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New Moke in production – but will higher crime rates and Bajan gangs kill sales of open vehicles?

The Moke is in production again – this time in China – and the new version remains true to the concept launched by Austin way back in 1964. The car was originally a military version of the famous Austin Mini and was loved by tourists all over the world’s tropical zones. This time it will also have electric and auto-transmission versions.

Can the new Moke reclaim its glory days when happy tourists securely roamed Bajan roads in open vehicles with nary a thought of crime or robbery?

Or will the Boscobel Toll Gang and other Bajan criminal gangs kill sales?


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Barbados Police to arrange truce between two gangs – giving criminal leaders status, recognition and power.


Our police should be dismantling the gang leadership, not giving them status.

by Passin Thru

I read in the Nation that the police are brokering a meeting between the leaders of two rival gangs, to arrange a ‘truce’.

This is a huge mistake by the Royal Barbados Police Force.

The gangs are fighting over criminal profits and turf, areas of influence and gang status in the community. Any truce would have to involve establishing geographical boundaries for gang activities. After all, it’s a turf fight about criminal profits. What are the police thinking?

Are the police going to broker a deal where gang members stay in one are to work their crimes, and not interfere with the next gang’s turf?

This is a huge mistake that gives status to gang leaders and gangs, and unfortunately shows how impotent the police have become in the face of a crime wave the likes of which this island has never seen before. Guns, Guns Guns and our police strategy is to assist gangs to carve up territories? This is INSANE!

Our police should be causing havoc in the gangs, arresting the leaders and making criminals fear extra police attention that gang membership brings. Our police should be dismantling the gang leadership, not giving them status.

From the Nation…

AFFECTING A TRUCE between the leaders of two gangs is high on the agenda for community policing.

Head of the Chapman Lane and New Orleans Mobile Unit Sergeant Jamal Mohan said the two men are known to have a major influence on the youth of the area. Mohan was speaking earlier today at the launch of the second phase of the Reading and Learning in Harmony programme which is being done in conjunction with the Pan-American International Insurance Corporation. He said the truce would redound to making the community safer. (YB)

Nation: Police want truce between gang leaders


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Boscobel Shooting: Residents in fear as Barbados Police fail to respond

“Ten minutes of gunplay and shooting at football match”

“At least one from Boscobel Toll Gang involved” says witness

Contrary to a published news story that no locals were involved in the football-match shootout last Sunday night in Boscobel, a witness reports to Barbados Free Press that at least one of the gunslingers is part of the infamous Road Toll Gang that hangs out at the “T” in Boscobel.

The anonymoused email telling of the Toll Gang connection was one of several sent to Barbados Free Press about the shooting incident.

“The small man with the old round gun is one of them at the T” said the email. (We presume a “round” gun means a revolver as opposed to a Glock or other modern gun, although we’re guessing because we’ve never heard that “round gun” term before – Editor)

“Half an hour before first police come…”

Another person tells BFP that the police did not arrive for some 30 minutes after the first shots, but to their credit the police were not shy when they finally appeared. Continue reading


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Boscobel toll gang still extorting tourists. Barbados police helpless.

"The road is closed. I need ten dollars."

Close call with a Barbados gang on August 17, 2010

by Jack Bowman

For several years I’ve read BFP’s occasional pieces about the Boscobel toll gang as really good campaigning journalism—precisely the kind of journalism that this country is gasping for. But I have to concede at the outset that I also read them as something of an abstraction, something that didn’t have much to do with me or mine.

That changed last week when I finally encountered the gang. To jump to the end: nothing very bad happened; it was simply a little alarming. But without doubt it would have been much worse if BFP hadn’t been writing its stuff.

The set-up …

I was giving a couple of guests from overseas my patented island tour. Continue reading


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Canadian investor Bob Verdun accosted by Barbados Boscobel Toll Gang

Verdun the latest victim to complain of gang activity against tourists

Last Friday Bob Verdun gave the noon lecture at DLP Headquarters and detailed 15 ways that the Government can improve our tourism product without spending a penny. Journalist Ian Bourne attended and is writing a series of articles on Mr. Verdun’s message. You can read Ian’s first article at his Bajan Reporter online news site.

