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When our new Chief Justice was announced, I was genuinely excited…

“Barbados must be the only country where lawyers are on bail and practicing!”

by A Policy Holder

When our new Chief Justice was announced I was genuinely excited. I naively believed that we would see a speedier court system. We’d surely spent enough on a fine new Court Building, but in truth and in fact the new Chief Justice has achieved S*F*A*. There is good reason for this and it relates to the In Chamber hearings by appointment – appointments which are often callously disregarded by both Judges and lawyers.

As I understand it there is an alternate method known as JEMS – Judicial Enforcement Management System. It’s simplicity is just too much for our legal fraternity who are undisciplined and uncontrollable. JEMS would allow the CJ to randomly distribute cases/suits to sitting judges. Each Judge would be responsible for the resolution of the case from start to decision time. There would be no ducking, changes of judges mid-stream as the CJ would on a weekly or fortnightly basis meet with the Judges to see what progress is being made. This system is in place and working effectively in Trinidad (yes, Trinidad) but lawyers and judges here are anti-JEMS.

There is also the question of the legal fraternity policing themselves and the disbarring of dishonest lawyers. I understand that even if there is a Disciplinary Committee in the Barbados Bar Association, it does not sit. If it does it is a toothless committee. Barbados must be the only country where lawyers are on bail and practicing! What a disgraceful story about the American lady swindled out of $100,000.00 and the general view being “What can you expect? It’s Barbados.”

Having said all that, how in name of God can we expect to find a firm of lawyers who will take on dealing with the CLICO and BALICO matter where they have to sue the Directors of those companies, who may be family, or “connected”?


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Firebombing followup: Barbadian businessman’s family still stalked

by David Weekes

Two nights ago two men came back to my cul-de-sac at maynards.

When my neighbours came in, (the same Brits who were firebombed last week Tuesday), the men DID NOT BUDGE when the lights of the car the visitors were driving, shone on them.

These stalkers remained unconcerned about the fact that they were bathed in the car’s headlights.

The Brits remained in their car for 5 minutes. The men remained in the cover of the overgrown bush and trees and DID NOT MOVE.

The visitors finally made a dash for the house and there they called the police who arrived five minutes later. By the time the Police arrived the men had left.

Yesterday I left the house to go for some foodstuff. During that time a white truck started to do what I can only describe as stalk the area. Take a look at the video my daughter made of the vehicle that was loitering in my area for about 15 minutes. (Link here if the embedded video doesn’t work.)

Watch how when she goes to one side to video the vehicle they reverse to the other side and watch how she moves to that side they drive forward. She (unfortunately) did not call the police. She was not able to get their truck number. My neighbours were sleeping at the time.

By now most readers may realise that I am not as paranoid as some detractors to this firebombing incident have claimed that I am. My neighbours indicate that the police still think it is a prank even in the face of these two men who are unafraid and do not shy away, even if the full glare of headlamps.

I must now spend thousands of dollars to clean lots 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 31, 26, 27, 22 and 23 around my home that respective owners have left unattended, spots where the bush is so high and provides lurking areas for these emboldened stalkers.

Of course to date my attempts to reach The Rt. Hon Owen Arthur and the Rt. Hon. Haynesley Benn (the BLP & DLP representatives respectively) have been unsuccessful. To the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Ms. Navanethem Pillay, she who so recently passed through Barbados. I would only say that all is not so hunkadorie in this “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”,

My daughter and I, and my UK neighbours, have become veritable prisoners in our homes at the mercy of what the police call “pranksters”

If I should fall here Lupo, do not let me fall alone.


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The legacy of Barbados Attorney General & Chief Justice SIR David Simmons

Former Prime Minister David Thompson said it was unethical for Attorney General SIR David Simmons to have accepted the position of Chief Justice from then PM Owen Arthur. BFP agreed with Prime Minister Thompson then, and now.

But forget about that.

Let’s just look at performance, at results. What did SIR David Simmons achieve?

Did SIR David bring justice to the people?

Let’s look at what our Justice System is after SIR David Simmons was in charge – first as Attorney General and then as Chief Justice – for… how many years? Almost two decades!

This is reality and the true legacy of Sir David Simmons.

Oh… don’t listen to us. Listen to those who work in and with the Barbados Justice System… Continue reading


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Barbados Chief Justice Testifies Under Oath: He Destroyed Business Records Evidence After Lawsuit Launched!!!

Barbados Chief Justice Simmons testified he had a man burn the corporate records for his land speculation company, S.B.G. This fellow looks like he could have done the job for the Chief Justice!

Barbados Chief Justice Simmons testified he had a man burn the corporate records for his land speculation company, S.B.G. - This fellow looks like he could have done the job for the Chief Justice!

A Sad Day For The Dignity Of The Office Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados

Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons recently gave testimony for a Canadian court in the Kingsland land fraud case. The court transcript has been posted online at Keltruth Blog here so there is really no dispute about what Sir David said while under oath.

Sir David confirmed that in 2004 he ordered the destruction of his land speculation company’s business records  — even though the business records were evidence in an ongoing lawsuit concerning US$1 billion worth of prime Barbados real estate known as Kingsland. Disgusting, but true.

According to Keltruth Blog, the Chief Justice and some other defendants were recently dropped from the Canadian lawsuit about Kingsland. We at Barbados Free Press have to wonder if the charges being dropped against Sir David had anything to do with the unavailability of evidence that he ordered destroyed. If so, it can be seen that our Chief Justice is a very intelligent man — in a cunning sort of way.

Whether cunningly destroying evidence is a quality that we want to see in our Chief Justice is, of course, another matter.

Career Politician Appointed As Chief Justice To Consolidate Political Power

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Once again the people of Barbados are reminded what a mistake it was when then Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed his former Attorney General and good friend as the Chief Justice of Barbados. Our country needed and deserved to have an independent, non-political person as its Chief Justice. Instead, Owen Arthur and the BLP decided to consolidate power by politicizing the office of our highest judge.

David Simmons was a career politician who had served as Attorney General and acting Prime Minister. He was also an entrepreneur, land speculator and backroom deal maker. As we have stated in the past, we believe that David Simmons should not have accepted the office of cheap justice Chief Justice, but that he wanted the job and the power more than he loved our Barbadian democracy and judicial system. He cheapened the office of the Chief Justice and made it impossible for citizens to have confidence that the highest court in the land was not a political tool. We shall never forgive David Simmons for allowing this to happen.

Further reading: click on the photo to read the original article and the court transcript at Keltruth Blog


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