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Mitt Romney fund-raiser hosted on yacht Cracker Bay – by Barbados Port Ferdinand developer

After reading ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man‘ it is always interesting to see the connections surface – even if I don’t understand them and don’t have the knowledge to sort the meaningful observations from the mundane.

So Port Ferdinand developer Gary Morse gave a million dollars to the Romney campaign and also hosted a little unannounced get-together for billionaires, Romney relatives and politicians on his rowboat… does that undermine democracy or is it just the way things are?

And while our own DLP and BLP politicians probably don’t receive a million US dollars at one go, you can bet their palms have been filled in some form or another, whether they admit it or not. The difference, of course, is that the US election financing laws put structure and rules on elections and campaign money. In Barbados we have no rules and zero transparency when it comes to political financing… and that is the way that Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart and their corrupt cabals like it!

Further Reading

ABC: Romney party yacht flies Cayman Islands flag


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International Press Institute reports how Barbados politicians lied about Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information, Defamation law changes

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his DLP promised Integrity Legislation. They lied. That was a slimy thing to do!

UPDATED: January 22, 2013 (pinned to top. scroll down for newer)

Have another read of this folks and remember that the promised Integrity Legislation will not become law before the next election.

Time to vote for ANY INDEPENDENT!

Here’s our original story first published October 15, 2012….

Lying corrupt DLP, BLP politicians will not pass Integrity Legislation

The just-released International Press Institute report on Barbados tells the sad history of how the DLP – Democratic Labour Party lied about Integrity Legislation just to get elected. The report is dated last June, 2012 and now that we are well into the political campaign for the next election we know the truth: there will be no Integrity Legislation put forward by the governing DLP. It was all a sham to get elected in 2008.

“The government and the population know that Barbados’ Defamation Act is a relic of the colonial past and that it hinders freedom of expression. IPI believes that when the country’s politicians are aware of the situation and have already attempted to change it, half of the work is done. We are optimistic that there is still enough time before the January 2013 elections to implement the new legislation.

While several news outlets now say that the people in Barbados were misled and that the Freedom of Information, Defamation and Integrity Legislation is an outstanding debt, IPI believes that public opinion can be changed. Barbados’ leaders have the opportunity not only to change these reports, but also to make history, as those who make this decision will have ushered in a more free, transparent, and democratic country.”

… the last two paragraphs of the Report on the IPI Advocacy Mission to End Criminal Defamation in Barbados (PDF here)

Former BLP Attorney General confirms no plans for Integrity Legislation

Barbadian voters remember former BLP Attorney General Dale Marshall as the one who hilariously gave a clean bill of health to VECO’s operations in Barbados after a 25 minute conversation with representatives of the company. This was after a series of scandals showed that Alaska-based VECO used bribery of politicians as a standard operating procedure to obtain government contracts.

The Owen Arthur led BLP government awarded VECO the contract for the new Dodds Prison even though the company had never built a prison before. Everything was done in secret and that’s the way Dale Marshall, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and the BLP like it. Continue reading


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38% of Barbados voters reject both DLP and BLP – would vote for an Independent candidate

UPDATED: February 7, 2013

How many independent candidates are running? That’s a tough call because the old media isn’t mentioning independent candidates – sometimes not at all. The CBC doesn’t even include Taan Abed in its candidate list. There are apparently seven independent candidates but their names are difficult to find, if you can at all.

The fix is in folks: and your Bajan news media is part of the problem.

Here’s a little article from October 2012 where Bajans indicated that independents could do very well in the current election.

What do you think?

Original article…

“I’d vote for anybody but a DLP or BLP candidate”

A recent online poll conducted by Barbados Free Press shows that 38 percent of voters reject both the DLP Democratic Labour Party and the BLP Barbados Labour Party and would vote for an independent candidate if given the opportunity.

This is a stunning revelation in a country where the few independent candidates on the ballot traditionally receive only a handful of votes and are not a factor in determining the outcome. Voters seem to be fed up with both of the old parties, citing corruption, greed and incompetence in comments left at the poll.

“If BFP’s poll is accurate at all, it shows a high dissatisfaction with both DLP and BLP.”

“I’d vote for anybody but DLP or BLP.”

“It could be said that Barbados voters elect no one: they only unelect the last government.”

“A dead cat as a candidate would win in Grape Hall.”

