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Barbados Cruise Ship tourist wants to know about day-use hotel rooms…


Dear Barbados Free Press,

How do we find out if any of the hotels in Barbados welcome the one day cruiser to visit and use their facilities and what the charge would be?

We were lucky enough to stay in Barbados for a week a few years ago and are visiting for one day via a cruise ship.  We want to be able to take a taxi to a hotel/motel/resort to sit by a beautiful beach where restroom facilities are accessible along with being able to purchase drinks and food.

Mary Blaine


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Cruise ship crisis in Barbados?

Another one gone: Fred Olsen’s Braemar pulls out

What a terrible week for Barbados tourism. First it was Royal Caribbean announcing the removal of all its ships from the southern Caribbean during summer of 2012, then we heard that the Sea Princess won’t be here next winter. It’s being transferred to Australia under the P & O Australia brand.

Today we just got news that Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is leaving Barbados. The Braemar is a regular in Bridgetown and unloads 1000 passengers every time it pulls in, but it’s outta here after next winter.

Unfortunately the cruise lines are citing fuel costs to get to Barbados because we’re at the end of the line compared other islands that are a little closer to Miami and to Europe too. So that’s not something under our control.

What we can do though, is to make sure that every tourist that sets foot in Barbados has a positive experience, and especially so when they meet Bajans in the tourism industry and while out and about. A little smile and a friendly comment can go a long way to create a positive impression for all of us.

Four time Guinness World Record holder Garry Sowerby writes about a trip to Barbados in today’s Las-Vegas Review-Journal and says that he and his wife came away from our island with “a head full of warm memories that will make us smile for a long time” thanks in part to an unknown Barbados Police Constable. I wish we knew that officer’s name because he deserves thanks from every one of us.

Folks, we’re all in the tourist business on this rock and each one of us has to do their part. Remember that next time you see some lost soul trying to decipher a map or a road sign.


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