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Former Barbados Government Minister Liz Thompson Writes BFP – “I deny that I was involved in any way” with Arch Cot Collapse

The following comment which purports to be from former BLP Government Minister Liz Thompson was posted today on our previously published story Readers Say Barbados Arch Cot Cave-In Construction Was A C.O. Williams – Gregory Hazzard Project For Liz Thompson. We at BFP will save our comments until after the submission by (apparently) Liz Thompson – except to say that we had not received any submission before this one or we surely would have published it for fairness AND because its a great news story.

As Ms. Thompson requested, we will leave this post up as prominently and even more prominently than the original so everyone can read her response. We have also created an introduction and a link on the previous post to further prominently display the message from the former Government Minister.

One caution, we have not confirmed that this is Liz Thompson as it wasn’t sent from her email, it was posted as a comment. Take it away (apparently) Liz Thompson… Continue reading


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