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Barbadian fights Taliban in Afghanistan

Dozens of Bajans have served in Afghanistan and Iraq

It doesn’t matter what you think of a war that has gone on more than twice as long as World War II. It doesn’t matter what you think about remotely controlled aircraft launching missiles that kill ten and twenty innocent people and children to take out a handful of Muslim terrorists. (What was that definition of ‘terrorist’ again? Oh ya… someone on the other side.)

None of that matters in the context of Bajans fighting for the British and American military. None of that matters in the context of Bajan civilians working in Afghanistan and Iraq. None of that matters when you are there and just trying to survive.

Soldiers don’t give a damn about politics… or whether KFC serves cold chicken, or a neighbour stays up too late yelling at his kids and wife in Grape Hall. Soldiers only care about survival.

A few years ago BFP’s readers were surprised to hear from our own Robert as he did a quick turnabout in Kabul. It is also surprising that Brit soldiers are wearing hats knitted in Barbados.

So why should we be surprised that every day, Bajans are in combat in Afghanistan?

From Barbados to Bagram, beyond

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHANK, Afghanistan – It’s a long way from the tropical shores of Barbados to the rugged terrain of Afghanistan – the latest deployment in the career of one Air Force battlefield weather forecaster.

Tech. Sgt. Omar Nurse, born on the island nation just 60 miles east of the Caribbean Sea, is assigned to the 19th Expeditionary Weather Squadron, headquartered at Bagram Airfield. But Nurse lives and works far from Bagram, embedded with U.S. Army soldiers at the Tactical Operations Center of Forward Operating Base Shank…

… read the full story at the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System: From Barbados to Bagram, beyond


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Afghan Christian charged with becoming a Christian. Faces death penalty.

If not for freedom, someone please remind me why British troops are fighting in Afghanistan.

by Nevermind Kurt

Please remind me why the West is spending billions and billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of our young if not to free Afghans. Please explain how the West can continue to pump money and lives into that dark hole and allow these kinds of human rights abuses under the authority of an Afghanistan government that the West put in place.

Please tell me what the definition of “victory” is. Please tell me when the war in Afghanistan will be won, or lost. At this point, I almost don’t give a damn. Let the savages have at each other. If they overstep their border or attack the west, nuke ’em. If someone has a better plan, please let me know!

“According to Westerners closely following his case in Kabul, Sayed Mossa is likely to be charged with espionage and with conversion to Christianity, or apostasy—crimes that may be punishable by death under Islamic law. The court session may be televised, officials have said, and it is likely that Mossa will be asked to renounce his faith.

Mossa was arrested in late May 2010 as part of a crackdown against Afghan converts to Christianity that followed a television broadcast of several baptisms. He has been held in a prison in Kabul under worsening conditions and has been subjected to daily beatings, torture, and sexual abuse. Court-appointed legal counsel, all Muslims, have refused to take his case because he is considered an apostate. Officials from the International Committee on the Red Cross, where Mossa worked for 15 years, visited him twice, and he has received other Western visitors, including representatives from the U.S. embassy. They confirmed that Mossa had been tortured and successfully pressured the Afghan government to move him to another prison, away from other prisoners. That took place Oct. 29, 2010…”

… from the WorldMag article Mossa’s day in court


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Cocky Barbados Free Press posting from Kabul, Afghanistan today!

Hello Barbados!

It’s a long story and Cliverton will probably want to kill me but this is a first for Barbados Free Press so I’m going to announce it.

Through the magic of the internet both our May 8, 2010 articles were posted from Kabul, Afghanistan. I’ll not say too much more about what that means.

The world is getting smaller every day.


Photo credit: Our thanks to Joe Burger


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Michael Yon: Afghanistan will become far more deadly for our troops than even the darkest days in Iraq

When I hit the ground in Afghanistan in 2006, it was flatly obvious that we were losing the war.  The prevailing thoughts in the media and Washington held that we were winning in Afghanistan but Iraq was hopeless.  I was saying nearly the opposite during many dozens of interviews and articles.

