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Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews

SIR Roy Trotman derides employer for being “an Egyptian Jew”

Will the Barbados Government allow Roy Trotman to keep his Knighthood?

Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman is under fire for saying that Diamonds International employees were sacked by an “Egyptian Jew” – but according to the local papers Sir Roy doesn’t see why there should be a fuss.

And that is the real story here.

You see, Sir Roy’s racism is so deep-rooted that he doesn’t realise that he is a vile and hate filled racist. He thinks his comments were fair and normal. The sad truth is that many on this island will agree with him.

Sir Roy is amongst those on this rock who not only view the world through a prism of race, but also act upon their racial prejudices. I have no doubt that when he meets someone for the first time Sir Roy’s fundamental opinion about that person is already shaped by racial prejudice.

SIR Roy sees nothing wrong with his statements because he believes that the problem with the Diamonds International Director Jacob Hassid’s actions is that Mr. Hassid is a Jew.

Aha! Mr. Hassid is a JEW! That explains everything…

“I think (Sir Roy Trotman’s comment) has further implications about Barbados, racism, the treatment of foreign investors and fairness in general,”

17 year Barbados resident and international business person Jacob Hassid talking to The Nation Racial Fear

Terry Schwarzfeld, Canadian murdered in Barbados

Memories of murdered Jewish tourist called “White Trash”

In February of 2009 60 year old Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law were attacked in broad daylight on Long Beach. Sadly, Mrs. Schwarzfeld succumbed to her injuries after being flown back to Canada.

While the vast majority of Bajans were horrified by Terry Schwarzfeld’s murder, the popular Barbados Underground blog published comments calling her “White Trash” and generally railed on against ‘Jews’ as Mrs. Schwarzfeld was reported to be a prominent member of one of Ottawa’s Jewish charity groups. Anti-Jew themes are nothing new at the blog where government advisor Hartley Henry is a contributor. Last year the blog published an article blaming Jews for the labour troubles at the West Indies Cricket Board – calling the organization a “Slave Plantation” run by “Zionist oligarchs”.

The cricket article was pretty tame compared to Barbados Underground’s genocidal call for terrorist Hamas and Hezbollah to murder whites in Barbados.

Sir Roy’s hatred of the Jews is nothing new in Barbados. It’s just the latest manifestation.

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is naturally horrified by Sir Roy’s racist comments, but they have nonetheless taken a soft approach on hating Jews …

The BCCI called on Sir Roy to investigate the facts and, “once he is satisfied that he has been misinformed, withdraw his uncalled for remarks”.

That’s hardly the damning condemnation that is required in this case.

“The managing director, Mr. Jacob Hassid, has lived in Barbados for 17 years and he and his wife have three children all of whom were born in Barbados. When someone has shown this level of commitment to our country, we should not be referring to them by race or religion and seeking to make them feel personally uncomfortable.

“We would hope that Sir Roy would investigate the facts and, once he is satisfied that he has been mis-informed, would withdraw his uncalled for remarks.”

Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry statement at Caribbean360.com

In most Western countries, Trotman would be on his way out the door – but not here in Barbados. That tolerance of racism is the norm on this island as long as the attacker is black and the targets are Jews, Whites, Indians, Chinese or lighter skinned persons of African ancestry.

Will SIR Roy keep his Knighthood?

No doubt about it.


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