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Son of Barbados shines at the Winter Paralympics – The Lou Gibson story

Seven years ago, Lou Gibson of Langley was out for a morning bike ride when he heard a car pulling up behind him.

He could feel something wasn’t right and took a quick backward glance. That is all he had time for. He was hit.

He remained conscious through the blur that followed, lying on the side of the road, the ambulance arriving, the transport to hospital.

In that instant, his life was turned upside down. The para-Nordic skier in the 2010 Paralympic Games spent the next six months between hospital and rehabilitation at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

Emerging in a wheelchair, the Barbados-born athlete then spent a number of years as an outpatient. He lost his job as a truck driver. He lost so much…

… continue reading this truly uplifting story at the Vancouver Sun: Langley sit-skier makes great strides since accident


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Since 1845: How many jockey & horse injuries & deaths at The Garrison?

Patrick Husbands says Jockeys afraid to ride at The Garrison – Barbados

During a recently called media conference Superstar Bajan jockey Patrick Husbands stated his opinion that the track at The Garrison is “too small”. Husbands stated that the track is dangerous and some jockeys refuse to ride there because of this.

Now folks, Mr. Husbands is probably one of the best jockeys that Barbados has produced in the past 150 years or so – so we should listen carefully when he speaks.

But we should also be aware that Mr. Husbands might not have come forward with this statement on his own and that there might be other agendas afoot from the same bunch of elites that were just given $19 million in public funds by the Thompson DLP government.

Our questions for Mr. Husbands & the Barbados Turf Club:

-How many jockey and horse injuries and deaths have happened at the Garrison since racing began there in 1845?

-How many jockey and horse injuries and deaths in the last ten years? Five years?

-How many are attributable to the “small” track as opposed to the nature of horse racing itself?

-How does the rate of horse & jockey injuries at The Garrison compare with other tracks worldwide?

We look forward to hearing from Patrick Husbands and the Barbados Turf Club on this point.

And even if the track is as dangerous as Mr. Husbands indicates, our position on giving more public money to the Barbados Turf Club is this…

Not one more dollar of public money until the Barbados Turf Club is fully accountable for its operations and finances. You want public money for your race horse operations? Then open the books for public scrutiny and we mean the lottery operations too.

Further Reading…

The winner of the Canadian Triple Crown Award in 2003 and winner of Canada’s Sovereign Award for Outstanding Jockey seven times also said that in the last 13 years he had been trying to encourage some of the world’s greatest jockeys to ride in Barbados, “and I cannot get it [to] happen.”

According to Husbands, most of these jockeys said they felt the Garrison track was “too dangerous”.

He suggested it was purely the influence of Sandy Lane Hotel owner and major racehorse owner Derrick Smith that saw Irish jockey John Murtagh – “one of the world’s greatest” in Husbands’ view – ride in Saturday’s Sandy Lane Gold Cup…

… from The Nation article Husbands calls for new racetrack


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Barbados athletes to train in West Sussex for Commonwealth Games & 2012 Olympics

Bajan athletes will train at K2 in Crawley

This makes sense to me. Barbados has chosen one venue in the UK as a training location for both the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the 2012 Olympics. That way our best athletes will be able to develop a familiarity and comfort level with their surroundings as they ready themselves to be the best they can be.

The home team always has an advantage and part of that is simply the physical comfort of being in known surroundings. Nothing makes up for being at home, but it looks like the folks who are running our work-up to the 2012 Olympics are making decisions based upon what is best for our athletes within whatever budget they have to work with.

Here’s looking forward to seeing Bajan colours on the podium in Glasgow and then London in 2012!

Some excerpts from the BBC story West Sussex to host Barbados athletes for 2012 Olympics

Crawley has been named as the official training site for athletes from Barbados in the run up to London 2012.

The team will use the K2 leisure centre, which has an 50m swimming pool, running track and other facilities. Crawley Borough Council said the town’s proximity to London had also helped attract the Barbados National Olympic squad to the venue. West Sussex County Council leader Henry Smith said he believed their decision would boost the area’s economy.


