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Three Trans-Atlantic rowing teams racing for Barbados

Sara G, Big Blue and Hallin Marine: Who will win?

Trans-Ocean rowboat Sara G is on her way back to Barbados for her second visit and this time she’s wanting to break the world record for the crossing. Only trouble is that two other teams have the same idea.

As I write this Sara G is the lead boat but just a cat hair in front of Hallin Marine. Sara G is a traditional single hull boat while Hallin Marine is a trimaran.

Big Blue (above) is a strange looking vessel that is the world’s first catamaran competition rowing boat. BB has a huge crew of 16, but they look like they are falling behind the other two boats. All of them are still ahead of the 2007 track of the record-holder La Mondiale. La Mondiale’s record stands at 33 days 7 hours 30 minutes to Barbados and that’s what the current three boats are trying to beat.

Santa Maria sinksContinue reading

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Spark of the Day! Trinidad’s future cricket champion

At two years and five months old, Luke strikes terror into the opposition!

Give thanks to Georgia Popplewell and her Flickr collection.

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Some pampered babies at Barbados Royal Westmoreland crying over hurricane Tomas

UPDATED: November 22, 2010 9:31am Bridgetown

BFP reader ‘Come here’ says that Royal Westmoreland’s club house was open with free food and drinks throughout the period described by the “young posers” (that’s a quote!) to the Brit newspapers. Here’s what ‘Come Here’ has to say…

For the record, the renters of those 2 villas who complained to the MIRROR are young posers, entitled colonial era minded Brits, who cannot understand why “staff” did not rush from their roofless homes to bring them a Chicken Rita. Don’t ask how I know, but I do.

These disgusting snobs burned Rooney’s cabinets with candles, broke furniture, and generally abused the staff willing to brave the weather to “serve” them. The golfers clubhouse was open and operating WITH FREE FOOD AND DRINK, and several of the staff went without sleep to serve the guests. All of this nonsense here about what generator should be or what water tank could be in a million dollar home fails to explain why BL&P was unable to restore power to a lot of suffering people for nearly a week.

The point is that EVERYONE was caught flatfooted, including the inept government and salaried weather watchers, leaving Bajans a wind gust away from being in the disaster state that is St. Lucia.

All the millions wasted attracting visitors here cannot compete with the public relations nightmare Tomas has caused Barbados.

Here is our original article as published November 21, 2010…

All together now: “AWWWWWWWWW poor babies! Let mummy kiss it better!”

(While daddy shouts “Don’t do that. Let him be a man!”)

Some Royal Westmoreland guests are upset that their caviar and champagne holiday was interrupted by Hurricane Tomas. They rented Wayne Rooney’s home for 1,000 pounds a night (GOOD LORD!!!!) but when the power and water went out for three days they were greatly inconvenienced.

The p’d off guests report to the London Mirror that they had to use water from swimming pool to the flush toilets! Imagine that! They had to get a taxi driver to (hold nose here) bring them some chicken! EGADS!

And, doan ya know, the roof and door leaked during the hurricane! “Well, I never! That’s the last time I’d stay in that five million pounds rubbish heap!”

(Side note: We’ve heard rumours – only rumours, mind you – that at least three and as many as six other roofs in Barbados – gasp! – actually leaked during the hurricane!)  😉  Continue reading


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Australian boxer could join Barbados team over racial slur

“Blackie” slur touches off firestorm in Aussie amateur sport

When his senior coach called super heavyweight boxer Trent Rawlins a “blackie” last year, Rawlins decided he’d had enough and complained.

But the Australian Institute of Sport didn’t fire the coach, just gave him a fine, so Rawlins is considering offering his services to Barbados where one of his parents was born. Under the rules of the Olympics, Rawlins can represent the place of his birth, Australia, or either of the two countries where his parents were born: Barbados or South Africa. Continue reading

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Children, poor people to fill empty seats at Commonwealth Games

Barbados vs England Net Ball – 58 spectators including players’ families

A quick thought before bed about the Delhi Commonwealth Games. In a country of a billion people, 58 spectators showed up to watch Barbados and England play net ball. 20 people occupied 5000 seats for the first tennis match and on Tuesday no more than 100 people sat in the 19,000 seat MDC field hockey stadium.

Lately these mega events are missing the mark in many areas. As we saw ourselves in Barbados with Cricket World Cup, the organisers always wildly over-estimate the spectators, economic and social benefits that the mega-events will bring. They always grossly exaggerate their capabilities and resources available to bring it off successfully.

The host country’s taxpayers end up paying for the mistakes – sometimes for decades. Always the same. In Barbados the hundred million dollars plus that could have been used for a new hospital instead sits in our Cricket Palace. Even former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch after a rum or two would have to admit that Cricket World Cup would have been just fine at the old Kensington just the way it was, wouldn’t it?

