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Amnesty International says Barbados police torture prisoners

Dottin Police Shootings

According to Amnesty, on March 17, Mottley and Headley, in the company of their lawyer, presented themselves at the Hastings police station in “good health”, as certified by a doctor.

But hours later, Mottley’s lawyer Brian Clarke reportedly received a call from his client requesting his urgent presence.

“When the lawyer arrived, he saw that Adrian Mottley was in distress, he had a split lip and had vomit on his mouth. Shortly afterwards he fainted and began foaming at the mouth, ” Amnesty claimed in the statement.

It said after receiving medical attention, Mottley later told his lawyer that “police officers had wrapped him in plastic wrap from his feet up to his neck and then [beat] him around the body.”

… from Barbados Today Tortured?

Do Bajans believe that the Royal Barbados Police Force regularly beats prisoners? Do fish swim in the sea?

A few reminders from BFP stories…

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Abused Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia denied proper medical treatment: Suspected cancer

A source informs Barbados Free Press that illegally-imprisoned Cuban Raul Garcia is thought to have bleeding sores and internal lumps (including one large internal lump) that could be cancerous, but he is not being offered proper medical care.

“If this was someone else, not a prisoner, he’d be undergoing extensive tests and ongoing treatment on a priority basis. Raul’s condition has progressively deteriorated because he was earlier denied tests and treatment when he originally complained in November  of 2011. By the time Garcia receives his scheduled tests it will be some 16 months past his initial complaint of bleeding, non-healing lesions.”

Raul Garcia completed 20 year sentence in Barbados prison, but has been held illegally for 2 years since then in contravention of both Bajan and international law.

For background, see Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia vows hunger strike until death


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Barbados denies radio and television to illegal prisoner Raul Garcia

Is it about torture? Power? Continued punishment?

by West Side Davie

Why would lawyers for Barbados argue against allowing Raul Garcia to watch TV or listen to a radio?

Good Lord! Raul Garcia finished his 20 year sentence for drugs over two years ago, but because the country of his birth will not take him Barbados continues to hold Garcia in jail. This is contrary to both international and Bajan law, but the government doesn’t care. By all accounts Garcia has been a model prisoner and is a reformed man – starting an anti-drug movement and teaching himself to paint. (background story here)

Apparently the government of Barbados fears him watching television or listening to the radio, so Garcia has been denied these two simple pleasures.

Who was the person who made that decision? What kind of a cold-hearted, power-tripping bastard decided that Raul Garcia couldn’t listen to the radio? It is a wonder that Garcia has stayed sane and peaceful.

The more I see of Raul Garcia and the more I understand what he is going through, the more I admire this man. In the year of our Lord 2012, Raul Garcia is twice the man that Freundel Stuart or Owen Arthur will ever be, and he’s a better man than I am.

Photo courtesy of The Nation: Garcia on pause

Garcia on Pause

Just when Raul Garcia thought things were about to change for the good, they remained the same. Continue reading


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David Comissiong: Barbados has less regard for human rights than the English. Say it isn’t so!

Raul Garcia case a violation of human rights

“Can it really be true that a people whose fore-parents suffered the worst possible human rights abuses at the hands of English slave-masters now have less regard for human rights than the English? Oh, say it isn’t so Barbados!”

by David Comissiong

The Raul Garcia case provides Barbados with a “teachable moment” par excellence… yet not one of the supposedly responsible leadership institutions of our society has risen to the challenge of saying anything enlightening or educational to the Barbadian people about this issue.

We have not heard a single informed or constructive word from Parliament, the church, UWI, the Bar Association, the trade union movement, the Democratic Labour Party or the Barbados Labour Party!

These establishment institutions have displayed their civic indifference by studiously failing to intervene in a public discourse in which a sizable component of the Barbadian public has been shamefully asserting that it is permissible for our nation to indefinitely imprison a non-Barbadian “stranger in our midst”, or to simply “put him on a small boat and send him out to sea”.

Clearly there is a segment of our populace whose thinking and ethics are still firmly lodged in the pre-historic “dark ages”, and who seem to have little conception of human rights or of international humanitarian law! But how can ordinary citizens know any better when the supposedly enlightened leadership institutions of their society fail to either lead or to enlighten? Continue reading


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Barbados Bar Association President says “FREE RAUL GARCIA – he’s Bajan!”

Barbados has been holding Raul Garcia in prison illegally for the last two years. So say our courts and the United Nations.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart lied about releasing Mr. Garcia just so he would stop his hunger strike that was gathering worldwide attention. Nobody seems to care that this nation founded by the descendants of slaves doesn’t care about human rights.

Now the President of the Barbados Bar Association says enough is enough: Raul Garcia is Bajan. He’s been here longer than many of our citizens, he’s made himself useful, developed his talent for painting and can probably not only support himself, but help to build this country.


Ian Bourne tracked down Barbados Bar Association President Andrew Pilgrim (photo above courtesy of The Nation) and reports what Mr. Pilgrim has to say about this ongoing human rights violation by Prime Minister Stuart and Barbados.

It’s called journalism. Too bad that the old-stream Bajan news media is so incompetent that citizens have to hear the news from a local blogger. Sad, really.

The Bajan Reporter: President of the Barbados Bar Association sees special Unit for Raul Garcia as Tax Inefficient – Let the former Convict live and work here!


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