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Pat Condell: It’s all about killing the Jews

For what it’s worth, we agree with Condell. Nobody gave a damn when Jordon owned the place and massacred Palestinians. It was only after the Jews won in 1967 that Palestine became a worthy topic of conversation.

And if Israel was destroyed tomorrow, the jihad would just move on to the next border in search of more Jews to kill.


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Arab-Israeli Conflict or Jewish-Muslim Conflict? Whatever it is, can it be solved?

A Barbadian engineer and author proposes some answers

Our blogging friend Grenville Phillips II is a prolific writer and what I’ll call an “activist structural engineer” in the best sense of the term. Whether the subject is the proper installation of rebar when building a home, or politics or religion – he looks at all the factors, identifies the problems, researches and then methodically builds his solutions. Read anything at his Weighed in the Balance blog and you’ll see proof of that.

But Grenville is also a man with a sense of history and humanity – he’s not just a numbers guy. I think it is the combination of structural engineer, historian and teacher with genuine concern for humanity that makes everything he writes so worthwhile. That, and his talent for being able to present his ideas clearly and simply enough to be understood.

Writing under his nom de plume Walter Phillips, he has published two books… Continue reading


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