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DOUBLE STANDARD: Another corrupt Barbados lawyer and politician walks free after paying back the money he stole

michael carrington barbados lawyer speaker

Who loaned Speaker of the House Michael Carrington the money to pay back what he purloined from his trust account?

Why should thieving lawyers be able to walk free once caught – if they pay back the money they took?

Did the Barbados Bar Association audit Carrington’s trust account?

Citizens demand transparency!

When ordinary folk get caught stealing, they can’t just hand back the money, automobile or whatever they stole and walk free, so why should Barbados lawyers and politicians have that privilege?

Barbados lawyers and politicians have something like a gentleman’s agreement between themselves that it is best for the profession if misdeeds are covered up. So the Barbados Bar Association and the political parties talk about integrity and accountability – but they don’t really want to see any of their good ‘ol boys network behind bars.

They also know that it is dangerous to put others in jail who may have as much on you and you do on them! We’ve covered this story time and time again here at BFP.

Old boy network covers for a corrupt politician and lawyer

No surprise that after lawyer and Speaker of the House Michael Carrington was unable to pay a court order to return almost $250,000 he stole from a client 14 years ago, that the old boy network came up with the money to replace what Carrington illegally took from his trust account. (But after the court and news media said it was almost a quarter million dollars, why did Carrington yesterday pay only just over $200,000?)

It only took 14 years of lawsuit, tears and a life destroyed for a 78 year old senior in a wheelchair, John Griffiths, to receive the money his aunt left him in the year 2000! Michael Carrington was supposed to surrender the money to Griffiths 14 years ago, but kept it for himself and then couldn’t pay it.

Carrington’s trust account has the evidence but the Barbados Bar Association isn’t going to go there. As Speaker of the House, Carrington is part of the elites and is as untouchable as lawyer and former Prime Minister David Thompson who money laundered millions for his friend Leroy Parris.

Nothing changes on this rock no matter which group of political elites is in power.

And the lapdog piss-itself Barbados news media won’t come close to asking the right questions in this story. Bet on that too.

Further Reading

BFP (background story) Barbados Speaker of the House Michael Carrington is a crooked lawyer – stole $250,000 from client – disobeyed court order to pay it back

Jan 30-15 Nation News: Speaker’s cheque handed over

Photo – many thanks to The Nation


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Time for citizen oversight and control of lawyers

Crooked lawyer David Bryan turns from camera at court

Formerly crooked lawyer David Bryan turns from camera at court

Thieving lawyers shouldn’t be in charge of themselves

by Passin thru

Lawyers are one of the few groups in our society who get to set their own rules and are allowed to discipline their own wayward children without being accountable to anyone except themselves.

Now the lawyers are having a fight over paying dues to the Barbados Bar Association. You might remember this is the same Barbados Bar Association that usually lets thieving lawyers repay stolen money to not go to jail. Regular thieves don’t usually get such a deal in the courts!

And when citizens dare mention how many crooked lawyers there are, the Barbados Bar Association blames the victims – the public – for choosing crooked lawyers “at random”!

“If the lawyers don’t respect their own Bar Association enough to pay fees, then it’s time for the citizens to step in.”

I’d call upon Parliament to set up a citizens’ committee to provide oversight and discipline to lawyers, but too many of the MPs are lawyers themselves so the likelihood of change is about the square root of zero.

What an incestuous bunch they are and it’s all out of control at the moment.

Over the High Court

A High Court judge will have to determine whether lawyers are obligated to pay annual fees to the Barbados Bar Association to practise.

The association’s council has decided to take the matter to court because many attorneys at law refuse to pay the fees, but are still working. Continue reading


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Barbados lawyers threaten strike action over Chief Justice Marston Gibson

Well, that didn’t take very long, did it?

Barbados Bar Association President Andrew Pilgrim (photo above) hasn’t received a response to a letter he wrote to the Chief Justice back in July. After ten weeks of waiting for CJ Gibson to say something about the Bar Association’s concerns about the administration of justice in Barbados, Mr. Pilgrim is suggesting to his fellow lawyers that they stage a strike at the Supreme Court building. Although just about anyone who has hired a Bajan lawyer might laugh at the obvious joke (Bajan lawyers strike? What difference will it make? Will anyone notice?), the fact that the Bar Association is considering a strike shows the seriousness of the situation – at least as far as the Bar membership is concerned.