Where is our new hospital? Continue reading


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Breaking: Islamic terrorists and endemic corruption push Delhi Commonwealth Games to edge of disaster.

Six killed, dozens injured in collapse of new bridge near stadium. Highlights shoddy construction throughout venues, residences.

Tourists attacked by Muslim terrorists, Athletes’ residences “unsafe, unfit for human habitation”, no show visitors.

Should Barbados pull our team?

Less than a fortnight to go before the best of our Barbadian athletes compete in the Commonwealth Games in India – but no one is sure if they will have fit accommodations, if the venue will be properly secured or whether empty seats in the spectators’ gallery will have to be filled with locals grabbed off the street.

According to numerous stories in the world news media, all these issues and more are creating a perfect storm that threatens the very existence of the Delhi games.

With today’s bridge collapse comes serious and understandable calls for cancellation of the games. Scotland and New Zealand say they are on the verge of heading home. Continue reading

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Alan Harris says Hello London 2012! Selected by International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Young Reporters

“It is with great pleasure that we invite Alan and May to join our team in 2012. These reporters have already made a real impression in Singapore and I hope this opportunity gives them a springboard to outstanding careers in the field of reporting and photography.”

London 2012 Chairman Sebastian Coe

Congratulations to a hardworking young Bajan journalist

Barbadian Alan Harris, 23, will be joining two other young people from Singapore and India chosen to take part in the IOC’s Young Reporters programme. Allan’s six-week internship will be with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). Continue reading


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Barbados cowboy (or cowgirl!) competes in North Star Stampede Rodeo, Minnesota

Someone from Barbados competed last weekend in the 55th annual North Star Stampede in Effie, Minnisota.

That’s all we can tell you because we’re not subscribers to the Herald-Review, so we only see this teaser online and can’t see the whole article. We don’t know if the Bajan is mentioned by name… Continue reading


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Fewer than 2000 fans show for the ENTIRE West Indies & South Africa Test. looks at why…

Excellent article by Michelle McDonald of

Less than 200 fans on Sunday! What went wrong?

Do you know anyone who attended the recent West Indies – South Africa Test for even a few hours?

Nope, we at Barbados Free Press don’t know anyone either.

We’ve seen the articles in the Bajan media over the past few months lamenting the death of Bajan cricket, but we’ve also seen the boys out as usual everywhere having fun, growing and challenging themselves and their friends.

Cricket in Barbados is not dead, but something decidedly unhealthy is happening at the professional level and we’re not sure how to fix it. How do you put the soul back into what used to be a party and is now a wake? Continue reading


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Bajan Reporter pours gasoline on the Barbados Equestrian Association – Natya Soodeen controversy. New documents surface!

Barbados Equestrian Association, dead tree news media, strangely silent on Natya Soodeen suspension

The popular Bajan Reporter online news outlet today published a new major article on the Natya Soodeen suspension. Someone supplied journalist Ian Bourne with copies of various emails exchanged in the controversial action by the Barbados Equestrian Association (BEA) and, true to Mr. Bourne’s earlier promise at BFP, Bajan Reporter published everything on a stated deadline after the BEA refused to discuss the story with journalists. Continue reading


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Bajan Reporter issues fair warning to the Barbados Equestrian Association

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Dear BEA Committee;

It’s now close to 24 Hrs since I wrote you on the Natya Soodeen suspension, during the interim I have verified the BEA website – while Google listed, is not running – even down to its caches, which suggests a total revision of the URL. I not only e-mailed the President but left a voice-mail on her cell plus a text, and also e-mailed most of the Committee and only Naomi Roachford-Holder responded (after I sent a voice-mail & text message) so far, she’s promising a statement is forthcoming.

As News is an ever-present beastie, I leave you with this caveat – if I do not receive an answer by 12:Midnight of Sun. 20 June 2010, then I will use MOST of the info I already have to present a different case than what pervades in Barbados Free Press and elsewhere. I will only use ALL of the info I have, based on legal advice forthcoming from interested parties. However, in the interests of fairness I felt it only just to alert you what inactivity will cost.

Thank you.

Ian Bourne, The Bajan Reporter

The above was posted as a comment by Ian Bourne on BFP’s story Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen


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Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen

Vibrant FaceBook campaign demands answers!

In the last 24 hours Barbados Free Press has received almost a hundred emails from Bajans who are upset about the lack of transparency, standards and accountability shown by the Barbados Equestrian Association in their apparently arbitrary suspension of showjumper Natya Soodeen. We at BFP have never received this volume of emails before in such a short time. There is obviously some organisation behind the effort, but the emails are coming from individuals at their respective email addresses so something is happening within the Barbados equestrian community. Continue reading


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Call for investigation into horse death at Barbados Turf Club

Horse’s death “A disgrace to the racing industry”

The Barbados Turf Club’s refusal to allow a racehorse to be saddled in the stall across from saddling enclosure, a practice regularly done by trainers when horses are acting up, resulted in the later death of the animal when it reared and fell striking it’s head on the asphalt on April 28, 2010.

