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Baby goes to Barbados! – Visitor thanks Zed Surfing Adventures with a YouTube video

A short film to say thanks to Zed Surfing Adventures for a great holiday. You can see more of barbados at or check out Zed’s Surfing and snorkeling trips at

Shot with a GoPro Hero2

Editor’s comment: Now that is cute! Zed’s visitor must have been pleased with their trip to go to this trouble. Looks great for Zed Layson and all his crew.


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National Geographic chooses Zed’s Surfing Adventures as one of the Top Ten best surfing schools in the world!

Congratulations to Zed Layson and the whole bunch at Zed’s Surfing!

“Still largely unsung (and untouristed) by surfers, Barbados’s sandy shore breaks and warm, forgiving waves actually make it an excellent learners’ spot. Zed Layson and his instructors at Zed’s Surfing Adventures offer everything from private day lessons to weeklong packages, but the three-day “Be a Surfer” program, which includes twice-daily small-group lessons, leaves you enough time to explore the island (and its snorkeling—especially to view the cool shipwrecks and vivid coral reefs off the west coast—kayaking, and rum-punch-fueled nightlife).”

…from National Geographic’s Top 10 Surf Schools


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New Thomas Meyerhoffer video filmed at Zed Surfing Adventures

It says much that bleeding edge surfboard designer and manufacturer Thomas Meyerhoffer left his California base and headed for Zed’s Surfing Adventures in Barbados to shoot the promotional video for his latest longboard line.

Zed Layson, Akeem Grimmit Douglas, Brandon Frazier and Mike Parker appear in this fabulous video that was shot and edited by Nick Welch. How can any surfer watch this short promo video and not want to come to Bim?

Good work guys!

(More videos of Barbados surfing, beaches and restaurants available at Beaches of Barbados)


Zed’s Surf Center is now an official Meyerhoffer Test Center. Now that’s excellent cross-marketing for you. A surfboard manufacturer tells prospective customers that they can try all the boards when they vacation in Barbados. Excellent!

Here’s the press release…

Meyerhoffer Surf Test Center Barbados Opens

We are stoked to announce the opening of the first Meyerhoffer Test Center, located at Zed’s Surf Center at Surfer’s Point, Barbados. You can’t fully experience a surfboard unless you ride it, and Barbados is the perfect place to try out our boards: warm water, good waves year round and Zed’s world-class surf center. The full 2012 Meyerhoffer line-up will be available in Barbados, including the new Horsepill.


Why the Meyerhoffer Test Center concept? Continue reading


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Barbados Bathsheba Surfing Beach, Soup Bowl – Devastated By Storm


We drove down to Bathsheba this Monday morning to check out any possible beach erosion after last week’s BIG North swell which pounded the coastline for three days.

Here’s what we found… All the white or white-ish rocks you see here were all covered by sand just a week ago. The exposed bedrock is white from lack of exposure to the sun and to various darkening marine organisms like moss, etc.

Below is directly at the famous Soup Bowl. As you can see, the beachings will be a bit rough until the sand returns!


Thanks to our roving reporter D.


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