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Nigerian Islamic Sharia Court to hack off thieves’ hands – Barbados Muslim says that’s okay!

Why Barbados must fight against Islamic values and laws being taught in local schools

My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury (obviously not an Islamic court because no women are allowed), I beg to introduce Fact #1…

“An Islamic sharia court in  Zamfara State has sentenced two men to amputation of their right wrists for stealing a bull, with the amputation to be carried out in public if it is given final approval.”

From the September 9, 2011 Vanguard News story: Sharia court sentences two to amputation for theft

And now for Fact #2, courtesy of a 14 year-old female student at Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School…

“Beheading..chopping off your hands, severe beatings,etc. Are strict Islamic rules and these are the things that were done during our prophets time and are continued till this day to follow the tradition, there is nothing wrong in it.”

Quoted in the November 26, 2010 BFP post Barbados Muslim Girls School, 14 year old student: “Nothing wrong with beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings”

Remember folks – nothing explains Islam better than ordinary Muslims talking about what they believe and what they are taught to believe.


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Ground Zero Mosque nothing more than Rubbing Salt in the Wound

For Edward from Brooklyn

“The kind of Muslims I wouldn’t mind building a mosque at Ground Zero (and there’s lots of them) would NEVER EVEN DREAM of building of mosque there.”


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September 11, 2010: Huge protest at Ground Zero against 9/11 Victory Mosque

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a massive protest this September 11th at Ground Zero. The issue is the proposed construction of an 11 story mega-mosque within steps of the hole in the ground that used to be the World Trade Centre.

The proposed $120 million dollar mega-mosque is being funded by the same people who bring you jihad on a daily basis. The mosque will be viewed by millions of jihadist Muslims as a victory monument to jihad and 9/11 – and that is the intent no doubt. Continue reading


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What I Learned From 9/11

“There is an absolute and utter failure of the majority of Muslims to this day to condemn continued acts of violence in the name of Allah and to purge their religion of those who foment such violence.”

9/11 Ten Years on – the Islamist war against everyone else continues

TEN YEARS after September 11th, if you Google the phrase “What I Learned From 9/11” or some variation (What we learned… What America Learned… What Britain Learned…) you will find in excess of one hundred million returns.

This is just one more such article. You might have your own list, but this one is mine. I’ll try to keep it short…

What I Learned From 9/11

1/ Pay Attention To Muslim Jihadists And Believe What They Say About Their Intentions and Motivations.

2/ Accept The Fact That Many Muslims Worldwide – Tens or perhaps even Hundreds of Millions – Approve Of Violent Jihad In The Name of Allah even if they do not carry out such acts themselves.

3/ Accept The Fact That Not Everyone Operates By The Same Rules As You Do – And That Some People Conceal Their True Values and Intentions.

4/ If Placed Into A Bad Situation – Act, Resist, Fight With All Your Strength and Will.

5/ Think For Yourself. Act Independently and Disobey Authorities If Necessary.

What I Learned From 9/11

1/ Pay Attention To Muslim Jihadists And Believe What They Say About Their Intentions and Motivations.

Prior to 9/11, I paid no attention to the Muslim religion except in passing. How could the events of Muslim Jihad and violence in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America concern a man in Barbados?

Now I pay attention to the Muslim religion. I have read the Koran cover to cover – with study notes. I have listened to what various Muslims say, and I have watched what various Muslims do.

So the Muslim Jihadists certainly have my attention now, and when Muslims speak, I listen very carefully.

The Muslim Jihadists say that they are instructed by the Koran and Allah to establish their religion as supreme authority worldwide, and that the Koran and Allah authorize the use of violence for this purpose. They say that their motivation is religious duty and martyr’s rewards. Continue reading


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