Crawley Councillor Lenny Walker said: “This is fantastic news for Crawley and the county.

“K2 Crawley is the jewel in the crown of the town’s leisure facilities and it’s extremely gratifying to get this kind of international approval.

“However, this isn’t just about a few weeks in 2012. The Bajan athletes are looking to use K2 Crawley as a training venue before this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow so we are looking to build educational, cultural and sporting links with Barbados over the next few years.”


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Lifetime Football Ban for racist comment directed at Dungannon Swifts goalkeeper, Bajan Alvin Rouse

Football officials getting serious about fans' racist chants. Barbados-born Alvin Rouse has long been a target of racism.

PORTADOWN Football Club officials moved swiftly this week to issue a lifetime ban following an incident of racist abuse towards Dungannon Swifts goalkeeper, Alvin Rouse, on Saturday. It is understood that a comment was made towards the Barbados international towards the end of last weekend’s Carling Premiership draw.

Other supporters in the away end at Dungannon’s Stangmore Park contacted matchday stewards and the offender was ejected from the ground.

… continue reading this article Portadown Times: Zero Tolerance!

Do better athletes receive more racist chants?

Barbados-born goal-keep Alvin Rouse has long been a target of racist taunts and chants, but it looks like the Irish Football Association is moving to bring some respect to the stands by fining the teams whose fans engage in racist name calling. Last August Ballymena United was fined for the racist calls against Rouse by some fans.

In the most recent episode, it was the Portadown fans themselves who pointed out the offender in their midst.

Well done!

Almost makes one believe in the goodness of humanity again.

As an end note, I’ve noticed that Alvin gets targeted more than some other players of colour. In my opinion it’s because he is so good at what he does.

submitted by BFP reader CQ8

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Tennis pon de Rock – Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki while Marcus changes nappys at home


This is NOT the photo of Serena that Marcus links to in the article. 🙂

The girls (meaning Shona and friends) have tickets to see tennis giants Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki square off at Tennis pon de Rock on November 28, 2009. Yours truly has been informed that, night shift or not, I WILL be changing the diapers so the ladies can have a day off. I am not allowed to call Auntie Moses even though she won’t be going to the match.

Funny thing is, I told Shona that I’d love to go with her to the match but she won’t hear of it. Says she needs some time off from me and little ones. I don’t think that’s it though. I can’t figure out the reason she doesn’t want me to go to the match. Could it have been that nude magazine cover that Serena recently did for ESPN? I mean, come on honey, it’s only a sports event. Tennis, doan ya know?

Maybe I’ll figure it out later, but meanwhile it looks like I’m in the doghouse for some reason.


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Tennis! Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniaki to battle it out in Barbados

Serena Williams Barbados

Tennis pon de rock – November 28, 29, Barbados

With US$27 million in career prize money won, Serena Williams is the #1 player by winnings in history – and she’s coming to Barbados.

Shona is all excited and it looks like yours truly will be springing for tickets and handling the babysitting so the girls can see Serena do her thing at “Tennis pon de rock” next month at Wildey Gymnasium on the 28th and Sugar Hill on the 29th. Truly, I would enjoy going but I’ve been given the message that this is strictly a “girls day out” as far as my woman and her sister are concerned.

(Yes dear)

Kodi Lewis

Organiser Kodi Lewis

This tennis exhibition looks like it’s a big deal and it has me thinking about what it takes to pull it all together. I’d love to know the story behind what is being called “the country’s biggest ever exhibition game”. Undoubtedly it all started with an idea, but good ideas are like raindrops in a storm: so many that it hardly matters.

What really counts is being able to turn the idea into reality. Somebody (or maybe a few people?) had the drive to make this event happen. I see Barry Gale and Kodi Lewis mentioned online so perhaps one or both are responsible.

