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UK Foreign Office Minister: Barbados authorities handled tourist robbery “extremely well, thoroughly professionally”

Minister Mark Simmonds personally thanked Prime Minister Stuart

The Bajan Reporter posts a wide-ranging interview with the UK’s Minister Mark Simmonds talking about tourist crime, the controversy of Air Duties, narcotics trafficking, caution regarding renewable energy, trade ties with Barbados, agriculture and regional security.

An excellent job by our old friend Ian Bourne!

Also check out The Case for Compensating the Caribbean by Sir Ronald Sanders, published at BajanReporter.com

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Wonder of wonders! Ian Bourne has one of the top 10% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012!


What’s going on here?

Ian Bourne is constantly seen with gorgeous women and no one knows what this is about. Trust me… it’s a mystery!

Now we learn that Ian Bourne’s Linkedin Profile was one of the top 10% accessed profiles on the LinkedIn system in 2012!

What’s going on here?  It’s still a mystery!


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Bajan Reporter website crashes due to high traffic!

The popular Barbados online news site The Bajan Reporter has been down for at least eight hours after 6,000 unique visitors in 12 hours caused the server to crash.

We have three thoughts for our friend Ian Bourne, who writes and runs The Bajan Reporter…

1/ Congratulations! Achieving an effective rate of 12,000 unique visitors per day is a big deal. If you could keep it up that would be over 4 million visitors per year. That’s huge numbers for a website focused on a population base of less than three hundred thousand people.

2/ Ian, in our opinion the continuing success and exponential growth of The Bajan Reporter is due to your chosen mix of topics, your writing skills and your extensive contacts. When something happens you probably hear about it long before many of the other journalists in Barbados.


3/ Time to get a new hosting service with enough capacity to handle your increased traffic.

Big Question: Will Ian Bourne be covering the Arch Cot Inquest?

Only one newspaper mentioned the October 18th start of the inquest into the 2007 deaths of five members of the Codrington family – killed when their home collapsed into a known cave. In short, Barbados cannot rely upon the oldstream news media to provide complete and accurate coverage of this important inquest.

Ian Bourne could do the job… but will he?


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Bajans tiring of show business Government – another DLP Community Meeting flops

Ian Bourne (right) politely asks DLP James Paul "What happened to the Agriculture Protection Act the DLP promised in their manifesto?"

Politicians provide words without actions & actions contrary to their words.

It’s been two and a half years since we citizens turfed out the Barbados Labour Party government of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley. We did so in part because we believed the words of David Thompson and the DLP. We believed they would at least try to do what they promised.

For the first year Bajans gave them a honeymoon. We understood that the DLP had inherited a mess. We understood that the BLP left the cookie jar empty after wasting and stealing what they could.

During the second year of the DLP government, citizens started to demand action from the David Thompson government. We wanted to see legislative progress, things happening – and some accountability for the massive thefts we knew had happened under the BLP.

During the election campaign David Thompson talked about the offshore bank accounts of BLP government members and threw a cheque in Owen Arthur’s face that the then Prime Minister had corruptly deposited into his personal bank account. Bajans wanted accountability and integrity laws to prevent future excesses and that was exactly what Thompson promised during his campaign.

But none of those things happened in the first two years of the DLP government. Not one of the DLP’s major election manifesto promises was fulfilled – they were merely words on paper.

Now, half way through year three of the Thompson DLP government even the slowest citizens get it: nothing changed with the election of the DLP. Not a damned thing changed.

The betrayal, the shock and the anger are building among Barbadians who have come to realise that the DLP is the BLP is the DLP.

The pot is boiling, and Ian Bourne’s new article is only the latest evidence that something is happening in the minds of ordinary Bajans. Song and dance shows masquerading as good government are no longer acceptable…

“What was expected to be a grand occasion turned out to be mere doldrums and trotting out more propaganda rhetoric to appease a withering old guard, the Democratic Labour Party’s MP for St Michael West Central paraded a list of plans for his constituency and barely listed any accomplishments – hardly what can be truly construed as a report, since this implies deeds accomplished.”

from the Bajan Reporter story Ruling DLP of Barbados fail to convince at St Michael West Central Constituency Report: Contradictions, Inadequacies & Disrespect (Part 1)

If you do nothing else today, you MUST read Ian Bourne’s article.


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Rawdon “Rawdi” Adams: The question he was never asked…

Ian Bourne interviews Rawdi Adams – the son of Barbados’ second Prime Minister: Tom Adams

Our old friend Ian Bourne cornered Rawdon Adams the other night for an exclusive interview and asked him a few questions that the oldstream Barbados media wouldn’t dare.

The grandson of nation-builder Grantley Adams (With Rawdi in the above photo… look at the eyes! the chin, the nose, the smile!) and the son of our second Prime Minister Tom Adams had much to say about Barbados and Bajan politics. I was, frankly, quite surprised by Rawdi’s candor – but not by Ian’s probing and opinions.

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Ian Bourne is pretty good, you know. It’s a damned shame and to our nation’s loss that Ian is not financially independent enough to be the pit bull that he is capable of being. Not that we think he doesn’t do the best that can be done, you understand. It’s just that we’d just love to see Ian with about US$five million in an American bank and not having to be careful. Ian Bourne + US$5 million in the bank = nuclear bomb dropped on Bajan politics!

Okay… what did Ian ask Rawdon Adams the other night? Well… you’ll have to visit Ian’s Bajan Reporter to find out.

What didn’t Ian ask Rawdi Adams?

A simple question…

“Mr. Adams. Who’s in charge of the Barbados Labour Party at the moment: Mia Mottley or Owen Arthur?”  🙂

Check out Ian’s story: Bajan Reporter – Tom’s son knocks Thompson

You can also check out Rawdi Adams’ blog too! Capital Chronicle even though Adams was dead wrong about shorting Apple stock!

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