“To vote for either party means you all will eat @#$%. Just how much @#$% can you stand before you walk away? Hold you nose and you can eat even more.”

“Anyone but DLP and BLP.”

“Goin wid Owen no more! Not goin with Stuart either.”

“Bajans did not deserve David Thompson and don’t deserve Owen Arthur.”

Readers comments on the poll in BFP’s Obviously sober Owen Arthur presents a good case. Would you vote BLP?

Independent candidate Taan Abed could win in Christ Church West    Continue reading


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William Skinner: DLP and BLP are incompetent, visionless and corrupt

Mia Mottley: Owen Arthur made her eat humble pie

No real difference exists between the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party…

… But one of them will form the next government.

by William Skinner of Mahogany Coconut Blog

The so-called silly season is upon us. Once more Barbadians will elect a new BLP/DLP government. Or a new DLP/BLP government. It’s six of one and half dozen of the other.

We can predict that neither of the manifestos will contain any of the following:

(a) Radical reform of the educational system and the abolishment of the elitist Eleven Plus Exam, which continues to condemn our children to the equivalent of social and economic gas chambers.

(b) Neither will contain the slightest reference to genuine worker/employee participation in company profits. We have mega businesses that either giving the workers peanuts or nothing at all in terms of real ownership.

(c) Neither will touch land reform that  will guarantee perpetual state ownership by the citizens of Barbados. The BLP/DLP has sold our prime land to the highest bidders. On the other hand a few rich locals control most if not all arable land.

We can expect more of the same from the BLP/DLP collective. Mottley has been made to eat humble pie because she so badly wants to be Prime Minister. She has yet to demand that Arthur says publicly exactly, why in his opinion, some citizens may find her “unacceptable” as our Prime Minister. We are forced to ask: Is Mottley a threat to national security?

In the midst of all the drama, we have calls to privatise the Transport Board, Grantley Adams International Airport and our Deep Water Harbour. These deals will further enrich the foreign and local investors and present lawyers from both sides with hefty paychecks for legal services. Heading the list of auctioneers are the BLP/DLP collective and pollster /call-in program host, Peter Wickham…

Continue reading this article at the Mahogany Coconut Blog


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Naked News: The documentary. Barbados Health Minister Inniss about to become world famous?

New television series features part of Barbados Government Minister’s online porn empire

by BFP staff with a tip from ‘Miss Delicia Delight’

The porn industry connections of Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss are about to be thrust into a worldwide spotlight with the upcoming television broadcast of a new eight-part documentary series The Naked Truth: The Naked News Uncovered.

Health Minister Donville Inniss

The documentary looks at Toronto-based Naked News, an internet news channel that bills itself as “the news program with nothing to hide”. The news channel has a simple formula for programming: Beautiful women take their clothes off as they read the day’s news stories.

The AllScreen Entertainment documentary films production is already sold and scheduled for Canadian television broadcast in 2013. Award-winning producers Allan Novak and Barri Cohen say “With a crazy cast of sexy women, an overbearing (and ex-nude anchor) boss and an oddball crew of directors, writers, editors and designers, The Naked Truth: The Naked News Uncovered is sure to be an entertaining half-hour full of humour, drama and (naked-but blurred out) truths.”

BFP’s source, ‘Miss Delicia Delight’ says…

“Those dramatic naked truths could include how Naked News and the porn industry connections of a Government Minister became an issue during three Barbados general elections – including the one about to be called by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.”

By a strange coincidence the documentary will be in production during the coming Barbados election. Already there are rumours in Bim’s film community that the Naked News girls will be ‘vacationing’ in Barbados when Minister of Health Inniss is in campaign mode.

The naked un-blurred truth about Donville Inniss, Naked News and Barbados Politics

During the run-up to the 2008 election campaign, BLP Member of Parliament Mia Mottley raised Naked News as an issue as DLP candidate Donville Inniss ‘had been’ the founder and sole director of EGalaxy Incorporated in June 2000, the company behind with the Toronto-based Naked News production. DLP Democratic Labour Party supporters minimized the damage and sought to deflect the Barbadian news media in a number of ways that combined humour and a “nothing to see here, folks” message with not so subtle threats under the nation’s strict defamation laws.