After the fall connections and other grooms and trainers tried to save the animal and waited in vain as the BTC could not get a vet for over 45 minutes and then no vet had anything to give to help the animal.

I hope those who were involved in the decision that caused this poor animal its life do BURN in hell. This was a truly unforgivable decision and a disgrace to the racing industry. I hope the news reporters investigate this matter and give the animal the satisfaction of knowing that its unjustified death was not unpunished and not left without a thorough investigation.

Submitted by BFP reader “Thorn Inside”

Editor’s Note: This article was originally submitted as a comment on our story Since 1845: How many jockey & horse injuries & deaths at The Garrison? The article has been edited by BFP for sentence structure and to remove an objectionable phrase that does not meet BFP’s editorial policies.

Readers are cautioned to remember that this article has been submitted anonymously and should therefore be taken with a little salt just like all anonymous sources and just like all news whether on the TV, radio, newspapers or the net.

(And yes, that includes our own anonymously written Barbados Free Press. Think for yourselves, folks – whether you read something here, at The Nation, CNN, The Barbados Advocate, CBC or anywhere!)

That said, this story from an insider at the Barbados Turf Club makes serious allegations against BTC management and operations. Barbados Free Press will be pleased to print any response from the Barbados Turf Club exactly as received.


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Chastened Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak preps to beat Barbados Flyin’ Fish Segway polo team

Segway Polo World Champions - Barbados Flyin' Fish

Silicon Valley Aftershocks want more punishment. Flyin’ Fish plan to Bring It!

OK folks, here’s de plan…

Steve Wozniak “Woz” and his team were grilled for lunch last time they met Barbados Flyin’ Fish in the 2009 Segway Polo final in Germany. Now they are coming to Barbados in June to seek revenge ’cause we’re hosting the 2010 Woz Cup Segway Polo championship. (Segway Polo Club of Barbados website here.)

Before the big game in Germany last year, Woz brushed off the Bajan Flyin’ Fish. (Hey Steve… how did that work out for you? heh heh)

Forbes: Tell us about this year’s Woz Cup in Germany. Did you expect the team from Barbados to beat you?

Steve Wozniak: We thought Barbados would be kind of like the Jamaican bobsled team. We really respected the German team; we heard the Austrians were very good, too. We went in thinking we have a chance to win. And luck was actually with us. We lost one match to Austria. We made it to the finals and Barbados … well, the first time we watched them, we acknowledged that they were very good. They could hit that shot good and fast, like a soccer shot.

“Jamaican bobsled team” !!!

Oh, Woz… I guess you didn’t know that Barbados and polo is like flying fish & cou cou. We gon take our cou cou sticks and… well, we’ll be ready for you again friend!

Steve Wozniak Segways everywhere!

Woz reveals his weakness! (Barbados Free Press staff understands completely!)

We received a clue about Woz in his Forbes interview last September: He is a man who enjoys a drink once in a while. Consider that he says one of the benefits of the Segway is that you can’t be charged for “DUI” (drunk driving)…

“When you’re on a Segway, you’re a pedestrian. You can stop and talk to people or look into a store window. On a national level, Segways come under consumer electronics code, not vehicle. There’s no DUI for a Segway.”

… Steve Wozniak as quoted by Forbes: Steve Wozniak on Segway Polo

Hmmmmm… So Steve likes a drink once in a while. Yup… I see a plan coming!

Here is the Flyin’ Fish victory plan!

Chris Breedy promises free pre-match drinks for Silicon Valley Aftershocks at Mount Gay. Good plan, Chris!

We know our Flyin’ Fish are going to do us proud an keep de trophy where it belongs – but all is fair in love and war, so our Shona suggests the following…

When Woz and his team arrives, we show them a real good time when they’re not practicing. Everybody make them very welcome, show them around the island and take them on some tours. Make them feel appreciated and happy as they should in a friendly place like Bim.

Let them sample some of our finest rum. Maybe a Banks Beer or eight or ten too! Then a glass or three of “special” rum punch that you’ll find on some of the boats out of Bridgetown.

Yup. Be real friendly to our guests from Silicon Valley for the two days leading up to the opening match. Keep Woz and his team happy. Real happy.

That’s the plan and if Mount Gay is still sponsoring the Flyin’ Fish as they did last year, it should be no problem.

Like Shona say, all is fair in love and Segway Polo!

Is Woz leaning to make the shot... or is there another reason? 😉

Further Reading

Wall Street Journal May 6, 2010: Aftershocks Prep for Rematch After Big Upset, but Will Wozniak Make the Trip?

