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Christmas is coming – Time to call Caribbean Spice Caterers!

Christmas gathering at work or home? Call Caribbean Spice Caterers and they’ll put on a wonderful spread so you can enjoy time with your guests. mmmmmm!

We’ve been to two events catered by Caribbean Spice (one major and the other not so large) and the food and service were impressive enough that many folks at each event made it a point to ask for the name of the caterer. Without being too specific, it was interesting that the two parties were at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of numbers, budgets and guest expectations but everyone at both events came away absolutely raving about the food.

The food is special. Kim calls her creations a “fusion” of various island traditions but everyone else just says “I think I’ll have some more, please.”

Give Caribbean Spice Caterers a call and tell them Marcus at BFP recommended them. Kim hasn’t a clue who we are but that’s another story!

Caribbean Spice Caterers website Phone: 424-9617

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