“On May 4, 2001, Mottley said Inniss disclosed he was resigning right away (from EGalaxy Incorporated & Naked News) but in fact he did not resign until March 1, 2002, ten months later.
 Against this background, Mottley said (DLP leader) Thompson had endorsed Inniss as a DLP candidate and was talking about morality and integrity and calling for integrity in public office.

“I say to you that as leader of the DLP, his mere endorsement of a candidate whose involvement was stated in THE NATION newspaper, prior to his becoming a candidate, tells you that it is all talk and all about winning power in this country,”

… from the January 4, 2008 story in The Nation: Mia: DLP last to speak on values (full article under ‘Further Reading’)

The issue died during the final days of the 2008 campaign because most folks thought Naked News was more humorous than pornographic, and voters believed that Donville Inniss had left Naked News behind in 2002.

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at Orgasm.com

The Dark Side of the Porn Industry: Human trafficking, money laundering, sex with animals

As it turned out, Donville Inniss was involved in much more than Naked News. A series of articles published by Barbados Free Press showed that as late as 2011 through his companies and under his own personal name, Donville Inniss was still part of an international online porn empire that was far different from his original Naked News.

Barbados Free Press documented in 2011 how Donville Inniss and his associated businesses were still involved in the creation and internet broadcasting of video porn and live porn performances under a host of different categories including teenaged girls, pregnant women, group sex and people having sex with animals. Continue reading


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Obviously sober Owen Arthur presents a good case. Would you vote BLP?

“The BTA has been left to languish financially…”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Owen Arthur is a crook. We know that from his last go-round as Prime Minister.

But at least his economic criticism of the current DLP government makes sense when he’s sober.  🙂

JT from Drax Hall

(Poll now closed. Here for results.)


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BLP candidate Edmund Hinkson: No hope for the disabled under a DLP government!

by Edmund Hinkson

It is now over five years that the Owen Arthur Administration signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which came into force on 3rd May, 2008. This DLP Government in the meanwhile has apparently made no attempt to bring to Parliament Legislation which will ratify this Convention.

Indeed, the members of the disabled community and those of us who believe in their cause have had, over the last five months, to go to the extreme of signing a petition to the Prime Minister and his Government, urging them to pass the Convention into law.

The Government’s enactment of Disabilities Legislation will lead to persons with disabilities gaining more favourable educational and training opportunities than is now the case. It will lead to a large number of the estimated over five per cent of our population who are differently-abled having a greater chance to realize their full potential and to contribute to national development, as is the right of any citizen of Barbados. Furthermore, Legislation providing for affirmative action programmes beneficial to them will act as a catalyst in facilitating their employment, self-employment and otherwise, in areas of work for which they qualify and are capable of performing. Such law should also outlaw all forms of discrimination at the workplace on the basis of disability.

The DLP cannot by any measure validly claim to be putting people first and to be building a society and not only an economy when it has continuously ignored the grave predicament in which the vast majority of persons with disabilities in Barbados and their caregivers find themselves in.

The recent Country Assessment of Living Conditions report indicates that a substantial percentage of persons with disabilities comprise the 19.8 per cent of people in our Country who are presently living in poverty. The sum total of this Government’s attempt to better the position of the differently-abled in its present term of office has been to raise the disabilities pension by a mere $2.00 every two weeks two years ago.

Meanwhile, the Public has not heard a word from the Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, or any other Government official as to when this Government intends to bring Disabilities Legislation to the House. This position is all the more appalling in light of the statement by Chris Sinckler, at the time the responsible Minister, on 18th January, 2009 that “we are just short of bringing this Bill to Parliament”. This promise surely cannot be one of the plethora of promises to which Mr. Blackett referred when he commented last month that the Government should have come clean with Barbadians a long time ago on the issue of its unfulfilled promises.

Attorney-at-Law Edmund Hinkson, BLP St. James North Candidate, is a member of the Association for the Blind and Deaf and of the Council for the Disabled


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Environment Minister says your flooding not his problem

What exactly has Minister Denis Lowe accomplished during his term?

Five years ago we heard the current Minister of the Environment and his fellow DLP candidates explain that the then BLP government had been negligent about flooding and the environment in general.

