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Results: 2011 Consumer Sentiments Survey by Amit Uttamchandani

As promised, here are the results of the survey that I carried out during May/June (apologies for the delay, but when you’re doing research independently, time is limited). This research was based primarily on the the University of Michigan’s Consumer Confidence Index.

1. Number of respondents = 100+ (I was hoping for between 400 to 500).

2. Survey was carried out online (via a survey website, obviously this meant that persons without a computer would be left out)

3. I had intended to compare/contrast certain demographics (i.e., did males/females respond differently? did employed/unemployed?) However, the sample size was inadequate for most of the interesting variables.

4. I’m hoping to run this periodically and to track changes over time and to publish data for everyone to see for themselves.

Feel free to critique the findings as it may result in some interesting/useful debate (or it may not).

Thanks again for linking to the survey (and thank you to the BFP readers who filled it out).

Kind regards,

click to download PDF: ACU Consumer Survey MayJune 2011


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Consumer Survey Barbados

Dear BFP and Family,

Back in 2009, you graciously took the time to complete my survey (Resident Perceptions of Tourism Impacts in Barbados).  Now, I am asking for your help once again. I have setup a new survey to look at the sentiments of consumers in Barbados (in terms of the economy, income, consumption, etcetera). It is similar to the US Consumer Confidence Index, The Survey of Consumers (by Univ of Michigan), as well as others around the World.

I’m not 100% sure if there is one like specifically for Barbados, and even if there was, it doesn’t hurt to have more data to study, analyze and cross-reference. Accordingly, I have created such a survey, 30 questions in total, which should take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. When the survey period expires, I will post a summary of the results (as I did with my 2009 survey) and the methodology for all to see (I will send a notification to the blogs when ready).

I believe that the information coming out of studies like this may be useful for decision makers in the public and private sectors because it offers up a glimpse of what/how Barbadians feel when it comes to certain topics that are important to our economy at the micro and macro level.

Please therefore take the time to fill it out (I’ve set the expiry date for June 18, with a max. of 1500 responses), the link is right here:


Thank you for your time.



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