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Barbados Free Press – Our 4,500th post

For the record…

Afra Raymond’s latest contribution below is our 4,500th post since we first cracked open a cold Banks beer, fired up the cranky old DELL and launched Barbados Free Press in January of 2006.

This coming January will make it six years, and in that time we’ve welcomed well over ten million visitors from all over the world – including from an Antarctic research station and a pipeline construction site in Siberia! There are some very cold Bajan brothers out there who are really “Over and Away”.

BFP’s Best Day for Traffic – 44,087 Visitors

Our best day for traffic so far was on February 20, 2009 when 44,087 people visited Barbados Free Press in one day. (!!!) We’ve had many 20,000+ days when the mainstream media latches onto something on the blog but the events of February 20, 2009 almost doubled the next best day.

What was the big deal? It was a combination of CNN, Google, BBC and YAHOO! News latching onto a post that was originally published November 5, 2007 Was Rihanna Asked To Leave Her Cousin’s Wedding… Or Like Cher, Is Media Overdoing The Story?

Almost a year and a half later in February 2009 we brought the article back to the top for a day and updated it to talk about saving the Graeme Hall wetlands. Somehow the wider news media picked up on it and for the next month the post and the linked Graeme Hall posts went crazy with 442,381 people reading about the Rihanna cousin’s wedding and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and mangroves.

442,381 visitors to this little blog in the short month of February. Outstanding! even if we say so ourselves.

What we said was…

We’re in a battle here to save the last natural area on the south of our island. The Government and their land developer friends want to turn the Graeme Hall wetlands into a row of highrise condos, golf course and water park. Please help raise awareness around the world.

… and provided some links to our Graeme Hall stories. Somehow that touched off a visitor frenzy. We’ve tried to duplicate what happened with other articles but the next best we’ve done produced 242,661 visitors in March of last year.

A Question for our Readers…

We think we do okay traffic-wise for a bunch of drunks and fools here at BFP – without using Facebook, Twitter and other things that some blogs do.

I’d like to see us use those and similar tools to try and expand our visitor base, but Clive has all these rules about limiting our personal exposure on the internet and he’s violently opposed to Facebook because (says Clive) he doesn’t trust it.

Can we have a second opinion from any of our readers: Can BFP expand to Twitter and Facebook without worrying about privacy and security?



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Happy Birthday! Five years of Barbados Free Press

On January 17, 2006 Barbados Free Press hit the internet calling for integrity, transparency and accountability in Barbados government. That was five years ago today and since then we’ve published over 4,000 articles and seen our readers contribute almost 100,000 comments. In 2011, BFP will welcome our 10 millionth visitor.

Over the years we’ve seen our articles picked up by major news outlets like CNN, Fox, The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Sky News and, yes, even the India Times. That makes for some fun and doubly so when the article is about corrupt politicians, land grabs and abuses of power. With over 4,000 articles online, you can’t Google search for anything relating to Barbados without coming across a BFP article somewhere, often in the first few returns.

And yet…

Sometimes we feel like failures because nothing has really changed in five years. We were lied to by Owen Arthur and the BLP, who promised changes, transparency, accountability and integrity. Then we were lied to by David Thompson and the DLP who promised changes, transparency, accountability and integrity. This week we’re being lied to in St. John. Continue reading


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Forbes picks up Barbados Free Press news feed!

We’re not sure why it’s happening.

Our visitor stats are surging and BFP will soon welcome our 9 millionth visitor. Yesterday we told you that Sky News, USA Today, CNN, Times of India and a host of other outlets are following our coverage of the Arch Cot Inquest.

Now we see that a few hours ago Forbes.com picked up our article Michael Lee-Chin’s AIC Finance – Another CL Financial CLICO situation in progress?

Our thanks to author Afra Raymond for that one!

FORBES.com didn’t pick up Barbados Advocate. They didn’t follow The Nation or the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation feeds. They tuned in to Barbados Free Press. OMG!

Why should the some of the world’s most prestigious news organizations pay attention to a nothing little blog like Barbados Free Press?

We haven’t a clue… but it’s happening.


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Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government.com links to Barbados Free Press over ACORN Scandal

Andrew Breitbart

The website that broke the ACORN prostitution scandal, Big Government.com, currently features a front page link to a Barbados Free Press story – and our hit meter is starting to go wild.

Drudge Report editor, Washington Times journalist and Fox News commentator Andrew Breitbart is behind the high-traffic and high-profile websites Breitbart.com, Breitbart.tv, Big Hollywood and his newest creation: Big Government.com. The Breitbart websites attract over a million visitors per day and Breitbart.com news site is ranked as #558 in web traffic in the USA.

