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Formerly crooked lawyer says he doesn’t write for Barbados Free Press or other blogs

Then-crooked lawyer Bryan turns from camera at court

Strange things are done in the warm Bajan sun, but one of the strangest requests we’ve received in recent times is the following letter from Barbados Attorney-at-Law A. David Bryan.

Mr. Bryan used to be the General Manager of the Barbados Advocate Newspaper. He states in his letter that a rumour has been going around for about five years that he is behind Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground blogs. We at BFP were not aware of that rumour until very recently.

Of course Mr. Bryan or anyone else can submit articles anonymously to BFP or any other blog and the blog editors wouldn’t know who wrote the article. The best we can say is that we’ve never received anything with Mr. Bryan’s name as the author until now.

As to Mr. Bryan being on-staff or “behind” Barbados Free Press, that’s hardly likely considering what we’ve previously written about Mr. Bryan…

Another Barbados lawyer buys his way out of criminal charges. A system rotten to the core.

Attorney Alvin David Bryan wouldn’t look at camera.

Three Lessons:

1. No deterrent for the next thief lawyer.
2. Bajan lawyers cover up for their own.
3. Foreign investors and real estate buyers who live overseas are still nothing more than victims-in-waiting for Barbados lawyers.

All that talk by the justice system and the Barbados Bar Association about cleaning up the legal profession is just so much talk. You need look no further than the latest case where Attorney Alvin David Bryan (also called David Alvin Bryan) was charged multiple crimes for stealing over $226,000 from TWO different clients over a long period. At least one of the victims was a foreign investor living over and away.

After being criminally charged, lawyer Bryan paid the money back to the victims and walked a free man. That’s the normal penalty when a lawyer is caught thieving in Barbados: they have to pay back the money and then they can continue to practice law.

One law for the lawyers, and another for the rest of us…

… from the BFP article Another Barbados lawyer buys his way out of criminal charges. A system rotten to the core.

Here is Mr. Bryan’s unedited letter to Barbados Free Press, as received from his email account on June 10, 2012…

NOT THIS DAVID- Who Writes For the Blogs!

By A. David Bryan
Attorney-at-Law and former General Manager of the Barbados Advocate Newspaper.

I received a telephone call last Friday June 8th, 2012 by a concerned person, who decided to do what rarely Barbadians do, when they have heard a rumor about someone, and that is to approach them directly about it.

Even though I was surprised what this individual informed me on what people were saying concerning me, in this country. Indeed, I was not disappointed, since it is systemic in our culture to gossip about individuals regardless of the consequences this behavior may cause. Hence the law of libel is there to protect such innocent parties.

In any event, I would like to “clear the air” as it relates to these rumors which according to my anonymous friend were circulating for the last 5 or so years, to which I obviously had no idea, until now. Continue reading


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Who is Monnow Man and why does he believe in the Interdimensional Hypothesis?

Monnow Man is half Bajan, so he can’t be all bad.

We stumbled onto Monnow Man when he linked to one of our stories and we liked what we read over at his blog. It looks like a place where a person could get a little “I didn’t know that” or “Isn’t that interesting?” hit in the morning.

Like learning about the “Interdimensional Hypothesis”. I had to look that one up.

Here’s a bit of what Monnow Man says about himself…

Who is this man?

People like boxes to put you in, so, choose from the following:

  • half English, half Barbadian chap now living just over the border in Wales and loving it so much he went to  Welsh evening classes.  No, Wales isn’t part of England. It’s part of the UK.
  • father of two beautiful girls and husband to a lovely Swabian.
  • a Freemason.  None of the myths about us are true 🙂
  • a fan of the Interdimensional Hypothesis.
  • an unashamedly middle-class, sometime urban, BBC Radio 4 -listening liberal intellectual.
  • a former public (that’s “private” to those of you outside the UK – don’t ask) schoolboy. All of the myths about us are true 😉

You can see what Monnow Man has to say about life at MonnowMan.com

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Barbados BlogWatch is not Barbados Free Press or BFP staff!

Hi Folks,

We’ve been getting some emails lately asking if Barbados Free Press or our staff members have anything to do with the newly online Barbados BlogWatch.

Nope. Not one of us. We have no idea who it is.

Barbados BlogWatch does make for some interesting reading though, and we hope the author(s) will expand their coverage to include more than the one blog they “watch” at the moment. We’re not ready to put them on our sidebar links right now, but if they expand their coverage and go the distance without losing interest we’d certainly consider a link. We’ll have another look in a month or so.


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BajanReporter.com goes live. Can the author one of Barbados’ most popular blogs find commercial success with a news website?

For the last three years former CBC news anchor Ian Bourne’s blog The Bajan Reporter has been one of Barbados’ most popular internet destinations. Ian’s in-depth coverage of local events the oldstream Bajan media ignores has earned him thousands of regular visitors a day.

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Now Ian is trying to take his work into the mainstream with the launch of an expanded news site and web magazine: BajanReporter.com.

It looks like BajanReporter.com will retain the personal coverage of local events that made Ian’s blog so popular, but will also cover the larger events in Barbados and selected news from around the world from a Bajan perspective.

Will Ian be able to expand his readership and successfully monetize his website with juicy advertising contracts from prime brands? If anyone can do it, he can! (Hey… isn’t that Nike we hear knocking? Maybe they will cut back on Tiger’s endorsements and transfer the advertising revenues to Mr. Bourne!) 🙂

Good luck Ian!

Check out BajanReporter.com

Side issue: Ian… whatcha gonna do with your old blog? Should we take down the link to your blog and put up only the website on our sidebar? Let us know old friend.


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Bajan Dream Diary – An Excellent Read

Bajan Dream Diary

As our own Robert said in a September 2007 article about Jovan Reid and his Bajan Dream Project…

“The more I read what Jovan has to say at The Bajan Dream Project blog, the more I find myself agreeing with many of his ideas – even ideas I had rejected before.

Most disconcerting.”

We wanted to mention but didn’t get around to it – that Jovan Reid’s Bajan Dream Diary blog has become a major online venue for news and commentary about Barbados society, social agendas and politics.

Although Jovan puts his name to the blog and must therefore stay within certain limits, he is articulate, educated and deeply devoted to his cause – which is social reform and policy in Barbados.

Once again, you may not always agree with what he says, but he and his stable of friends and writers will make you think.

And, as BFP’s Robert discovered, that can be “Most disconcerting.”  🙂

Check out a few of the articles at Bajan Dream Diary…

Barbados Water Quality Compromised By Squatters

The Right To Marry: Separating Religious Ries From Civil Rights

Homepage: Bajan Dream Blog


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