Kodi Lewis, who is described in various stories as either the “coordinator” or the “organiser” of the event made an excellent point when he described how Barbados won out over Singapore when Serena made her decision. This from the Barbados Advocate:

“They had another offer to play in Singapore on the same day so we had to be quite pro-active in securing their contracts”, said Kodi Lewis, coordinator of the event. “The attraction is Barbados itself and both Serena and Caroline know Barbados so definitely it was an advantage being here in Barbados and having the reputation that Barbados has”.

… from the Barbados Advocate article Barbados set to host showdown between Serena and Caroline

Once again, the cache of Barbados as a world-class destination comes through. Although this is an exhibition, I wonder if the event has enough of a profile to receive international coverage or even mention on television. That, I don’t know – but it seems to me that there will be increased interest if Wozniaki (number 5 rated) wins over Serena Williams.

Hmmmmm… perhaps Bajans should be cheering for Wozniaki when the day comes? (Couldn’t but help throwing in a little mischief 🙂 )

We’re going to keep this event on the radar as we think it is an excellent opportunity for Barbados to be proactive as a brand during tough times and, as Kodi Lewis pointed out to The Nation News, this might just be the start of something bigger. (Nation: Organiser pushing for ATP tourney)

Once again, our thanks and encouragement to the people who had the vision and the drive to make this happen.


From the newspapers we read the following: Tickets for both events are expected to go on sale (October 24th) and are available from the Barbados Tennis Association, all Supercentre locations and through e-mail at

Further Reading

FTI Tennis Solutions (Kodi Lewis)

Barbados Tennis Association


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Barbados Athlete Ramone Harewood has shot at NFL – National Football League

Ramon-Harewood-BarbadosCouple six foot – seven, three hundred and sixty pounds with a engineer’s mindset and you get a thinking football player who can also eliminate opposition like a tank rolling on the battlefield.

Oh… and they say Ramone Harewood likes cricket too!

The NFL (that’s American “football”) has taken a liking to a young man from St. Michael and the talk is he’ll be snatched up in the 2010 National Football League draft.

Good for you Ramone!

We’d love to see you succeed, an we’ll send you off with best wishes and an admonition from Auntie Moses: “Unlike some folks, doan forget where you came from and wat is right and wat is wrong.”

Morehouse star from Barbados has shot at NFL


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Barbados backs Toronto Canada’s bid for 2015 Pan Am Games

In a rare public endorsement, Barbados Olympic Association president Steve Stoute says it will vote for Toronto and encourage all 26 Caribbean members to support Toronto’s bid. Jamaica is the only other country to publicly back Canada’s bid. Last week Cuba announced it would vote for Lima, as will Aruba, Bahamas and The Netherlands Antilles.

… from the Toronto article Bogata Lima Toronto

It’s not about Sports – it’s about Tourism and Politics

Despite the Barbados Government talk of opening markets in South American for our tourism and economic development, when it gets right down to choices between future possibilities and reality, our support must go to Canada and that’s what we’ve done. With Canadians being the largest group of foreign investors in our economy there was no other choice.

If you read the article you’ll see that the contest to see who’ll get the 2015 Pan Am Games is a real horse-race and Barbados has placed its bet early.


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Runner Semenya ‘hermaphrodite’ – both male and female organs. What now?

Semenya hermaphrodite

I firmly believe that God makes each one of us to be unique in every way, but that doesn’t make it any easier for those of us who are a little more unique than the majority of people.

Caster Semenya is different in her own way and it is a damned shame that she is now going to be put through a very public examination of very intimate details about her physical person and her life.

If Caster makes us examine how we think about others who are different than we are, and how we treat folks who are different than what we consider to be “the norm”, then some good will come from her pain.

As for our family, Shona and I will be saying our nightly prayers with Caster Semenya in mind – and Auntie Moses says she’ll be doing the same.

The Sun: Runner is a ‘hermaphrodite’


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“I think the Bajan took it!” – Ryan Brathwaite wins Gold in Berlin photo-finish


“At the first hurdle I thought I do not have this race anymore but then I fought and fought to the end and the gold was mine.”

Ryan does Barbados proud and let the world know it!

How close was it? So close that Ryan Brathwaite won gold in the 110-meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships because he bent further forward than the two Americans on either side of him: Terrence Trammell on his right and David Payne to his left.