Dana Loesch: CNN, Fox News journalist

Dana Loesch: CNN, Fox News journalist

Link to Barbados Free Press article…

Breitbart published a front page article by talk radio host, CNN and Fox News contributor Dana Loesch: Left Employing Sexist Tactics to Discredit Giles, O’Keefe?

The first link in that article leads to our May 14, 2009 post Sweden Says Aborting Female Baby OK If You Want A Son.

Dana Loesch has been covering the ACORN prostitution scandal and linked to one of BFP’s femicide stories to support her article about the political attacks being launched against James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles – the two undercover journalists who pretended to be a pimp and a prostitute seeking ACORN’s federally-funded assistance to establish a child sex brothel.

Yup, that’s what we said: child sex brothel… and various ACORN employees had no problem with assisting the “pimp and prostitute” in their business venture.

So our thanks to Dana Loesch, Andrew Breitbart and Big Government.com editor Mike Flynn. We’re honoured that you think Barbados Free Press has something worthwhile sharing with your millions of readers.

Andrew Breitbart ACORN 2

(click above image to read Big Government.com article)

Welcome to our Breitbart Visitors!

Barbados Free Press is receiving thousands of extra visitors today thanks to coverage from Breitbart’s Big Government.com.

Barbados is a wonderful country full of good people – but we have this one huge problem with a long-established culture of corruption and entitlement in politics and government service. BFP and other reform-minded folks believe that the only way the culture will change is if the international community starts examining the Barbados government’s actions, inaction and policies with a critical eye in decisions regarding Barbados investments, property ownership and business deals.

International visitors to Barbados Free Press are usually shocked when they learn that Barbados government officials are not prohibited from accepting gifts of any value from land developers or companies that receive government contracts.

No Integrity Legislation exists in Barbados. As a result, powerful Government Ministers do not have to declare their assets or explain (for instance) how it is that, as a Member of the Cabinet that approves the expropriation of privately-owned lands, a Minister of Government can come to live upon a choice building lot that was forceably taken from an owner – using the full power of the Government.

Even our Prime Minister, David Thompson, is currently embroiled in conflict of interest scandal where he refuses to allow independent oversight and transparency in the collapse of CLICO Barbados – a public company run by his best friend, Leroy Parris.

Integrity, transparency and accountability are just words to Barbados politicians, but to fellow taxpayers the failure of successive Barbados governments to implement and enforce ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation) says “corruption”.

To international investors, the refusal of Barbados governments to define and regulate obvious conflicts of interest by elected and appointed officials says “higher risk”. After all, nothing says “banana republic” like the fact that Barbados citizens have an expectation and an acceptance that government officials will become millionaires while in office.


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Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld Called “White Trash” – Senior Advisor to Barbados Prime Minister Publishes Articles on Same Racist Website!


Why Does Prime Minister Thompson’s most senior advisor publish articles at a website that calls Terry Schwarzfeld “White Trash”?

Early this year, readers from Barbados Free Press voted to remove the sidebar links to the Barbados Underground blog because that blog had become a racist hotbed – and also because they published reader comments containing threats of violence against named individuals. Some other Barbados blogs also removed their links to Barbados Underground for the same reason.

Barbados Underground’s editor (David) allows and facilitates the most vile racist discussions and articles – even to the point of allowing posts that call murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “White trash”. Other posts call for blacks to remain racially pure and to not have children with other races or lighter skinned persons of African heritage. Some posts encourage violence against whites, Chinese, Guyanese of Indian descent, and other non-Blacks – including mixed-race Bajans whose skin is not sufficiently dark enough for Barbados Underground’s commenters.

A visit to Barbados Underground will show that this disgusting racist dialogue is not restricted to readers’ comments, but actually appears in some of their published articles. For instance, a recently published article called The Fear of The Growing Ethnic Factor, Real or Imagined? stated “Bajans must understand that Hindu immigrants, with their high fertility rates, and their dislike of miscegenation with the Negro, have already destroyed the social cohesion of two Caribbean territories–Guyana and Trinidad. Now they are invading Barbados.”

All of which makes us wonder why Hartley Henry, who is Prime Minister David Thompson’s most senior advisor, continues to publish articles at Barbados Underground. It’s not as if Mr. Henry is unfamilar with the racist dialogue or the threats of violence that are published at Barbados Underground as these subjects have been major topics of discussion for the past year. Some of the racist comments have even appeared in response to Mr. Henry’s articles and in articles about him and other DLP insiders.

