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Reader: Barbados Government makes subtle threats against people who speak out

barbados-lawsuit-question.jpgThe following comes to Barbados Free Press from an “anonymous” reader. We have not fact-checked the article. Anonymously authored pieces sometimes have deliberate errors and hidden agendas.

Readers are encouraged to check the facts out for themselves and discuss what they find in the comments section. Did the Minister of Education say what is alleged? Let’s have our readers check it out and report back. We’re happy to hear from the Minister or his staff too!

Read once, think twice.

Here it is…

No Confidence

by Anonymously Famous

In May of this year, a comment was made by the Minister of Education, in regards to a peaceful political meeting held by the opposition. The Minister stated that in the event of any rebellion against the Government, that they would need to “crack some heads and shoot some people.” I believe this was done to instill fear in the hearts and minds of the public.

Today, we find ourselves faced with a Government, whose main discourse with the people are lies and threats. In 2012, the Minister of Finance along with the Governor of the Central Bank, made it abundantly clear, that Barbados’ economy is stable, amidst the “Global Recession.” In seven to eight months down the road, we find the Governor retracting his statement with a plea to the people of Barbados.

I mentioned these incidents to state that they are several fundamental issues I personally face with this Government.  And I am aware that subtle threats are being made against anyone who dares speak out against the ruling party, but someone must take the mantle and risk a cracked head or a gunshot from the ruling Regime.

My main issue lies in the transparency, or lack thereof. In the 2013  – 2014 Budgetary Proposal, the Government has suggested several policies and plans they wish to implement in order to deal with the fiscal deficit, as well as generate foreign reserve for the country. Now we have a Government who has proposed to make a $35,000,000.00  dollar cut to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a $30,000,000.00 dollar cut to the Sanitation Department among many others. These cuts are to reduce the “four hundred million dollar deficit.” Continue reading


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Barbados Tax Grab: We’ve been living beyond our means and the bill just came due

Merry Christmas: Barbados VAT to 17.5%

“Finance Minister Sinckler says the increase to VAT is “temporary”. That’s okay, my new policy of buying as little as possible will be permanent.”

“That budget just cost our family at least $6,000 out of our pockets in 2011.”

…Heard at work this evening

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler delivered his first budget today, and it was pretty much as it had to be given the state of the world’s economies and the heavy debt burden accumulated by Barbados over the last 20 years.

We lived beyond our means for the best part of two decades and not only that: we socked nothing away and spent like drunken sailors on everything except the fundamentals. We had cricket parties for half a billion dollars but neglected the hospital. We spent $400,000 on a $100,000 public washroom – and that was just one over-budget project of hundreds just like it. We forgot to change the oil in the garbage trucks, so we ended up replacing engines instead. We let the seawall deteriorate and then were so surprised when the street above it collapsed.

We gave a million dollars to buy the boys on the block some weed trimmers to “encourage the development of entrepreneurship and small business.” Do you see the boys on the block operating any businesses now? We gave millions and millions to every ad hoc community group that raised its hand and we never audited the spending or checked the results.

We had a great party while it lasted, but now it’s hangover time and it’s a doozie!

Taxes and government fees are headed nowhere but up, with a few stimulus bones thrown into the mix to confuse the wolves at the door. Continue reading


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