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Delta Air Lines cancels Atlanta – Barbados flights.

“Barbados flight wasn’t performing well”

Delta Air Lines announced today that it has cancelled the seasonal Atlanta-Barbados flight service due to economic conditions.

This follows Delta’s 2007 cancellation of year-round service as we reported at the time in our story Delta Discontinuing Flights To Barbados, Antigua, Trinidad, Turks & Caicos – Low Demand

This latest airline withdrawal doesn’t mean that the Barbados Tourism Authority failed, or that our tourism product isn’t attractive. It is yet another illustration that times are tough and are getting worse everywhere. As I write this the markets are tanking with the largest single day drop since – since – since a few days ago.

My friends: don’t listen to the pronouncements, excuses and reassurance from the government mouth pieces. This is going to get worse. Much worse.

There are some things you can do help yourself, your family and your friends to make it through the financial storms ahead…

  1. Shun debt.
  2. Work harder than you ever have before. Do a good job for your employer and let them make someone else redundant.
  3. Look after your friends and family as best as you can. You might need their help next.

Perhaps our readers can contribute some other suggestions and advice.



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Jamaican Prime Minister alleges dirty tricks in Barbados airline war

PM Golding says Barbados “held up” Caribbean Airlines aircraft in “aggressive action”

The REDjet saga continues with the Jamaican Prime Minister accusing Barbados of harassing a Caribbean Airlines aircraft at Grantley Adams International Airport.

“What I’m told took place two days ago when a Caribbean Airlines plane was held up, I don’t want to use the word detained, in Barbados and the suspicion is that it is an aggressive action, and I hope it is not, because that is not the way we in Caricom should resolve our issues.”

PM Golding to The Gleaner: Red Jet Row Heightens


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REDjet gives up on Trinidad & Tobago – Jamaica route

Barbados – Jamaica flights also postponed for two months

by BFP with contributions from a special friend

REDjet announced today that the airline will not pursue plans to fly between Jamaica and Trinidad, and that the Barbados – Jamaica route is postponed for two months.

The story behind the story…

Some observers wonder how long REDjet can continue, and whether the forces aligned against the new Caribbean airline will be successful in squeezing the financial life from the upstart before it really gets off the ground. There is a story behind the story but nobody is really telling it because REDjet officials have been keeping their silence in the hope that they will be able to work things out with the various Caribbean governments.

Says a special friend to Barbados Free Press: “If it doesn’t work out and REDjet ultimately fails, the fireworks will really start. Robbie Burns is a consummate diarist. It won’t be pretty.”

Further Reading

BFP May 13, 2011 – REDjet Update: Political problems with Trinidad and Jamaica


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REDjet Update: Political problems with Trinidad and Jamaica

“A few weeks ago we at Barbados Free Press criticized REDjet for launching without having all the paperwork in place with Trinidad and Tobago.

We take it all back.”

Caribbean Airlines files complaints with Jamaica and T&T

REDjet: “Political delays beyond our control”

The launch of any new business is a formidable task, but when you’re talking launching a new airline into a politically charged world of protected competitors… now you’re talking trouble!

And so it is with REDjet as the governments of Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago seem to be doing everything they can to block the new upstart from Barbados.

A few weeks ago we at Barbados Free Press criticized REDjet for launching without having all the paperwork in place with Trinidad and Tobago.

We take it all back.

We take it back because we now see what the game was and is: to keep REDjet waiting forever until they give up. That’s what the governments of T&T and Jamaica would like to see happen and they are working hard to protect other airlines from those Bajan upstarts.

We’re guessing but it looks to us that after being blocked for over a year in various attempts to move forward, the REDjet team came to the conclusion that the issue had to go before the public. REDjet had to launch to force its way into the market or else they would never launch.

We’re behind REDjet 100% because the simple truth is this: if REDjet fails, the big losers will be the ordinary people of the Caribbean who, for the first time, will be able to fly to other islands without having to sell their first born children.

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Barbados Today: REDjet still awaits T&T green light

Caribbean 360: REDjet says CAL protection blocking Jamaica flights

Go-Jamaica: JCAA tight-lipped about Redjet’s delay


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REDjet approvals given – Flights to Guyana & Trinidad within days

We told you that Trinidad & Tobago would issue the approvals, but not before they punished REDjet for failing to respect T&T’s sovereignty. So now that the T&T government has made its point, REDjet can finally go wheels up with scheduled passengers heading for Trinidad.

Ian Bourne has the story at The Bajan Reporter: Trinidad says – 15th May and no later for REDjet flights, Guyana ready for Barbados flight 10th May


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