And so amid torrents scathing criticism, during 2006, I wrote a series of one dozen dispatches saying in the clearest terms that we were losing the war in Afghanistan.  I have been warning for a long time that this war shows every sign that it will overshadow anything we saw in Iraq when it comes to danger to our troops.

The warnings are over.  Here we are.  There is little doubt that the Afghanistan war, at least on a per capita basis, will become far more deadly for our troops than even the darkest days in Iraq.  People still scoff when I say these things, but they do not see clearly.  This is a “no kidding” war.  Don’t be fooled by the slow buildup.  The dark potential of AfPak is enormous.

Please read today’s dispatch, which I published in the Washington Times (YON: Girl with no future)

And please support this mission.

Your Writer,
Michael Yon

Why Limit Your Worldview To The Opinions & Presentations Of Big News Media?

FOX News, BBC, CNN and even our own CBC each have their spins and agendas on world events. At Barbados Free Press we believe that people who confine their sources to the major news media are being fed carefully structured information. You can pick up a newspaper in Narita Airport Japan, San Francisco, Glasgow or Bridgetown on the same day and read the same stories, the same quotes and often the exact same words.

That is why blogs, websites, twitter and facebook are flourishing for news and analysis – and that is one of the reasons why people keep coming back to Barbados Free Press. Our readers judge everything with a critical eye and they know that they will find stories at BFP that they won’t see in the oldstream Barbados news media. And as we continually remind our readers, don’t believe us either!

We at BFP and our readers enjoy hearing all sides and then deciding for ourselves.

That curiosity brought us to Michael Yon as one of our sources of information on the wars, and now we are going to share him with you.

Michael Yon is a former U.S. Green Beret soldier who has been reporting from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Philippines since 2004. (Oh, you didn’t know that there is a war on in the Philippines? Check it out and then ask yourself why you don’t know that.)

Sometimes he is embedded with troops from many nations, and sometimes he is just walking around in Iraq and Afghanistan by himself. (!) He has warned of the dangers and the realities of Afghanistan and Iraq for five years and often is totally at odds with what you will read in the big news media or hear from government.

Yet battlefield commanders from many nations continue to let Yon embed with the troops – because they know he will tell it like it is.

Dear readers, we give you a man who blogs from the battlefields of the world: Micheal Yon…

Afghanistan War Women

“Iraq is 1,000 years more advanced than Afghanistan. Nepal is far more connected to and cognizant of the outside world.

After nearly eight years of war and billions spent, there is not a single Afghan soldier in this entire province. There is not a meter of paved road. There is a single television station that operates for maybe four hours a night when it has fuel.”

From Michael Yon’s article: The girl with no future

(Barbados Free Press editor’s comment… What a waste of eight years and trillions of dollars. Where is all the money that was supposed to be building new government, security, infrastructure and a free society in Afghanistan?)


If you value Michael’s reporting, you can support him at his website

Dear Reader,

I am back in Afghanistan.   There is progress on many fronts, but in sum, we are still losing the war at an increasing rate.  All is not hopeless, but it’s not looking good. The fighting promises to be far more deadly for our troops here than we ever saw in Iraq. The big media has done an abysmal job of covering the latest fighting. Yes, there are many stories from Afghanistan, but if you look at the bylines, many are filed from places like Kabul.

When you see “Kabul,” think “Saigon” or “Green Zone” with hotels and bars.

I’m heading back to combat and will be right there, up close, in the middle like usual. The risks are severe and expenses such as insurance skyrocket when in combat. I can maintain this pace for long periods, but only if you have my back. Nobody else does. Your support is crucial to this front-line reporting. This site accepts zero advertisement.

If you want hardcore, frontline reporting, stay tuned and please support this mission by making a direct contribution. Without your support, this mission will end. Thank you for helping to bring untold stories from the struggles for Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines and elsewhere.

Thank you and God bless.

Your Writer,
Michael Yon

Michael Yon Blog & Website

Michael Yon Support Page (make a donation to keep him blogging in the field)


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