Unsurprisingly, one of Mr. Verdun’s primary tourism concerns is security, because he knows as we all should that without security the other three “esses” – sun, sea and sand – don’t matter. What is interesting is that Mr. Verdun confessed during his lecture that he, like thousands of others, fell victim to the Boscobel Road Toll Gang and that he does not go to this area of Barbados anymore. Continue reading


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Barbados roadsign shows support for Jamaica’s Dudus Coke!

Painted sign on wood: “Dudus We love U!”

This sign was seen today (Monday May 24 Bank Holiday) on the left-hand side of Collymore Rock Road going towards Wildey from Bridgetown. Although badly painted, it was built as a stand up sign. For those who might not know (and I am sure you are all aware at Barbados Free Press) Dudus is the man behind the mass confusion and turmoil that Jamaica is in at the moment.

Should we in Barbados be worried about this show of solidarity with a known criminal wanted by the US so badly that his case has brought a whole island to almost a standstill and that has law-abiding citizens scared to even breathe?

I would like to think that this is a warning of things to come for us because if this is so, the powers that be can take action RIGHT NOW to put such solidarity with common criminals to rest! With an e-mail going around about the state of gangs already on the island, it does not augur well to even have one person loving Dudus! And certainly it is an affront to have this sign in full view of people from all walks of life and ages here on our island. I thought you all should know. Perhaps even try to investigate.

A very concerned citizen

PS Whilst I usually fear no one…this time I ask that my name and e-mail address be kept out of the newspapers for my own security. And that says something!


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Respected community leader: Some Barbados politicians might be taking payoffs from drug gangs

When Drug Money, Gangs and Politics mix – Worries in Barbados

The Chairman of the Barbados Youth Development Council made a surprising remark last Friday and said in public what many folks have whispered to each other privately. Roger Husbands came right up to the line for public comment in Barbados, and even more surprising The Nation printed some of what he said…

POLITICIANS are either “getting assistance” to keep quiet about gang activities in their constituencies, or they just don’t care, says Roger Husbands.

Speaking yesterday during a quarterly meeting for the Barbados Youth Development Council, chairman Husbands blasted politicians…

… from The Nation article MPs urged to face gang problems in districts

In Barbados it is legal for drug dealers to make secret “campaign donations” to Members of Parliament

Roger Husbands is to be admired for his courage and straight talking – which we’ve seen reported before in Ian Bourne’s Gangs of Barbados article.

Now Mr. Husbands has made new remarks and his concerns are especially timely considering that as I write this article Jamaica is aflame with riots and shooting as drug gangs battle police for control of the streets – and it’s all about drug money injected into politics.

The news in Jamaica is about the relationship between Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the murderous drug dealer ‘businessman’ Christopher “Dudus” Coke. If the news stories are to be believed, Dudus Coke the gang leader was a big political supporter of PM Golding, and in return Jamaican government contracts were given to the “legitimate businessman” Mr. Coke.

The folks over at Jamaica and the World blog are asking Prime Minister Golding’s wife Lorna Golding what she meant when she told people to “read between the lines”…

“Is it that Bruce received a reminder from ‘Dudus’ that he,  Dudus, made him, Bruce, the M.P. for West Kingston  ? And can make him the “former M.P. of West Kingston” anytime….. (snip)

… Or should we read between the lines and stop feeling sorry for Bruce, who having sold out to Dudus so he could be PM,  has now turned around and sold out Dudus in order to remain PM for a few more weeks and months ?

Approving the extradition order for Dudus was the cross…. Now we’re waiting to find out what’s the DOUBLE CROSS.”

… from the Jamaica and the World article Reading between the lines with Lorna Golding (and Dudus Coke)

Drug Gangs and Political Financing in Barbados – Barbados politicians don’t have to account for money they receive, and there are no laws about who can “donate” and how much.

Roger Husbands’ statements to the Barbados Youth Development Council are a warning. Barbados has no campaign financing laws. There is no transparency. There are no rules. No integrity legislation. No conflict of interest laws. No restrictions on who can give how much money to politicians.

No rules and it’s all done in secret. That’s the Barbados political financing reality.

Mr. Husbands is right to be worried that drug gangs are part of the financing to Barbados politicians, and that the gangs might be protected in return.

We’ve all heard the whispers, but now a respected community leader has said those whispers out loud.

What will Barbados Members of Parliament do about it?


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