During the 2007 election campaign, Dr. Denis Lowe and other DLP candidates said that the Owen Arthur BLP government:

  • failed to pass an Environmental Protection Act.
  • didn’t care about valuable wetlands and natural flood buffers.
  • failed to establish standards and laws for drainage to guide developers and builders.
  • failed to take effective action to ensure that property owners kept their lands debushed and free of stagnant water that breeds mosquitoes.

That was five years ago, so let’s listen to what Dr. Lowe is saying these days… Continue reading


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DLP official website pumps up independent candidate Taan Abed

Updated August 18, 2012: On the eve of the party’s annual conference the DLP website hauled down its recommendation of Taan Abed. Had to happen – we were surprised it took this long.

I wonder how many members will be missing from Christ Church West? It must be noticeable at the conference.

BFP’s original story published August 15, 2012…

Will the DLP leave up their recommendation and laudatory comments about Taan Abed?

Former DLP Democratic Labour Party stalwart and 2008 candidate Taan Abed quit the party in disgust when the national executive overturned the vote that saw him reelected as the DLP candidate in Christ Church West. Abed didn’t just win: he slaughtered his competition Verla DePeiza 86 votes to 5. But the national executive spit on the outcome.

So much for DLP democracy!

Then last week Mr. Abed dropped the other shoe and declared he will stand as an Independent candidate in Christ Church West – running against the DLP’s anointed lawyer DePeiza. About 80% of the local riding association (including some big names from the executive) quit the DLP and are openly supporting Abed. As an Independent candidate Abed lacks for nothing with lots of donated money and a committed team backing him. Continue reading


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Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.

Former DLP candidate Taan Abed could win as an independent!

The official announcement was revealed in the August 9, 2012 Barbados Today story Taan’s back, but sure enough Ian Bourne of The Bajan Reporter set the expectations months ago in his exclusive story Taan Abed to run as independent: Says PM ineffective in quelling racial disarray of Dems.

Here at Barbados Free Press we’ve covered the rise and fall of Taan Abed as a DLP candidate who did well, but not well enough in 2008 to unseat the incumbent Dr. William Duguid in Christ Church West. With Duguid’s announcement last year that he would not seek reelection many assumed that Abed would not only continue as the DLP candidate in CCW, but that he would handily win against any new BLP replacement for Duguid.

Those expectations collapsed when the DLP Executive overruled the riding membership, fired Taan Abed and anointed lawyer Verla DePeiza as the DLP candidate for Christ Church West. The riding association was furious as Abed had just won the nomination over DePeiza – with Abed slaughtering the upstart 86 votes to 5!

“Barbados Free Press is declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.”

Why did the DLP Executive turf Abed? Disgusting racial politics, Bim style…

It was all about race according to some sources who claim that Taan Abed was dropped because of his race. So the story goes, the DLP executive believed that Abed’s race and Syrian roots make him unelectable in black-majority Barbados, even though Abed is a devout Christian. In his March 2012 interview with Ian Bourne, Mr. Abed had lots to say about racial politics and the DLP. Now though, Abed is focusing on the positive. He intends to win, and he just might do that.

Our prediction: Taan Abed will take many more votes than the DLP’s candidate Verla DePeiza

The membership of Christ Church West loved and wanted Taan Abed and with the announcement of his independent stand it looks like many long-time DLP die-hards are following Abed. Sources indicate that he has a formidable election team in place and that he will not lack for campaign financing. According to The Bajan Reporter, research shows Abed gathering far more votes as an independent than as a DLP candidate.

At BFP we’re of the opinion that Christ Church West will be a fight between the neophyte BLP candidate Maria Agard and an independent Taan Abed.

You know… at this moment in Barbados there’s just enough dissatisfaction and even disgust with both the DLP and BLP that Taan Abed has a powerful chance of being elected in Christ Church West.

We’ll say more about this later, but here at Barbados Free Press we’re declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.

Further Reading

February 2, 2012 – Time to vote Independent: BLP ripping itself apart, DLP divided

November 2, 2011 – The perfect revenge? Rumours of Taan Abed as an independent candidate

August 22, 2011 – Question for Taan Abed and DLP Executive: Any truth behind this cartoon?


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The post turtle and the Prime Minister

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old ‘livestock specialist’, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while looking after black bellied sheep, the doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital struck up a conversation with the old man.

Eventually the topic got around to Freundel Stuart and his role as our Prime Minister.

The old man said, “Well, ya know doctor… Stuart is a Post Turtle.”

