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D No Spin Zone: “What is wrong with this breed of Caribbean leaders today…?”

Welcome to the Caribbean no spin zone…

“Every damn time someone criticise them they threaten to sue and run to the courts to shut people up and stiffle political discourse in the country. If someone accuse them of some wrongdoing, what happen to a good old fashion rebuttal? No, not our leaders today. The court is now their weapon and sue their main woman. Hope she vote for them to when election time comes around.”

… from D No Spin Zone article St Kitts Prime Minister threatens legal action against website

Photo: Denzil Douglas of St. Kitts decides to take on the blogs. 🙂

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Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson Fools Lindsey Grant – St. Kitts and Nevis People’s Action Movement Leader

“Grant pointed out that Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson responded to calls from his Barbadian people and implemented integrity in public life and prevention of corruption legislation…”

… St. Kitts & Nevis People’s Action Movement leader Lindsey Grant gives Barbados Government credit for doing nothing. (link here)

Words Are Not Actions

You have to hand it to Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson – even other politicians who should know better are falling for the big lie that words mean that something is really happening with integrity legislation.

Mr. Grant’s heart is in the right place. When he spoke he was trying to convince his own government to implement Integrity Legislation, but he made the mistake of believing some Barbados government politician at some cocktail party who said “We’ve done it”.

David Thompson and his DLP government have NOT implemented ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation. During their election campaign last December they even lied to voters and said they would implement a Ministerial Code immediately upon forming a government. The DLP published a draft of the code, but they lied and did not implement it.

As to transparency and conflicts of interest, one of David Thompson’s first official acts as a newly-elected Prime Minister was to borrow the corporate jet of a company that does business with the Barbados government – and to refuse to release any details of the costs and arrangements.

Prime Minister Thompson talked about implementing ITAL, but he did not and he has not. Instead, he says he has set up a “committee” that has embarked on what will probably be a two year process to “research”, “consult” and “draft” whatever it is that they intend to present to the people of Barbados.

The Invisible Barbados Integrity Legislation Committee

Have any meetings been held by this “committee”? Have any public papers been published by the committee? Do they have a website, an address, a phone number or email address to receive submissions from the public? We can’t find the contact information – perhaps one of our readers can find this invisible ITAL committee.

Meanwhile, the Barbados government has refused to implement a prohibition on conflicts of interest in the awarding of government contracts. Yup —- those DLP piggies need a couple of years to feed at the public trough before David Thompson will implement any integrity legislation.

So it continues to be legal for elected and appointed government officials to award government contracts to their own companies, or companies owned by their spouse or children. Just the same as it was under the previous BLP government that set new records for greed and corruption.

Lindsey Grant and the people of St. Kitts and Nevis should pay attention to the broken promises of the Barbados Government and the reality of integrity legislation in Barbados: it doesn’t exist.

Mr. Grant should remember that words are not actions.


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