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Sir Richard Branson pulls out scissors, cuts off stuffed suits’ $200 silk ties

You have to love the guy. Typical Branson press conference, this time about Virgin Cruises taking to the water in 2020.

The Italian shipbuilder stuffed shirts (who aren’t bad guys at all) standing there in their US$2000 suits with two hundred dollar silk ties. Sir Richard arrives in his helicopter with two lovelies – and he’s wearing red short pants, a Virgin Cruises Captain’s shirt, hat and not much else except red runners with no socks.

So half way through the press conference Sir Richard comes up with a pair of scissors, says he can’t stand executive ties and starts cutting.

Yup, I love the guy.

But don’t forget in all this: Barbados must get a piece of this. If our government can’t get at least one of the new Virgin ships based out of B’town, it will be a sad and dark day.



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Glut of cheap Caribbean cruise ships hurting Barbados tourism and island economy

How many cruise ships are too many for Barbados?

How many cruise ships are too many for Barbados?

Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

According to a recent Travel Weekly (TW) article a total of 30 cruise ships will be sailing in the Caribbean this summer with Carnival alone offering over 1,600 cruises in the region across the entire year.

Hindsight is a truly wonderful thing, but it would have been difficult not to predict the massive over-capacity estimated at 19 percent, that has been created in 2014. Kevin Sheehan, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, described the ‘Caribbean train wreck’ as a product of a ‘lemming theory’. He went on to add ‘we all sat in our rooms and did our itinerary planning – on our own, or course – and we all concluded it made sense to go into the Caribbean’.

Ken Muskat, MSC’s senior vice President was equally candid, describing the situation as ‘oversaturated with inventory’.

“Whether you describe this scenario as over-capacity or under-demand inevitably the result has lead to dramatic price discounting, with daily all-inclusive rates lowered than US$43 per person/day on some cruises.”

“Land based tourism accommodation providers do not stand a ‘snowball in hell’ chance of competing with these rates…”

Probably what at least partially influenced the key players into redeploying more vessels to the Caribbean this year was the poor performance of its ships in Europe between 2010 and 2012, due to weak economies and the reluctance of many North Americans to pay higher transatlantic airfares.  Continue reading


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Boxing Day in Barbados: 5 Cruise Ships, 10,000 visitors – How many shops & restaurants will be open?

Time for us to put up or shut up, folks.

TEN THOUSAND CRUISE SHIP VISITORS (cbc report) will dock on Saturday, December 26th and another five or six thousand will arrive on Sunday, December 27th.

At the end of the weekend, what will those FIFTEEN THOUSAND VISITORS have to say about Barbados?

Will they rave about the welcome from the locals? Will they talk about the smiles from the taxi drivers and restaurant staff?

Or, as happened one weekend not so many months ago, will these visitors talk about deserted streets, closed shops, insufficient taxis and nothing to do because everyone stayed home on a holiday?

Will you open your shop? Will you go to work or call in sick to your employer?

Will you smile and be pleasant to our visitors, or will you be that sullen pouting little bi*ch who gave some visiting friends of ours such a verbal slap in the face at Cave Shepherd last year?

Friends, it’s time for a little fear to kick into place in Barbados. We HAVE to make the tourists happy. We don’t have anything else to fall back on so we’d better get it into our heads that there are lots of pleasant little islands ’bout hey that would love to have those ships dock in the few days following Christmas.

Shona’s shop will be open and she’ll be working some long hours.

How about you?


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