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him, what a ‘post turtle’ was.

The old man said, “When you’re driving along a road up near Grape Hall and you come across a fence post with a land turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

The old man saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain.

“You know he didn’t get up there by himself,  he doesn’t belong up there,  he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there,  he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with. It was all an accident, and not meant to be!”

Best explanation I’ve heard yet.

(Our thanks to an old friend!)


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Barbadian voters offered choice between corrupt DLP and BLP

There is no ‘lesser of two evils’ between the two major parties

submitted by BFP reader ‘JJ’

Current Opposition Leader Owen Arthur says that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government has a moral obligation to fix the CLICO mess.  Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) perhaps have forgotten that the Barbados Water Author (BWA), a government owned corporation and sole provider of water services  in 2009 was near bankruptcy. David Thompson and the DLP inherited the BWA problem from Arthur and the BLP.  Arthur and the BLP were morally responsible for BWA problems totalling thirteen years.  BWA problems FIRST appeared during the ruling of Arthur and the BLP, also Al Barrack.

The Al Barrack mess FIRST appeared during the ruling of Arthur and the BLP.  The court ruled in favour of Al Barrack, a little less than thirty five million, $34,490.518 to be exact. Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the David Thompson administration. Al Barrack, since 2008 has not received payment from the Barbados government in any form or fashion.  Building Contractor, Al Barrack built the government office complex in Warrens (St. Michael) but yet unpaid.  The total amount NOW owed Al Barrack is far above 34, 490, 518.  The Barbados national debt also is far above the 34,490,518 amount.

Just recently, Arthur reported to Midweek Nation that “the REDjet Airlines might still be flying if the Barbados Government had honoured its financial commitment to the collapsed airline”.  Well Mr. Arthur, if the government during your rein had honoured its financial commitment to Contractor Al Barrack, Barbados  NOW would not owe him seventy five million.

Owen Arthur would like us to forget the  $75,000 cheque that was directed into her personal banking account NOT the war chest of the BLP for electioneering where it rightfully belonged.  The BLP in 2008 lost power to its twin party, the DLP because of corruption.  The late David Thompson was able to prove this.  It was he David Thompson who produced the $75,000 cheque linked to Owen Arthur’s personal banking account.  The DLP house, of course is not clean.  The CLICO mess proves this.

The BLP house also was not/is not clean.  The $75,000 cheque proves this, likewise the Arch Cot Scrub land linked to Mia Mottley, the now opposition leader of the DLP.  The Mottley family brought the Arch Cot Scrub land and couldn’t be built on and within six months got planning permission when the previous owner couldn’t.

Barbados according to the United Nations has lots of thefts but relatively less violence than Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.  This perhaps is memory of the 75,000 check linked to Arthur’s personal banking account, the Arch Cot Scrub land linked to Mia Mottley and now the CLICO insurance mess.  A lot of things have surfaced before and since 2008.  Both the BLP and the DLP are equally corrupt. Both are vampire identical twins.

Bajans on January 16, 2008 awoke to a new ruling government, the DLP.  The DLP, however made promises that were not kept.  The DLP, additionally enjoyed a relationship with LeRoy Parris that was not squeaky clean.  The DLP now in a hospital intensive care unit has seriously wounded itself with THAT DAMM CLICO MESS.  If David Thompson were alive, it would be in his face.  Thompson put the 75,000 cheque in Owen’s face.  He did.  The BLP left office in 2008 and should have kicked itself in the butt for poor leadership and corruption.  The DLP possibly will depart office, January 2013 and should kick itself in the butt for poor leadership and corruption.  The BLP is a national embarrassment as is the DPL.

Barbados is at moment amidst an economic crisis.  Barbados, additionally has attained high unemployment.  It has also attained quite a large debt that continues to grow.  The Barbados S&P rating currently is BBB- with a negative outlook – not good.  The S&P recently has expressed concern on the growing debt in Barbados and warned another downgrade.  The current opposition leader, Owen Arthur says he believes he has the medicine to cure the Barbados economy problem.  The economy in Barbados is a giant problem. Barbados sad to say has many of those giant problems. Arthur needs medicine to cure all of them:  1). Unemployment the economy 2). It’s growing national debt 3). The Al Barrack mess and another 4). CLICO.

