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Idiots at Nation Newspaper still publishing computer game image as real photo

The next time The Nation talks about professional journalism, show the editor this article

Once again the professional editors and journalists at The Nation published a screen shot of a computer game as a real photo to illustrate a story about Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport. (Nation News: Cheaper GAIA)

Not only that, the Nation stole the copyrighted photo from a Swedish website and is using it without owner’s permission. We mentioned The Nation’s previous use of the same photo in our article Nation Newspaper publishes computer game screenshot as real photo of airport!

Come on guys! Send the kid out to the airport to take a few shots and use those as your file photos. The Nation really hasn’t been the same since a group of core staff quit and went to Barbados Today. Continue reading


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Nation News reports simulated Barbados helicopter crash as real

“A helicopter crash just off the cliffs of Cove Bay, St  Lucy, sent the Regional Security Services (RSS) into action yesterday evening, combing the site for survivors.

Looters who had arrived on the scene earlier could be seen scampering for cover, as camouflaged officers descended the cliffs seeking out the injured.

It took almost two hours for the search team to find victims and bring them to the cliff tops, where waiting colleagues assessed injuries and quickly sent fresh teams down to rescue other victims.”

…first paragraphs from The Nation News story Ready to run to the rescue

Is there no sober editor or journalist at The Nation newspaper?

We read The Nation article several times looking for the names of the victims and the helicopter company before we realised that The Nation reporter was talking about a simulated helicopter crash staged as part of a training programme for the Regional Security Service. We originally thought that the helicopter had crashed off Cove Bay and members of the RSS were fortuitously able to respond.

After our confusion upon reading the article in The Nation, we went to the Barbados Advocate and read an excellent article on the same subject by Karen Alleyne. All we can say is that The Nation reporters and editor must have been drunk to print the garbage story that they did. Continue reading


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