To be fair, Marston Gibson was parachuted into the position with lots of dreams about using various New York techniques for reducing the outrageous backlog in the courts – but aside from the dreams he was given no budget worth talking about. The system was broken long before Gibson arrived with civil court cases regularly taking 10, 15 and even 20 years to complete!

On the other hand Gibson could have kicked some life into the rules had he chosen to: but he is a weak and ineffective leader and manager. The time to make big changes is when the new leader first arrives. After the first year, it’s all over and the status quo wins. That’s Management 101, but I guess Marston Gibson never took that course.

And the next person to hold the position of Chief Justice will be?

Further Reading

You know the routine folks… we have to print the entire newspaper article here because the Nation is known for removing articles when the paper’s agenda changes. So please read the article at The Nation first…

Bar for Action

FED UP with the lack of meaningful response from the Chief Justice to their concerns, the council of the Bar Association has written its members suggesting strike action at the Supreme Court Complex, among other things, as a means of getting their matters heard. Continue reading


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Simplified procedure to complain about corrupt or inept Barbados lawyers.

President of Barbados Bar Association reveals changes

Finally, we have confirmation of the rumours from none other than BBA President Andrew Pilgrim.  A new simplified complaint procedure is to be introduced soon in an effort to deal with the current backlog where the average complaint takes over four years to process.

This “simplified and enhanced” procedure is far more efficient and less trouble for users. It does not require the filling out of so many forms as the initial record of complaint is made verbally.

This will be the new procedure…

  1. Write the lawyer’s name, law firm name, address and phone number on a piece of paper with the word “COMPLAINT” in large letters at the very top.
  2. Below the lawyer’s information, write your name, address and contact information.
  3. Place the paper into a suitable bottle.
  4. Shout the details of your complaint into the bottle.
  5. Seal the bottle securely and toss it into the sea off the South Coast.
  6. Await a response from the Barbados Bar Association.

Mr. Pilgrim states that the new procedure will be far less frustrating to Barbadians and others making complaints against lawyers because it will not take so much time to complain and the results will be exactly the same.

Initially the Barbados Bar Association yacht will be fishing the bottles from the sea on the South Coast only, but this will be expanded to the West Coast next year with the arrival of a second BBA yacht.

You can read all about Mr. Pilgrims promises in the Barbados Today article: Changes for Lawyers

Story submitted by BFP reader “G”

Message in a bottle image courtesy of Robin Wood. Thanks Robin!


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Barbados lawyer Leroy Lynch arrested for $2.2 million theft

Is Barbados cleaning up the legal profession… finally?

We’ve had so many lawyers arrested in the last year and a bit that outsiders might begin to suspect that mass criminal hysteria has recently hit our legal profession. That observation would be wrong because the activity did not start recently – it’s been happening for a long time, but in the past it was always concealed.

The truth is that these kinds of arrests simply never happened until recently because the lawyers and judges looked after their own. Out and out thieves like (Insert names here, we don’t have time!) misappropriated clients’ trust funds and, if caught, at the most had to pay some money back without even a suspension let alone jail.

Arrests all for show? Deals still made?

Nevermind all the recent arrests though – I can’t think of any crooked lawyer who went to jail. Can you?

I guess it’s better than no charges at all, but I think this is the stage in our society where our glorious leaders have decided to make a show of arresting crooked lawyers – but then deals are made and the stories fade away.

Oh well, I suppose that is better than the way it used to be with no charges at all. Maybe someday we’ll read about a lawyer going away to Dodds for 2 years, but I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be Leroy Lynch. (photo above)

Hey! Is Leroy Lynch related to anyone else we know? Maybe this is a genetic problem!  🙂

Of course, I’m just throwing our readers a bit ‘o humour, cause everybody know that Mr. Leroy Lynch is innocent until proven GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!!!


Further Reading Continue reading


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Barbados Bar Association blames public for choosing crooked lawyers “at random”

President Leslie Haynes cautions public to avoid lawyers with “cash flow problems”, and to ignore recommendations of friends.

Barbados Bar Association website recommends lawyers who have been caught stealing from clients!

