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National Geographic chooses Zed’s Surfing Adventures as one of the Top Ten best surfing schools in the world!

Congratulations to Zed Layson and the whole bunch at Zed’s Surfing!

“Still largely unsung (and untouristed) by surfers, Barbados’s sandy shore breaks and warm, forgiving waves actually make it an excellent learners’ spot. Zed Layson and his instructors at Zed’s Surfing Adventures offer everything from private day lessons to weeklong packages, but the three-day “Be a Surfer” program, which includes twice-daily small-group lessons, leaves you enough time to explore the island (and its snorkeling—especially to view the cool shipwrecks and vivid coral reefs off the west coast—kayaking, and rum-punch-fueled nightlife).”

…from National Geographic’s Top 10 Surf Schools


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Sanna Allsopp’s latest documentary: Built to Last

This trailer is for the upcoming documentary film, “Built To Last.” It follows the stories of the amazing men and women competing in a range of Olympic, Paralympic and non-Olympic sports in the Caribbean. The documentary features well known and up and coming Caribbean athletes in a range of sports and asks ‘What is it about this region that produces so many incredible sportsmen and women?’ The story takes us across seven different Caribbean islands to look for the answer.

“We do very well at power events, very well at events that require a lot of strength and a lot of speed. And it would go right back to where we came from as a people. Those are the people that actually were warriors, they were fighters…”

… from the Sanna Allsopp / StudioCaribe documentary Built To Last.

StudioCaribe on Facebook

IMDb: Sanna Allsopp entry (Hey, Sanna… you need an update at IMDb)


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New Dallas Mavericks Barbados video not featured on Barbados Tourism Authority website

It just makes me want to weep sometimes. Lord knows how much we paid to get the Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders to shoot their new calendar in Barbados…

… And then when the team posts a marvelous 20 minute video on YouTube about “The making of…” the BTA can’t even capitalize on the event by posting it on their own website.

Will somebody please wake them up at the BTA? Please?

UPDATED: January 2, 2012
Barbados Dreamz trailer added at YouTube by Studio Caribe


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Barbados Road Tennis – Time for a new Olympic sport?

Adidas gave Andy Murray one hour to master Bajan Road Tennis, and then take on Sylvan “Lama” Barnett – one of the world’s best players from Barbados.

This IS creative use of social media. Over 15,000 views in a week at No cost to Barbados.

Nation News story: Big push for road tennis

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Barbados Tourism Authority stumbling on sports tourism

Personal relationships, political patronage appointments hurting the BTA?

The following was submitted to Barbados Free Press through one of the thousands of free “here today, gone tomorrow” European proxy services. BFP’s readers are intelligent enough to question anything they read on the internet and in newspapers large and small. They also know that anonymous articles should be taken with a good dose of salt.

This anonymous article says that personal relationships and political patronage appointments are negatively impacting the performance of the Barbados Tourism Authority. That makes an “office fight” into a national concern when the mainstay of our economy is under pressure.

We’ll be happy to print any response from Minister Sealy (photo above), the BTA or anyone mentioned in the story…

Lip service and just a lot of long talk!

by Concerned Citizen who makes a living from sports tourism

That is what some stake holders in tourism are saying is being served up by the Barbados Tourism Authority when it comes to servicing a niche identified by the DLP Government as being critical to the long term sustainability of the tourism sector – sports tourism.

The BTA recently advertised in the local press for a sports consultant to join its team. This raised the question as to what had happened to the person who had run that department for the past year, Hayden Coppin.

I had met with Coppin on a number of occasions to discuss a sporting venture and was very impressed with his knowledge and dedication.

He gave no impression that he was leaving and in fact said he quite enjoyed his job where he felt he was making a contribution to Barbados.

Hayden Coppin: Forced out

I was therefore surprised to see the advertisement and shocked when checks with some “friends” in the BTA suggested that he was forced out by CEO, David Rice.

The sources further suggested that it was a purely personal decision by Rice, who never liked or wanted Coppin at the BTA, a view he expressed to many at the BTA, even marginal line staff! Continue reading


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FIFA issues warnings to David Hinds, Mark Bob Forde – Others banned

Jack Warner being investigated for currency smuggling

David Hinds, Mark Forde warned for keeping silent about what they knew

Check out Barbados Today’s BFA officials vindicated, Cops on Jack’s back

FIFA Press Release…

The FIFA Ethics Committee, chaired by Claudio Sulser (Switzerland), has today (14 October 2011) taken decisions regarding the ethics proceedings that had been opened in August against several Caribbean Football Union (CFU) officials. The proceedings had been opened in regard to apparent violations of the Code of Ethics connected to the investigation of the cases related to the special meeting of the CFU held in Trinidad & Tobago on 10 and 11 May 2011.

The Ethics Committee took the following decisions:

Franka Pickering (British Virgin Islands) has been banned for a period of 18 months from taking part in any football-related activity (administrative, sports or any other) and has received a fine of CHF 500. Continue reading


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Indian football team refuses match over poor treatment at Barbados airport

Barbados Immigration Officials: Our own worst enemy or just doing their jobs?

Good morning friends,

I don’t quite know what to make of this one. An Indian football team arrived in Barbados and was so ill-treated at Grantley Adams (or so they say) that they refused to play the match they had flown have way around the world for. Indian coach Armando Colaco was furious and if what I read in The Times of India is true, the man has a right.

After 26 hours in transit, NOBODY from Barbados showed up to meet the Indian team at the airport. Frankly, that’s an unforgivable lack of manners on a personal level, not even talking about pro-sports. Memories of Cricket World Cup déjà vu!

Then the Immigration people treated them like dirt. (Once again: so they say.)

Time for Prime Minister Stuart to make an appearance, because if it happened as the news article says, there can be no excuse and nothing to do except express sincere apologies and do the best we can to ensure the Indian team’s remaining time in Barbados is remembered fondly. Remember folks – nobody has to come here. Some people still don’t get that!

Here’s a little sample from the Indian paper. The link for the entire story is at the bottom of the quote…

The AIFF did not explain the “unfortunate logistical reasons” but those in the know said Colaco was seething in anger after no one from among the local organizers showed up at the airport to receive the team which had endured the enervating flight.

If the no-show at the airport and another inordinate delay in procuring visas on arrival wasn’t enough, more was to follow. “The team had to book a hotel on its own since nobody was there at the airport to take them to the hotel, or to make enquiries,” said a source from within the Federation .

It was only much later that the local organizers got in touch with the Indians, arranged for another hotel and the vice-president of the Barbados Football Federation, according to one account, went personally to the team hotel to apologize. The Indian coach, though, was in no mood for an audience .

… from the Times of India story Indians cancel friendly after unfriendly reception


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