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Should Barbados Teachers Be Required To Have A Bachelor of Education Degree? Amit Says No…

barbados schoolsThere may be individuals who may not, how should I say this, be up to ‘academic scratch’ or not as good at ‘chasing paper and acing exams’ as others. But why, you interrupt me to ask, should we let these ‘B. Ed.-less’ individuals teach our children?

Because (I apologize for beginning a sentence with ‘because’), these men and women may instead possess a desire and willingness to teach, as well as a love of teaching. Maybe they genuinely want to impart knowledge, wisdom and understanding on future generations, but for some reason or the other, cannot obtain this ‘B. Ed.’

Our friend Amit at Pull! Push! blog is upset with the Government’s latest move to raise teaching standards. I think I have to agree with Minister of Education Ronald Jones on this one.

Judge for yourself by reading Amit’s article Education and Teaching in Barbados



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