbage truck drivers more than police officers? That’s too bad. We better lower our hiring standards then” say the politicians.

And so it has been for twenty or more years in Barbados. Our government Ministers drive nice shiny cars and four by fours while our firefighters beg and scrape for 20-year-old used equipment from New York City. Some of our police officers are barely literate. Ya get wat ya pay for, folks!

Lots of money for bread and circuses at Crop Over, but our nurses lack surgical gloves, needles and other supplies to look after the dialysis patients that must have treatment or die.

And speaking of a shortage of surgical gloves, it was two years ago that a reader sent us the following story about the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Nothing has changed…

Dear Friends At Barbados Free Press,

My son almost died at QEH this year. I won’t give you the details because I don’t want any reprisals for writing you with the story of his “medical treatment” at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Please edit my letter and change the words so no one knows it is me that wrote to you. (editor’s note: done)

Every day I or one of the family stayed with my son and kept him clean and brought him food. This was necessary because of the lack of food, bad food when it came IF it came and the lack of trained nurses and supplies. Especially supplies.

None of the ward toilets where my son was had paper, none had soap or paper towels for drying. Everyone must bring their own.

I had to buy “Intrasite gel” for my son’s wounds because the hospital had none that they could give me after 3 days. This was $20 a bottle and it only lasted a few days because I and my friends ended up changing the dressings ourselves when we found they were not being changed enough. I had to buy a box of sterile gloves to change his dressings. I bought a small package at first but the nurses kept “borrowing” the gloves because they were short of gloves so I bought a box…

… from Your Child Is Sick: Welcome To Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The government finds plenty of money on this island to look after the “sexy” causes and the showy “look wat we do for you!” press announcements where all the politicians stand around looking like the people just can’t live without them – but when it comes to needles for children who need dialysis, gloves for the nurses or radios, treatment for cancer patients and hoses for the firefighters, well, “We short a money. It’s the world economy, doan ya know!”

Did you hear the one about the QEH patients being issued brass bells? You just have to shake your head…

Barbados Government Triumph: Little Brass Bells Issued To Bedridden Hospital Patients!


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