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BFP reader questions possible tax avoidance scheme by local business Harris Paints

Harris Paints Barbados

Contributed anonymously by BFP reader ‘Burning Gas Valve’

I just read the Barbados Free Press August 23, 2013 article headlined Barbados Inland Revenue fails to act on tax cheat information“.

The Inland Revenue should investigate Harris Paints who has laid off many Barbadians in recent years, “to cut costs”, but at the same time they use companies (Industrial Supplies Incorporated and Harris Paints International) registered in BVI and St. Lucia, respectively to siphon off the profits and avoid paying taxes, although the “management and control” resides in Wildey, Barbados.

This would be an easy case for the Barbados Inland Revenue to solve simply by doing a standard tax audit of Harris Paints Barbados and also at the Wildey Head Office. I will read Barbados Free Press to see if you can get the Inland Revenue to move on this case to get this company to pay its fair share of taxes.

Burning Gas Valve

Editor’s Note: Just remember folks… anonymous information isn’t to be trusted without some independent thinking and research. Take it with a grain of salt, and then let’s talk! Our readers are often able to substantiate or disprove stories. Let’s see what our readers come up with for this story.

Harris Paints operates throughout the Caribbean. From their website

The Harris Group of Companies, commonly known as Harris Paints, is one of the Caribbean’s leading manufacturers of architectural finishes, building products and industrial coatings. Continue reading



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