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Attention Barbados Chief Immigration Officer: Objection to granting of work permit for Super Centre

by Robert D. Lucas

Recently, on the call-in program “Down to Brass Tacks” of 11th February 2011, there was some discussion about the merits of an application for a work permit for a “Fresh Food Specialist,” as advertised for by Super Centre Limited. As a result, someone from the firm called the program, to clarify the nature of the requirements for the job. These requirements included a knowledge of fresh as well as delicatessen food handling capabilities.

Let me first of all, declare an interest, having in the past, taught members of the Environmental Health Department (EHD) of the Ministry of Health at the Barbados Community College (BCC). Students are first required to do an associate degree in public health and then the post graduate diploma in a programme called “Meats and other Foods.” Continue reading


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Barbados employees ask “Where is the manager’s work permit?”

Where is his work permit?

We the employees of an Insurance Company situated (removed by BFP) which has a slogan (removed by BFP), were made to understand that our newly appointed Manager who have been here since June, 2010, does not have a valid work permit and he is writing and signing letters hiring and firing people.  Continue reading


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Barbados Immigration officer: Evil? Misogynist? Racist? Stupid? You decide.

UPDATED: November 11, 2010 9am Bridgetown

We see that Jane Shattuck Hoyos has taken down her story at Planet Barbados. While we hope to hear more on this development, we want to let Jane know that if we never hear anything else about it from her, we and everyone else on this island understands. And now, probably, Jane understands too. That’s why BFP remains an anonymous blog.

“I didn’t sleep that night … I’d been humiliated, shamed, and harassed at the hands of an individual who, because he could, did. For him, it was sport. He never cited a single transgression.”

… Barbados resident, business person and investor – Jane Shattuck Hoyos

Welcome home bitch…

There is no excuse in the world for what happened to Jane Shattuck Hoyos upon her return to Barbados last Wednesday night.

Yes, our Immigration officers have a job to do. They protect our country, our economy and our communities from the negative impacts of uncontrolled immigration. They must be questioning, knowledgeable and skilled to see through false documents and lies. They must take their duties seriously.

All of that is a given and Jane says so – but what an Immigration Officer did to her last Wednesday night is totally unacceptable and, sadly, an all too common story heard from arriving visitors and residents alike.

It sounds to us like this Immigration officer is a power-tripping, egotistical little dictator: full of himself and drunk with power and authority. He probably had a good laugh about what he did to Jane. Maybe some of his colleagues laughed too.

There is no way that this was the first time for this Immigration officer. He probably does the same thing to other women traveling alone. He targets them for sport. He enjoys himself.

His supervisors likely already know that he’s a problem child. Continue reading


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Sir Cliff Richard now a Barbados citizen – Telegraph UK

When did this happen?

Being a British “non-resident” and living in Barbados is one thing. Becoming a full citizen of Barbados is another.

Today Bill Latham, the spokesman for Sir Cliff Richard, is reported in The Telegraph to have confirmed that Sir Cliff is a full citizen of Barbados.

Is this report correct? Did I miss it in the Barbados news media? Continue reading


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Almond Resorts says not one Barbadian is good enough for any of these positions

UPDATED: March 8, 2011

Barbadians “suitable” to clean toilets, mind babies at Almond Resorts, but not good enough for management!

How is it possible that no Barbadian is “suitable” to work as Executive Chef, Director of Food & Beverage, Executive Assistant Manager or Director of Hotel Operations at Almond Resorts?

This story from last September is front and center again and we do not and will not accept Almond Resorts’ claim that no “suitable” candidates can be found in Barbados in this downturn and with so many begging for work.

Oh, we smiling Bajans are suitable enough to clean toilets, roll out deck chairs, bring drinks to the wandering hands tourists and to mind their babies while our own children wait alone at home for mum to return. We’re just not good enough to supervise. Not trained enough, not experienced enough – just plain not qualified. Not one of us is good enough.

We won’t have any more of that nonsense from Almond Resorts, thank you very much. What about their in-house training and “career path” that they promise when they hire? They can hire or promote a Bajan or shut down for all I care. We’ve had enough of this nonsense.

Prime Minister Stuart… ARE YOU LISTENING?

