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Email received from dozens of BFP readers recounts horrible crime – but is it true?

UPDATED: September 7, 2010 10:11pm Bridgetown, Barbados

Story now thought to be widely circulated rumour. Unfounded, probably not true.

As received from several readers, this second email is from Gordon Seale. Mr. Seale also posted additional remarks in the comments section following the article…

“I had been told a few days before that an awful crime had occurred. I was incensed and tracked down the person to verify. I have known her for about 50 years. She told me that it was true and that she had spoken to her daughter who had been in touch with the family who did not want their information known, so no names etc.

I sent out an email to some influential people and some friends and this e mail has been widely – I mean very widely circulated.

Yesterday I was in touch with the Police at a senior level and they put detectives to investigate the matter. No one has been able to confirm any aspect of this having taken place. I had contacts with the Air Ambulance people etc. They have no record. Nothing was reported to the Police and they had heard nothing, so obviously had not been able to investigate. The QEH which one would expect would have been called have no record according to Peter Gilkes. Continue reading


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