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Sea-U Guest House does the Green Globe shuffle – admirable, but is it worth it economically?

The Sea-U Guest House is located in Bathsheba – the premier surf spot on the island. (Sorry Zed old friend – it’s true and you know it. Bathsheba is gold and the south coast is silver.)

Sea-U Guest House run by German expat Uschi Wetzels… by all accounts a nice lady who loved Barbados enough to leave everything in her homeland behind her. You have to respect that.

I’ve had no cause to stay there but everybody knows the place. The YouTube video makes it look like a little love nest paradise, but video can do that. From the outside though Sea-U looks well-maintained and trim. That’s a good sign. People in the area speak well of Uschi. That’s another good sign.

Word from Green Globe is that the Sea-U Guest House has just renewed it’s certification. We think that Uschi and the Sea-U staff should be congratulated on committing to a greener world, but we’re curious…

Do these types of environmental certifications carry the cost for accommodation providers in terms of increased stays? How much does certification cost and is there a noticeable upswing in bookings because of the certification?

The tourism industry is the major portion of the Barbados economy, but it’s so difficult to directly link advertising or certification standards with revenues. We’d love to know the situation with Sea-U Guest House and we hope Uschi might visit Barbados Free Press and let us know.

Sea-U Guest House, Bathsheba, Barbados


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