(Check out Barbados Today’s story: Concealed racism)

BFP’s original story as published September 15, 2010…

“With the number of hotels closed down during the past few years and an economy that has relied so heavily upon tourism for decades, it is unbelievable that Almond Resorts Inc. could not find even one Barbadian ‘suitable’ for any of these positions. This is an outrage. Where is our government on this? Where are our community and labour leaders?”

… editorial comment by Barbados Free Press

No Suitable Local Candidates for Tourism Jobs – I STRONGLY OBJECT!

by Mark Brathwaite

I was looking at one of the leading local print publications over the last week and was absolutely surprised and disgusted to see the number of applications for work permits for various positions at the Almond Hotel Properties. The advertised positions were, Executive Chef, Executive Assistant Manager, Director of Hotel Operations and Director of Food and Beverage.

Now I cannot for one minute believe that given Tourism has been our number one business for years, and the number of Barbadians graduating from institutions and gaining experience over the years at our local hotels, that no suitable locals can be found to fill this many Tourism related positions.

In 2010? Continue reading


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An American applies for Barbados citizenship… How long will it take?

American Jane Shattuck married Bajan Greg Hoyos and now Jane has applied for Bajan citizenship… a process that is neither easy nor quick NOR SHOULD IT BE EASY OR QUICK!

But… (and here’s the catch) applying for Barbados citizenship should have a predictable path and time line and known standard requirements. Good luck to Jane as she begins her journey. We hope she blogs the details throughout the process so we can have a window on the current situation and the performance level of our immigration people. Continue reading


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Canadian turned Bajan has the last word on the PWC Barbados Globe and Mail story

Friends, some of you agreed with our coverage of the Dark Days in Barbados story in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, and others thought we over-did it. A few readers hit the roof in anger – either at us or the newspaper depending on their feelings. Others thought we should leave Elaine Sibson alone, which is an interesting position considering Ms. Sibson was the one who volunteered to tell her personal story to the world via the Globe and Mail.

CTV Television and other Canadian outlets also carried Gordon Pitts’ “Dark days in Barbados”

For some reason this story generated very high attention with BFP’s readership and internationally. In the last 24 hours over five thousand people read each of our articles on the Globe and Mail story. There were many different opinions and perspectives. (As a side note, after reading the PWC stories, thousands of people stayed and read dozens of other articles here at Barbados Free Press.)

One BFP reader raised a point that we’d never considered and is, upon reflection, something that the Globe and Mail left out. It is a factor that might or might not have had a major influence on Ms. Sibson’s decision to move to Barbados and her subsequent trouble adjusting. We’ll let a BFP reader (and divorced father) say it for himself…

She had a divorce, was awarded custody of her 12 year old daughter and what did she do? She requested a job thousands of miles away from the girl’s father. That sounds not nice to me and any other divorced father who knows the pain.

Move-Away Moms Harm Children

Moms who take their children and move away from their children’s fathers create life-long hardship for their children. Granted there are rare exceptions when a move may be warranted. But they far rarer than NOWers (National Organization of Women -ed) admit.

Generally, move-away-moms move primarily for their own best interest and not their children’s…”

… you can read his entire comment here: Nice Lady? Fathers’ Rights Now!

Food for thought, for sure.

But okay, it’s time to move on to other stories and we’ll do so now. Although the comments will remain open, this is the last BFP will say about the story. We’ll let the last word in our article be spoken by someone who disagrees with BFP’s coverage.

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Your less then stellar story on “Globe and Mail changes misleading website headline – print edition still proclaims “Dark Days in Barbados” has had me irritated all day.

I am a Canadian, presently living in Barbados, and am married to a Bajan, but, it hasn’t always been easy!

You want coverage and only good shining words about Barbados in all papers? Not gine ta happen ya.

I can sympathize with the woman as I to had to deal with the culture shock, it is up to the individual how they deal with it.

I’ve had to deal with the humiliation of being treated less then human by the Barbados immigration dept, in Bridgetown, this goes on daily there.

When coming to Barbados, working in a supervisory capacity, Bajan’s show a whole different side.

She wrote an article and her experience wasn’t all it could have been, but the article headline was hardly misleading! The fact that the paper changed the article headline is a fact of Canadians being nice to a fault.

(Sent via email to BFP. Name provided to BFP but not published by our editor)


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