The Barbados S&P rating BEFORE the 2008 general election win by David Thompson and the DLP was continuously sliding down hill.  The S&P had downgraded Barbados several times before the 2008 general election.  The three, Kerrie Symmonds, Clyde Mascoll and Owen Arthur perhaps are not aware of this.  Barbados during the ruling years of Owen Arthur and the BLP got a state of the art prison at Dodds in St. Philip and Kensington Oval west of Bridgetown.  They also got several S&P downgrades.  The DLP in 2008 inherited  a large national debt from Owen Arthur and the BLP.  The BLP possibly will return to office in January 2013 and inherit a larger national debt.

Both vampire twins, the BLP and the DLP have sucked blood from the Bajans; they both want recognition and power; both want the Bajans to trust them AGAIN.


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Coming Barbados election explained…



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Grenville Phillips II: “I’ll run as a candidate for Parliament if …”

“Grenville… have you ever thought of running as an independent candidate for Parliament? Go ahead, put your name on the ballot. Don’t even bother with a traditional campaign. You might be very surprised by what happens.”

Barbados Free Press to Grenville Phillips II in our post One man takes on the cause: Most houses in Barbados unsafe construction

Grenville Phillips II lays out what it will take to get him to run…


I apologize for this delayed response to your suggestion that I consider running as an Independent candidate, but I had to carefully count the cost – which I have done.

As I pondered your suggestion, coincidentally, the same day’s Nation newspaper (Saturday Sun 26 May 2012) reported Gray ‘Doc’ Brome’s response to similar encouragements:

“Not interested. Not interested in the least. I’m disgusted with politics. I’m disgusted with politicians.”

Gray ‘Doc’ Brome as quoted in The Nation

If what followed was accurately reported, then in my opinion, Brome provided the most informed and honest summary analysis of the Barbados political system, that has been unmatched by my reading of any of the popular political scientists over the past 25 years. Brome’s analysis is instructive, since he appeared to have entered the political system with a desire to help people advance. The newspaper reported the following.

“Brome blames people who enter politics for personal empowerment only for a lot of the problems facing the average constituent today.”

Brome determined that it was in the politician’s best interest to keep people living “hand-to-mouth” “from pay check to pay cheque”, and concluded that the entitlement culture “had reduced the entrepreneurial spirit among young people.”

In Barbados, we have seen politicians appear to attempt to ruin the reputations of anyone not in their current favour and without warning. They appear to use rhetorical language to divide us rather than unite us in a common goal. The question that I have periodically asked myself is: Why?

Will Grenville run? Continue reading


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Disillusioned DLP members plan election day picnic!

Submitted by a DLP member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Name withheld by BFP editors

Dear Marcus:

You know who I am and that I have been a faithful DLP member and supporter (as in money and time) for as long as anybody including me can remember. Please keep my name to yourself for obvious reason.

After 52 months in office and having been in opposition for the last 14 years, our Democratic Labour Party MPs seem not to have come to grips with the fact that we are now the new Government in power. A number of members and supporters of this party are catching hell trying to find work and all we are getting are promises and “a lot of long talk”, but you can’t take the promises to the supermarket.

If you check the statutory corporations, we still have a large number of BLP members and supporters on these boards after over four years and we still feel like we are in opposition. It is time that DLP members both on the front and back benches are reminded that it is us the party members and supporters who put them there and not “God”, so stop treating us like strangers, because 5 years will be up next year, and we will know what to do.

I am calling on you Mr. Prime Minister as leader to meet with your disillusioned DLP members and supporters. The ministers we try to talk with are always promising to call you back, and they don’t have the decency to return your call, and I think that it is time for some of them to be fired.

As of today, I and more than a few fellow disillusioned DLP members and supporters have decided that come election day, we are going to have a picnic on the East Coast Road from 7 A.M to 8 P.M., so that we can mobilize ourselves into playing a vital role on that day.

By having a picnic and doing nothing else except enjoy ourselves.

Yours faithfully,

Disagreeable, Disillusioned Member of the Democratic Labour Party


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How can Barbados voters punish both major political parties?

by Nevermind Kurt

Just as surely as Bajan fisherfolk can smell land in the wind, voters sense the approach of the next election. Some say that the campaign has already started while others say exactly the opposite and point to the silence of the still-divided and cash-shy BLP Opposition as proof that the Bees aren’t ready.

