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Rawdon Adams on the Barbados Light & Power fire sale.

Rawdi Adams says we haven’t had a real debate yet

Rawdon ‘Rawdi’ Adams is the grandson of nation-builder Grantley Adams (With Rawdi in the above photo… look at the eyes! the chin, the nose, the smile!) and the son of our second Prime Minister Tom Adams. Rawdi has much to say about Barbados and Bajan politics these days.

Will he be returning home anytime soon? In light of the disastrous split in the current BLP leadership that question has been coming up lately at a few rum shops. Never say never, you know!

Rawdi published an opinion piece at The Barbados Advocate and we’re going to repeat it in full here. You really should go to the Advocate to read it, but given that paper’s history of erasing the truth and their archives we’re going to leave the whole article up here for the record.

But please, visit the Barbados Advocate to read the piece and then leave your comment here if you desire.

Thoughts on the BL&P offer

by Rawdon Adams


Come January 24, Barbados Light & Power Holdings (BL&P) is set to pass into foreign hands.

In an era when some nations block foreign takeovers of even yogurt makers on the grounds that they are “strategic assets” (as France did when Pepsi wooed Danone in 2005) it is surprising to see the truly strategic BL&P up for sale to a foreign buyer with so little reaction from the Barbados Government. It does, after all, control nearly one quarter of the company’s equity via the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

This is not an ideological position (as was the case with the strategic yogurt). Nor is it a chauvinistic one – BL&P is a utility which has already spent long periods under Canadian control. Rather, it is about voluntarily relinquishing, or potentially relinquishing in the absence of safeguards, powers to optimally balance public good against private, monopolistic enterprise in the furtherance of national development. Continue reading



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