Brathwaite hit the first hurdle but ran a clean race for the rest of the way and finished in 13.14 seconds.

Here is Ryan at the finish line…

Brathwaite Photo Finish

So Barbados’ first gold at the games comes from speed and technique.

Some of the news coverage tried to take the shine off Ryan’s victory by highlighting that two of the top runners weren’t in the race. Olympic champion and world-record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba and defending champion Liu Xiang of China were both sidelined with injuries.

Barbados Free Press would like to remind Cuba and China that athletic competition isn’t just about speed – its about stamina and toughness too!

A horse might be fast every so often, but if it can’t take the long run then another horse might win the race – a horse named Brathwaite.

In all fairness though, have a look at the photo-finish. At this level of competition the difference between gold and bronze can be a sneeze or a pebble… or the ability to bend lower while running at full tilt.

Well done Ryan!

Here is the YouTube of the entire race, including the announcer’s “I think the Bajan took it!”


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Barbados Segway Polo Team – World Champions, 2009 Woz Cup

Barbados Segway World Champions

Barbados Flyin’ Fish Win World Championship In Germany

Congratulations to the team and their loyal supporters!

Here is the blow by blow written by Ryan Rodriguez (Thanks Ryan!) and sent to us by Brett Callaghan of Totally

Team Barbados Flying Fish Semi Final Match #1 against the dreaded Austrians!!!

After a short rain delay the match started much the same way as the other morning matches with the Fish trying to settle into their Rhythm…the first Chukka going down Scoreless. Continue reading


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Barbados Segway Polo Team – Flyin’ Fish – Doing Well In Germany

Barbados Segway Polo Flyin Fish

Flyin’ Fish Win First Two Games at Woz World Cup 2009

Team Members:

Captain – (Uncle) Peter Gilkes
Jason Gilkes
Daniel Hatch
Brett DeGale
Brett Callaghan
Ryan Rodriguez
Mikie Hassell

We haven’t heard how the team did on Saturday and we can’t find anything on the net except the Friday results – so maybe a reader can tell us how the Flyin’ Fish are doing at the World Segway Polo Championships.

The Bajan Reporter has detailed information & photos of Friday’s first two games (Link here)

Thanks to the team’s sponsors:

Virgin Atlantic
Mount Gay Rum
Segway of Barbados


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Barbados Police Praised By Bahamian Volleyball Team – 2 Arrested, 60% Of Stolen Property Recovered

It has been a bitter-sweet feeling for the visitors who found their locker room emptied of their personal things after playing a game in the just concluded Women’s Volleyball World Championships. Joseph Smith, head of the delegation, said although they had not recovered everything that was lost, the team was very happy about the outcome, especially in cases where there were personal items.

“Members of the team who had I-pods and things like lap-tops with their personal information were ecstatic,” he added.

“We appreciate everything that was done for us and want to say a big thank you,” Smith said.

… from the Nation News article Loot Found

Praise Where Due, But Many Questions Remain

Bahamas Volleyball Team Sorts Through Recovered Property

Bahamas Volleyball Team Sorts Through Recovered Property

Criticism of the Barbados Police by the Bahamian Volleyball team gave way to praise after some good police work resulted in the arrest of two Bajan brothers and recovery of about 60% of the team members’ stolen property. The girls were particularly happy about getting back electronic devices like iPods and laptop computers that contained personal information.

While this sterling performance by the officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force takes the edge off the public relations disaster that happens whenever visitors become victims of crime, it in no way makes up for the failure of the Barbados Volleyball Association officials and planners to protect our guests in the first place.

It is the natural culture of Bajans to write this incident off because the thieves stand charged and some property was recovered. It is the natural culture of Bajans to not want to be critical of the individuals who failed to consider security when hosting an international sports event.

But as we should have learned with the disaster called Cricket World Cup, if you want to play on the world stage your actions will be instantly broadcast around the world – so you had better get it right. Unfortunately, no amount of “Barbados Police get their man” stories about this volleyball tournament incident can ever make up for the original stories that appeared in the Bahamian news media and throughout the Caribbean.