The President of the Barbados Bar Association vented at the public on Saturday while appearing at a seminar on conveyancing. When asked about the high number of lawyers lately charged with misappropriating clients’ money, Leslie “blame the victims” Haynes said that Barbadians “have to stop picking a lawyer at random or choosing one simply because a friend suggested a name.”

So it is the fault of the chickens for not knowing which mongoose will eat them. Or, more properly, the fault of honest Barbadians for not knowing which lawyers are dishonest.

The Barbados Bar Association does not provide a list of lawyers who have been disciplined or took money then paid it back when caught. Why not?


Astoundingly, BBA President Haynes also predicted that more Barbados lawyers will misappropriate their clients’ money because times are tough… Continue reading


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Another thieving Barbados estate lawyer

Having read your articles on crooked lawyers in Barbados and having gotten no satisfaction from the probate attorney for my wife’s God-Mother I thought of writing you and The Nation.  What makes this outright thievery a bit different (probably not unique) is that my wife, (name removed by editor) was born in Barbados and is a Barbados and US citizen.  The attorney in question did not identify all foreign securities (due in the will to go to my wife) and has continued since the death (1999) to routinely cash dividends.

That he was doing so was brought to us by an employee of Inland Revenue who cannot further identify himself. The attorney in question has confessed to all of this in writing–exacted with the help of an attorney-cousin of my wife, who can get no further with this thief.

No help from the Barbados Bar Association.

I have chapter and verse.

This surely hurts the honourable nation Barbados is.  We have never stopped coming all 50 years of our marriage.

signed (name and contact info sent to BFP, but not published by editor)


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Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association prove they are as incompetent as the lawyer appearing before them

“Unfortunately, both (Attorney Balfour Layne) and the Disciplinary Committee laboured under a mistake of law that Mrs Henry’s action was statute barred against the Transport Board,”

Ya can’t make stuff like this up, folks!

Stupid-Lawyers-BarbadosAttorney Balfour Layne and all the big-name lawyers of Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association didn’t know the law – which is pretty pathetic by any standard.

Yup, Attorney Layne had a complaint filed against him by an unsatisfied client named Glendene Henry who alleged that she hired Layne to sue the Transport Board for an injury and Layne didn’t start the legal action within the time mandated by the law.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association looked into it and agreed with the client – saying that the accident happened in January of 1997 and that the action should have been filed by January of 1998, instead of September of 1999 when Attorney Layne finally got around to filing it. Layne thought his goose was cooked and so did the big shots on the Disciplinary Committee.

Now it’s 12 years later and both Attorney Layne and the Disciplinary Committee just realised that the time mandated by law for filing the lawsuit was not one year, but three!

The lawyer actually filed within the correct time, but didn’t realise it – and neither did so-called lawyers on the Disciplinary Committee.

The bottom line is that Lawyer Balfour Layne walks free and doesn’t have to pay any damages to the client, who apparently lost her chance to pursue the action because no lawyer realised that the lawsuit as filed by Layne was, indeed, valid.

True to form, all the lawyers involved in this embarrassing debacle of justice will suffer no damage that can’t be repaired by a tonic and gin with the boys at the club.

Oh… you want to know what happens now with the client?

As usual, she is left totally screwed over by Barbados lawyers with no recourse.

Welcome to Barbados, folks!

* Notice to the Barbados Bar Association. If anything we’ve said is inaccurate, just email your reply to us or insert it as a comment and we’ll be happy to feature your reply with full prominence. Thanks!

You can read the original article at The Nation…

Attorney did nothing wrong

Published on: 9/19/2009.

ATTORNEY BALFOUR LAYNE will not be sanctioned for any allegations of misconduct brought by a former client because he did nothing wrong.

This was the ruling of the Court of Appeal yesterday which dismissed the application brought by the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association.

Arguments on whether he will be granted cost have been adjourned sine die.

Layne was before the court relating to a complaint brought by former client Glendene Henry. In January 1997, Henry was a passenger in a Transport Board bus and sustained injuries in an accident. She had retained Layne as her attorney in an attempt to seek compensation but had deposed that Layne had done nothing on her behalf and the claim against the insurance company became statute-barred.

The Disciplinary Committee recommended that Layne be reprimanded, made to compensate Henry, and sent the matter to the Court of Appeal. Continue reading


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