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Howlin’ Wolf, Grape Hall and Saturday Night

Oh yeah. We’re going to be a little naughty tonight. The boys have permission to sleep over at Clive’s place, not that there will be much sleeping. No worries: we’ll be well supervised by Auntie across the way so there’s no chance of anybody getting too carried away.

Once in a while the boys have to get together and pretend we can still do it. Maybe after Christmas I’ll have that Tele Thinline Deluxe (with the Humbuckers) I’ve been waiting for. Or maybe not.

Thanks for understanding,  Sugar!

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Sloe gin on a lonely Friday night

Joe Bonamassa helps me make it through a sticky-wet and miserable Friday night.

Don’t worry for me, my friends. I know the sun will shine tomorrow even if she doesn’t take my calls anymore.



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Friday night = I got them old Barbados blues again

Marcus & Cliverton – We Ain’t Drunk… we just drinkin’ !

Five years ago I confessed that Clive and I love the blues. Old blues, new blues, deep south, Chicago, Texas blues – we love it all. I’ve been playing this old made-in-Mexico piece of trash Strat for 10 years, but alas, I have no talent. I have less than no talent. All the practice in the world cannot compensate for the stupidity and shortness of my fingers. I guess God put the length into all of my legs and left my fingers short. (Just as well, says Shona!) 😉

I would love a new Telecaster (Made in the USA) with a Humbucker in the neck position but it’s never going to happen. Way too much money and I don’t deserve it.

But I do love the blues and tonight we’re going to look at two of the masters: Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. (Clive is moaning that he wants Joe Strummer of the Clash included in the list because Joe played a Telecaster like Collins does, but Clive is absolutely blitzed right now so pay no attention.)

Friends, it has been a while since Clive and I did this together but it is good for the soul. Forgive me my love!


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