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Looking ahead to Barbados 50th Independence Celebration

barbados wave flag

In plenty and in time of need…

For all our current economic problems and the failures of a corrupt political class to provide principled, unselfish leadership over the decades, Barbados on our 48th National Independence Day is still a country and a society to be envied.

Millions of people from countries around the world would get down on their knees and thank God if they were blessed enough to have had their navel string buried in Bajan soil. Stand still anywhere on this island for ten minutes and take it all in: even inner B’town’s worst is only a short walk from the salt water and beauty.

And isn’t that the truth? No matter where you are in Barbados you are only a minute or two from beauty the likes of which people from other countries spend thousands of dollars to see and experience for a few days.

The beauty of these fields and hills though, is nothing compared with the beauty of our people, our children and the ordinary folk who give Bim its character and reality.

It is true that we should be worried about the excesses of celebration for lowered achievements and about some of the youth whose activities could not be more ‘un-Bajan’ – but despite these things, can you not ask for assistance from a stranger on this island and still receive a helping hand? Of course you can!

Try that in New Jersey, or Soho. Been there, “have the t-shirt” as they say.

We naturally focus upon the decades, and our 48th anniversary is an uninspiring number compared to our 45th or our 40th. Remember our 30th? Remember the rains and no one cared? Soaked or not the party went on for three days. A bit different from these last two days, yes?

Admittedly things back then looked a bit brighter economically, but it was more than that: the mood was about us as a nation, about our wonderfully rosy future. About us as a people.

A short two years from now and we will be facing our 50th year as an independent, fully sovereign nation.

The question we should be asking ourselves now is not “How shall we celebrate our 50th?”, but “What do we want Barbados to be on our 50th, and what should we do to reach that goal?”


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Kammie Holder: Are we fooling ourselves about being Independent?

What is your mirror image?

by Kammie Holder

Barbados as a sovereign nation became independent from Britain 44 years ago. As an island we have achieved much in the last 44 years, thanks to the foresight of our past leaders. Most Barbadians, enjoy a standard of living which is the envy of many of their neighbors and others. Free bus fare for school children, free lunch for primary school children, free health care and free education.  How much better can it get? A per capital income of $19,300 and a Human Development Index Rating of 42 out of 169 countries.

However, have our progress and successes blinded us from being strict guardians of our fate? Continue reading


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“Good for a cheap chuckle”

Dear BFP,

Barbados Advocate, Saturday November 27th, Page 12. Bottom left.

China placed a notice for Independence Day, saying “Congratualations Barbados“. I don’t know if the Chinese embassy did up the notice or if it was a printer’s devil at the Advocate but it’s good for a cheap chuckle. Enjoy!


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Barbados Today: Please tell us it’s a typo!

Error, or a tongue in cheek that the editor missed?

Barbados is “moving towards seeking third world status” ??? Either way, it made us pause…

Even if the 3rd world status was meant tongue in cheek, and maybe especially so, it’s an excellent opinion piece by Dennis de Peize. Take a minute to finish it at Barbados Today…

Independence resolution

Continue to take pride in what you do

by Dennis de Peize

As Barbados prepares to celebrate its 44th anniversary as an independent nation, it is important that its citizens move beyond basking in the glory of past achievements in the post-Independence era.

Moreover, it would represent a sense of maturity if the people could advance beyond the usual political rhetoric that is meant to glorify either the Democratic Labour Party or the Barbados Labour Party, on their respective role in championing the break from the colonial ties with Britain.

At this juncture in its history as a developing small island state, that is moving towards seeking third world status, it would seem to be in the best interest of the nation if its citizens direct their attention on how best to make Barbados a better place to work, live and play. It therefore means that as a people the objective should be that of putting Barbados first.

It is not an insurmountable challenge, provided that the populace is prepared to be led by the thoughts expressed by the late Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable David J. H. Thompson, who viewed that “Barbados was more than an economy, it is a society”.

… continue reading this article at Barbados Today


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Errol Barrow Day – An Acrostic Poem by Khaidji

Errol Barrow Day

Every Bajan should celebrate in a special way
Remembering our hero who was born on this day
Realizing the wonders that he had done
Opportunities sowed from whence our pride sprung
Lords and Sirs, Honorable and the ordinary man too

Barrow lived to uplift all of you
And freed us from our Imperial ties
Royal chains which limited our mind’s eyes
Restrictions no longer bind our hands
Our skills compete favorably with foreign lands
We have progressed to be a number one country

Developing in our social standings, education and economy
And as you delight in your successes tomorrow
You must remember we owe it all to Errol Walton Barrow

Submitted by Khaidji of Bajan Poetry.com


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