And what about the unrecovered property? Who will pay for that? Who will compensate the team members and supervisors for their lost time at work and disrupted lives?

This is not a story with a happy ending despite the current spin in the Barbados news media.

Our Great Failing As A Society

Bajans (and their successive governments) believe in being reactive, rather than proactive. We seldom act to prevent incidents before they occur – we prefer to clean up afterwards and half the time we can’t get that right. This “doan worry ’til somethin happen” failing has dogged our culture for decades and becomes increasingly worse as our leadership exhibits the same laissez-faire attitude.

I mean, heck – we had to replace a whole fleet of garbage trucks four years early because nobody bothered to change the engine oil as required! Whose fault was that? “Nobody”.

So who of the Barbados Volleyball Association will admit personal responsibiliy for failing to ensure the security of visiting team members during an international tournament? Which person will pay for the losses? Who will resign?

Answer: Nobody

Oh, there will be a press conference where the BVA will announce that they have “reviewed” what happened and “taken action” to ensure that future events are “better secured”… but that may or may not be the truth. It is more likely than not that the “new commitment” will be nothing more than a statement without real follow-up action or ongoing oversight to ensure compliance.

In Barbados, we learn from our Government leaders. We do press conferences and promises very well.

As to taking real action?

Doan mek sport!

Further Reading…

BFP – June 16, 2009: Bahamas Volleyball Team Robbed Of Everything From Barbados Garfield Sobers Locker Room – Complaints of “Lukewarm” Response By Barbados Police & Volleyball Officials


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Bahamas Volleyball Team Robbed Of Everything From Barbados Garfield Sobers Locker Room – Complaints of “Lukewarm” Response By Barbados Police & Volleyball Officials

Bags, Passports, Credit Cards, Laptop PCs, Thousands Of Dollars In Equipment & Possessions Stolen

Barbados Bahamas Volleyball TheftThis won’t go over too well anywhere. Last Friday night the Bahamas Women’s National Volleyball team were playing at Garfield Sobers and were ordered by Barbados officials to move all their bags to a locked room for security.

After the game they returned to find everything – and we mean everything – stolen. Clothes, passports, wallets, jewellery, cameras, ipods, laptop computers, credit cards, watches… you name it.

One would think that as a courtesy to visiting teams, the Barbados Volleyball Association might have provided someone to keep an eye on players’ possessions – you know, so we wouldn’t have foreign news media reporting a mass theft against our guests and our country’s “lukewarm”, disinterested response.

So what does the Bahamian team really think of the response from the Barbados Police, the Barbados Volleyball Association and others to their plight?

For the answer you’ll have to read the Nassau Guardian – because it might be a while before you read about their thoughts in the local media…

The Nassau Guardian: Bahamas volleyball team robbed in Barbados


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Barbados Cricket World Cup Disaster Still Receiving Worldwide Media Coverage

Malcolm Speed, the former ICC chief executive, has admitted the World Cup in the West Indies last year was one of the more disappointing episodes of his seven-year tenure in charge. (clip) Speed told the Sydney Morning Herald that what should have been a “celebration of cricket” will “always be looked upon less than favourably” for many reasons.

The 2007 World Cup in the West Indies failed to attract full houses at newly-built stadia for the event, with overpriced tickets largely keeping out locals. The tournament also ended in a farce; Australia secured the trophy for the third time in a row, but the match in Barbados ended in near-pitch darkness after the umpires misinterpreted the rules regarding bad light.

“Cricket has a chance to make amends in the West Indies with the ICC World Twenty20 in 2010,” Speed said…

… from Yahoo! News Speed Regrets World Cup Failure


Does Anyone Know How Much The Cricket World Cup Disaster Cost Taxpayers?

The national disaster of Cricket World Cup was the showpiece of the Barbados Labour Party Government. It will forever live on as a case study in how to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to achieve fewer tourist visits during a year. Tourism Minister Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch continually lied about the number of visitors and even when the government was forced to give away free tickets and fill the place with school children, he maintained that Cricket World Cup was a “success”.