Ready or not though, the time is almost upon us.

But if the Bees aren’t ready or united, then how should we describe the ruling Democratic Labour Party? Freundel Stuart survived an aborted attempt by many MPs to remove him. Oh, I know the DLP say that wasn’t what ‘the letter’ was all about… but it was all about exactly that. Many MPs wanted to get rid of the accidental Prime Minister who only leads this country because he was in the right place and time when David Thompson passed on.

The recent worldwide financial crisis has not been kind to the DLP or governments anywhere, and as we’ve seen in many recent elections the voters seem inclined to punish incumbents whether they should justifiably be blamed or not.

Cricket World Cup, anyone?

In Barbados it can be argued that the weakness in our economy and the poor state of the infrastructure is the legacy of 14 years of BLP overspending and living high off the hog.

There is certainly some truth that Owen Arthur and the BLP were spendthrifts, crooks and without the ability to complete a single major project without some disaster. Whether it was Cricket World Cup, the flyover debacle, the public rape known as Hotels and Resorts or the hundred million dollars thrown into a never to be opened landfill, the Barbados Labour Party proved time and time again that they were incompetent and thieves. (One could not call them ‘incompetent thieves’ because pocketing public monies was the one thing they were excellent at.)

The voters haven’t forgotten the excesses of the BLP, and now that Owen Arthur has slapped Mottley around and regained the helm, the BLP’s ability to claim they are not the same old gang is gone.

But voters also know that the DLP has been in power for coming up on five years and no matter how much damage the BLP legacy did to Barbados, the voters are also saying that after five years the DLP government owns the problems.

Bajan voters would like to punish the DLP, but that means re-installing King Arthur and the gang. There is no viable third party in Barbados. If this country had a third party it would do very well this time around.

There is one big unknown though, and you hear the talk spoken quietly here and there: many Bajans are not going to vote for the Dees or the Bees despite what they might say openly. Many voters are going to quietly support ‘anybody else’… and that has the potential to shake up many so-called ‘secure’ DLP and BLP election strongholds.

Next in Part II: The rise of independent voters and candidates around the world.


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Mara Thompson wins David’s seat: Will she keep his Integrity Legislation promise?

Slaughter in St. John:  DLP 4,613 to BLP 553

The Barbados Labour Party’s sacrificial lamb Hudson Griffith worked hard but only managed to gather 10.7% of the 5166 votes cast in yesterday’s by-election. Griffith’s share of the vote was down from the 16% or so the BLP took in the January 2008 vote that saw the late David Thompson declared Prime Minister.

Voter turn out was eerily about the same as 2008 when 5129 voters made it to the polls.

In a normal mid or late term by-election the ruling party usually takes a hit because voters tend to use the occasion to send warnings to the government. That’s in a “usual” by-election but St. John was anything but due to the sympathy factor evoked because the candidate is the widow of a recently departed and personally well-liked Prime Minister.

Duguid’s “Politicians Into Greed” Party (PIG) the real winner

We at Barbados Free Press weren’t the first to observe that, other than personnel and shirt colours, real differences between the DLP and BLP are non-existent. Barbados has long only had one political party – the party of the elites with two branches: DLP and BLP. That’s why former PM David Thompson slammed then Prime Minister Owen Arthur for corruptly depositing “campaign funds” into his personal bank account, but then when Thompson became Prime Minister not one BLP thief was arrested or charged. It reminds us of sharks leaving one another alone out of professional courtesy.

Nothing illustrated this “one party of the elites” better than when serving Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid was caught saying that neither the DLP nor the BLP politicians would pass the Integrity Legislation promised by the DLP during the 2007 campaign.

Dr. Duguid was telling the truth because that Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information Act disappeared faster than the fat BLP envelopes handed out in St. John yesterday.

Mara’s Choice

As the elected representative for St. John, Mara Thompson now has the opportunity to keep her husband’s promises about Integrity Legislation, FOI and a Ministerial Code of Conduct. The sad reality is that she has about as much chance of doing that as when then newly elected Prime Minister David Thompson informed his first Cabinet meeting that Conflict of Interest rules and a Ministerial Code would be declared that first day as promised. Thompson’s Cabinet rebelled and that was the end of that.

So… great little sideshow in St. John.

Unfortunately it didn’t change a thing.


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