Barbados Underground Racist

Two days ago, Hartley Henry published an article exclusively at Barbados Underground that was the fulfillment of earlier threats he made to ruin an editor of the Nation News (photo above). We covered that story and the content of Henry’s article on Barbados Underground in two of our earlier posts. (See BFP’s articles Senior Advisor To Prime Minister David Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist and Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson)

It is not our intent to rehash that story here.

We simply desire an answer as to why Mr. Hartley Henry – who very much represents the Barbados government and Prime Minister David Thompson – would publish exclusive political articles on a website that condones, facilitates and publishes content that is both racist and threatens violence to named individuals and members of certain races and religions.

Here are some samples from the many hundreds of disgusting writings at Barbados Underground where the senior advisor to our Prime Minister publishes his articles…

Barbados Racism A1

I guess the writer of that last comment isn’t too worried about prospective tourists discovering Barbados Underground blog through Google and other search engines. Obviously, Harley Henry doesn’t worry about it too much either.

That’s just a start folks. Here are a few more samples of writings posted at Barbados Underground… Continue reading


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Cry-Baby Barbados Nation News Staffer Uses BFP Blog To Hit Back Over Firings!

A Word From BFP Editor Marcus…

Oh, the delicious irony.

After years of being lapdog to the BLP government. After years of unethically suppressing news and stories that embarrassed the political and business elites of Barbados. After failing time and time again to fulfill a journalist’s duty to guard the public trust… a fired Nation News staffer comes to one of the hated, ignored and villified blogs, to freely have their say to the Bajan public.

No problem – Barbados Free Press and other blogs are here to let Bajans discuss important issues. No thanks to the lapdog “professional” news media.

Take it away Fired Journalist. Just don’t expect any sympathy from we…

Letter To Barbados Free Press

barbados-cry-babyWell, well. It seems as though the Free Press has gone soft on us. It seems as though it is protecting the other sections of the media and just pretending to be critical.

You know what they say about people who protest too much. Maybe the BFP has shares in One Caribbean Media (OCM).

Last Friday 23 Barbadians were laid off by the OCM setup in Barbados. The OCM setup in Barbados is The Nation Corporation, the STARCOM Network, and the corporate entity in Roebuck Street. The silence is interesting especially since each Morning Vic Fernandes parades as the Market Vendor and washes his mouth on everybody (by the way he should wash his mouth on his son Bobby who recently *** removed by BFP editor***).

This same Vic Fernandes has been silent on the CLICO issue – know why CLICO had owned a sizeable chunk of OCM shares. But like most people it is the soft targets that they hit at despite him trying to give the impression that he as a Market Vendor is for equity and fair play. But yes last Friday six employees of the Nation were laid off including in this group were Adonijah, Katrina Bend, Wendy Burke and Cheryl Marshall-Morris.

The public wouldn’t know who Marshall-Morris is but let me just say she is the wife of the embattled former Nation Big-daddy, Chief Newsroom Whip, Roy Morris who fell from grace last year like Jimmy Swaggart after he couldn’t leave the underage girls. It is interesting to note that if he were still at the Nation he would be arrogantly presiding over who goes home. Continue reading


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Millions Of WordPress Blogs: Barbados Free Press…. #27 !!!

Barbados Free Press In Good Company With Other Top 100 WordPress Blogs!

Barbados Free Press In Good Company With Other Top 100 WordPress Blogs!

Unbelievable But True!

WordPress.com has millions of blogs online, including some of the biggest (CNN & Fox News are pretty big!)

Have a look at the February 21, 2009 statistics provided by WordPress.com HERE.

This is what they say…

Out of the millions of WordPress.com blogs online…

Top Blog Posts Of The Day – February 21, 2009

#1 CNN

#4 NFL.com Blog

#6 Fox News Forum Blog

#8 CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Blog

#11 People Magazine Celebrity Baby Blog

#12 CNN Jack Cafferty Blog

#16 People Magazine – Style Watch Blog

#25 Sony Playstation Lifestyle Blog

#26 Canada’s Macleans Magazine Blog


How Is It Possible That Barbados Free Press Was So Highly Viewed?

Yes, our coverage of Rihanna’s assault by Chris Brown had a whole lot to do with February 21, 2009 being our best day ever, but tens of thousands of blogs covered the same story.

Why does Barbados Free Press consistently appear in the WordPress Top 100 Blogs list?

Damned if we know. Perhaps it has something to do with our weekly Friday afternoon celebration of the Bajan rum an doing nothing on the beach?

Thanks to all our loyal readers and our new visitors who are interested in Rihanna’s home island of Barbados.

Yours truly,

BFP’s slightly tipsy editorial staff of Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert and Auntie Moses


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