Oh… can anyone tell us who owns Kensington Oval? More than a hundred million of our tax dollars were poured into refurbishing the Oval without first settling who owns the place. Yup, if I owned the Oval, I’d say “thanks, now p’off ” to the government too!

We mention this because, frankly, unless we publish it the Barbados public would never hear about Cricket World Cup ever again.


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Olympics President Jacques Rogge Rips Usain Bolt For His Victory Celebration – Ignores China’s Human Rights Violations, Lies, Murders and Forced Abortions

IOC President Ignores True Symbolism Of China Olympics

IOC President Ignores True Symbolism Of China Olympics

“Jacques Rogge is so bought, so compromised, the president of the IOC doesn’t have the courage to criticize China for telling a decade of lies to land itself these Olympic Games.

All the promises made to get these Games — on Tibet, Darfur, pollution, worker safety, freedom of expression, dissident rights — turned out to be phony, perhaps as phony as the Chinese gymnasts’ birthdates Rogge was way too slow to investigate.

One of the most powerful men in sports turned the world away from his complicity. Instead, he has flexed his muscles by unloading on a powerless sprinter from a small island nation.

Rogge’s ripping of Usain Bolt’s supposed showboating in two of the most electrifying gold-medal performances of these Games has to be one of the most ill-timed and gutless acts in the modern history of the Olympics…”

… continue reading Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports shredding and dicing IOC bully Jacques Rogge link here.

A Pity That IOC’s Jacques Rogge Is Blind To The Communist Despots Of China

When the fastest human in the world gave a little “take that!” to the also-rans so far behind him, that was as fine a demonstration of the competitive spirit of the Olympics as I’ve seen in a long time.

In these days where western schools are doing everything to make sure that no child’s “feelings” are hurt by losing a competition or failing an exam, where children are taught that being number one is something to be hidden, it is good to see the raw human spirit of competition and victory rise as it did in Usain Bolt.

God made Usain Bolt fast – but it took years of hard work and the desire to WIN for the man to be what he is… the fastest runner the world has ever seen.

Jacques Rogge lives a life that is far removed from reality. His remarks against one of the most outstanding athletes in the world illustrate all that is wrong with the Olympics.

In the coming years, the China Olympics will be remembered for two things: the super-human performances of Usain Bolt and a handful of other athletes… and how the Olympic organisation ignored Communist China’s human rights violations, lies, murders and forced abortions.

Because for the IOC, it is all about control of the show and money. If this Olympics has taught us anything, it is that the IOC and China’s despots have much in common. They have to keep the athletes in check because both China’s and the IOC’s corrupted vision of what the Olympics should be falls apart the moment that the athletes open their mouths or in the case of Usain Bolt, show what one individual can accomplish.

Usain Bolt can do ONE THING To Slap Jacques Rogge, the IOC and Communist China’s despots right in the face…

… Come home and under controlled conditions, smash his own Olympic record!


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Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?

Why Does the World’s #2 Sport Need the Olympics?

The dream of winning an Olympic Medal inspires athletes from all over the world, and it will motivate athletes in countries that do not currently play Test cricket or the World Cup. The Olympics is the largest stage in the world for sports, and being in the Olympics will help cricket spread faster throughout the world.

Why 2012 ?

The 2012 Olympics will be held in England – England has a cricket infrastructure and the diverse public for a successful start

The above taken from

See an excellent article at Inside The Games: David Owen on the Chances of Cricket Making It Back Into The Olympics

Cricket Europe article: Cricket in the Olympics?

Wikipedia: Cricket at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Cric Info News: The Ignorant Olympians


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Sports Caribbean Wants Your Input!

Dear Marcus,

I think that BFP is the best way for me to get my message across.

I will soon be launching, an internet based Sports-Talk Radio Station.

Over eight months of research has gone into the technical side of things, but we need some feedback on the content aspect.

Visit the site and give us some feedback.




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