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Must be Hurricane season: Barbados weather radar is down again

UPDATED July 28, 2011

Still not working … Doppler Radar is now 5 months, and 3 months for the Rawinsonde/Weather Balloon system still not fully operational – and we are now 2 months into the Hurricane Season.”

BFP reader David G. Brooks

“Why don’t things ever work around here?”

With submissions from “BA”…

Can anyone explain why the Barbados Doppler Radar information is not available on the web? Am I missing a site where it works? I would appreciate a response with the hurricane season now on us.

and from “X5″…

Barbados weather radar was last working on March 1, 2011, at least that’s the last upload to the Barbados Meteorological Services website.

The last “Barbados Four Day Forecast” was updated on the website on “08th Feburary 2011” (that’s what it says), although there is a current 4-Day Marine forecast.

I guess all the excitement of putting the weather imagery online for everybody to see was just some kind of PR stunt with no real commitment from Mr. Lovell and the Barbados Meteorological Service. It lasted a little over two months, that’s all.

Why don’t things ever work around here? Why can’t we get results from our taxes and government employees? As BFP says, “Same old, same old.”

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Weather Radar Online thanks to Barbados Meteorological Services

YIPPIE!!! We have online RADAR!

Thanks to acting director Mr. Hampden Lovell and his team at Barbados Meteorological Services, Bajans at home and overseas now have online access to Barbados weather radar images. Ordinary citizens will be able to keep an eye on developing weather and start to make plans and provisions earlier based upon their own needs and assessments.

We expect that online weather radar will drive an increased interest in the weather, especially during the hurricane season. Online access will get everyone talking when there is even the potential of something developing into a storm. That has to be good.

Next Up: FaceBook, Twitter

A few days ago the USA’s National Hurricane Center issued an advisory on a low pressure system developing to the SouthEast of Barbados. BFP wrote a story Tropical Storm Alert Barbados: 30% chance tropical cyclone next 48 hours, and within the next 4 hours we had over 600 referrals from various FaceBook pages as Bajans discussed the potential storm and directed their friends to read the alert at Barbados Free Press. Continue reading


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