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Barbados Jazz Festival cancelled. Barbados Tourism Authority last to know.

“It’s all over but the crying”

The 18th annual Barbados Jazz Festival has been canceled, but no one told the Barbados Tourism Authority. The story is breaking over at Barbados Today.

“No comment. I will be issuing a press release shortly and that will speak for itself.”

…Gilbert Rowe of GMR International Travel Inc., sponsors of the festival, said tersely on Friday afternoon.

“My relationship with the producer of the festival is such that I would think he would let me know,”

… President and CEO of the Barbados Tourism Authority David Rice.

The website of the Barbados Jazz Festival is still up and making promises, but according to Barbados Today, it’s all over after 17 years…

Barbados Today: Singing the blues


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Barbados Jazz Festival: We’ll take tickets for Smokey Robinson, Robin Thicke, Arturo Tappin, Marisa Lindsay

January 11th – 17th, 2010

Smokey Robinson. There is a name to take you waaaaay back before most of us at BFP uttered our first squeaks.

Motown. The Temptations. Black music going mainstream and then taking over the airways everywhere for a few years. A reverse British-Invasion in the UK. Riots in Detroit and Watts by people who had been held down too long as the handmaids for those who had and kept the money. You could put in ten years on the assembly line at General Electric in New Jersey, but if you wanted to do $500 on the never-never towards a new Chevrolet in 1963 you had better have been white.

Aretha Franklin. Pretty. Beautiful voice. Powerful. Sexy in a wholesome sort of way like Tracy Chapman is now. Not adhering to that international model look that all the big female singers have now. Aretha made it on message, energy and singing talent. No nipple rings or barbed wire necessary.

I’m almost frightened to look up Smokey Robinson’s age on Wikipedia so I won’t. I don’t care if they have to wheel him out on stage with an IV drip and an oxygen tank at his side, I’m going. (Hey… just kidding about that. The online reviews of his concerts are 100% positive and the guy is still dancing around stage in full leather tight pants surrounded by sweet young things. Whatever he’s eating, I’ll have some!)

Smokey Robinson was VP and #2 at Motown when the music was part of the big social changes and instrumental in the growth black consciousness. I don’t know what to expect of his current performance, but I’m going and nothing can stop me.

Barbados Jazz Festival website


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Barbados Nation News Story: Caucasians Attend Concert

The largely Caucasian audience went wild from the time Blunt ran/ skipped onto the stage and they carried on like that for most of the show…

… from the Nation Newspaper article Crowd Rocks To Blunt

Nation Newspaper Reports “Largely Caucasian Audience” Rocks To James Blunt At Barbados Jazz Festival

So when was the last time that the Nation reported on the race of the audience attending a concert in Barbados?

Will this piece of information now be included in every concert review in the island’s largest newspaper?

Did the writer of the Nation article intend to be controversial? Did the editor intend to be controversial? Probably not, but that just shows how much of a double standard exists in Barbados.

Folks outside of Barbados probably don’t realise how charged that word “Caucasian” can be on the island. For an example of how “Caucasian” is used as a racial slur, read BFP’s Negrocrat Controversy: Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” as Racial Slur

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