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France Honours fallen Barbados pilot George Inniss

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Dear Barbados Free Press

Thanks for your assistance with publicizing our search for the Barbadian Pilot of AD750 for the commemoration in France. (see BFP’s France to honour fallen Barbados RAF pilot George Inniss in May 2011 – Looking for relatives, photos)

Only a month ago we received pictures of George Inniss , which can be seen here.

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The commemoration was this weekend just passed. I expect lots of pictures from the attendees, but this was the first one I received (top) which I thought’ you’d like.

Best wishes
Jonathan Ives

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Barbados Spitfire pilot Phillip Leslie Irving Archer: Killed in action, June 17, 1943

Remembrance Day stories

Looking for relatives – “We have information for them”

Mission: Rodeo PM.
Date: 17th June 1943.
Unit: No. 421 (RCAF) Squadron.

Type: Spitfire IX.
Serial: LZ996

Coded: AU –

Location: St. Omer, France.

Squadron Leader, Phillip Leslie Irving Archer. R.C.A.F. D.F.C. J/3508. Age 27. Killed.

Sqd/Ld Phillip Archer was shot down and killed on the morning of 17th June 1943, in combat with FW190s of JG/26 during a Rodeo in the area of St. Omer, a second aircraft from his unit 421 sqdn, Spitfire IX BS319, piloted by F/O J E McNamara was also shot down and he was also killed. Sqd/Ld Archer was possibly on his last sortie as CO of 402 sqdn before taking over 421 sqdn.

He had been wounded in action on two occasions while flying with 92 Sqdn, on the 9th July 1941 while flying a Sweep in Spitfire IIa R7195, he was wounded and the aircraft was damaged. He was soon back in action and on the 21st August 1941 during another Sweep flying Spitfire Vb W3330 he was slightly wounded in the legs during combat. (Aircraft Cat 2 and returned to service.) Phillip was credited with six confirmed aerial victories.

“We are currently seeking any living relatives for this airman as we have further information for them from an eye witness.”

…posted by the Aircrew Remembrance Society

Also see: Aces of World War II, Phillip Archer

“Born in Bridgetown, Barbados, 1917.
Son of Frederick Leslie and Millicent Beryl Archer
– of Hastings St. Michael, Barbados. R Sc.
Joined RCAF in Montreal, 6 June 1940.”


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France to honour fallen Barbados RAF pilot George Inniss in May 2011 – Looking for relatives, photos

Updated: February 4, 2011

70th Anniversary of the death of a young Bajan pilot

Someone in Barbados must have a photo of George Harold Frederick INNISS

Let’s help France remember a young Bajan who died so far from home. Continue reading


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