Mac Daily News Oct 1, 2009: Apple co-founder Woz: “There’s no DUI for a Segway”

Forbes Sept 30, 2009: Woz talks about Segway Polo and his defeat by Barbados Flyin’ Fish

BFP July 21, 2009: Barbados Segway Polo Team – World Champions, 2009 Woz Cup


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Baltimore Ravens’ Ramon Harewood: CNN interview, great video

Bajan NFL player swats opposition like mosquitoes

You simply must watch the CNN video of Ramon Harewood playing American football at Moorehouse College. It’s like he’s a moving mountain of solid rock. When the charging opposition hits him at full tilt they bounce off with no visible effect upon Harewood. It’s almost hilarious.

Here is the link to the CNN video and another to a story on the Ravens’ website…

CNN Video: Ramon Harewood interview

Ravens Insider: Harewood’s unique story


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BBC’s Adam Mountford says “Barbados is Bringing It!” to cricket in 2010 – Much much better than disastrous Cricket World Cup 2007

Barbados and Bajans impress BBC Radio’s cricket producer

“So the big question is have the ICC and the local organisers learnt from the mistakes of three years ago? Well the first impressions are certainly good…”

… from Adam Mountford’s BBC blog article The importance of first impressions

That’s how Adam Mountford’s blog article starts talking about Twenty20 and it gets nicer and more enthusiastic as it goes along. Certainly the organisers are doing things differently, but the mood of ordinary folks is vastly different from Cricket World Cup because in 2007 we knew we were getting the royal shaft.

At Cricket World Cup 2007 we saw the empty hotels and empty harbour when Noel Lynch and Owen Arthur were announcing that every yacht in the Caribbean was heading for Bridgetown. We saw outrageous ticket prices and “no instruments” rules that were guaranteed to keep the locals away – and when they stayed away as predicted the Arthur/Mottley government tried to fill the empty stands with school children. And then there was Mia Mottley in charge of the worldwide visa disaster that saw (for instance) Australians being told at the last moment that they would need visas to attend CWC – when they didn’t need them before and many cricket fans were already on their way to Barbados! (BFP article: Cricket Visa Chaos: Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For Wrong Information and Visa Failures)

Did we all learn from Cricket World Cup? We surely did – but I have to wonder if the lesson would have been as well learned if the BLP was still in power.


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Baltimore Ravens sign Bajan Ramone Harewood

“Harewood is a huge man. I mean he’s a giant,” (Ravens’ scout Hortiz said. “You guys are going to see him – he’s massive. He can knock down his side of the line of scrimmage.”

“…new Ravens offensive lineman Ramon Harewood may be the most intriguing prospect the Ravens drafted.”

Barbados sure to watch more American NFL Football now!

We’ve been following Ramon Harewood’s NFL chances since last October when we reported that Barbados Athlete Ramone Harewood has shot at NFL so we were mightily pleased to hear that our Bajan son will be playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore is the home of the famous anti-slave ship, the USS Constellation

I don’t know much about American football or the Ravens, but I love Baltimore for its waterfront and history. You’ll find the USS Constellation moored in the harbour. When it was retired in 1955 it had served for 100 years in the United States Navy!

The USS Constellation is of special interest to me because it was involved in the interdiction of the slave trade during the US Civil War, rescuing and setting free over 700 slaves.

It’s a long story, but I once walked the decks of the USS Constellation and I was surprised at how small the bunks were in the officer’s quarters. Men were smaller a hundred and fifty years ago.

Not mentioned on the web but told to me as part of the tour of the USS Constellation is that Winston Churchill used the ship as a residence and base of operations when he visited the USA early in the Second World War when times were at their worst in Britain and he came begging for help from President Roosevelt.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the ship’s anti-slave trade actions…

From 1855-1858 Constellation performed largely diplomatic duties as part of the US Mediterranean Squadron.

She was flagship of the US African Squadron from 1859-1861. In this period she disrupted the African slave trade by interdicting three slave ships and releasing the imprisoned Africans.

On December 21, 1859, she captured the brig Delicia which was “without colors or papers to show her nationality… completely fitted in all respects for the immediate embarcation [sic] of slaves…”

On September 26, 1860, the Constellation captured the “fast little bark” Cora with 705 slaves, who were set free in Monrovia, Liberia.

On May 21, 1861, the Constellation overpowered the slaver brig Triton in African coastal waters. It held no slaves, although “every preparation for their reception had been made.” [1]

Constellation spent much of the war as a deterrent to Confederate cruisers and commerce raiders in the Mediterranean Sea.


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Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys looking at Bajan Ramone Harewood for draft pick

Last October we told you Barbados Athlete Ramone Harewood has shot at NFL – National Football League.

In a further development, the Chicago Tribune reports that Harewood is currently making “the tour” talking with various teams and that he is “gaining some momentum”. Harewood just visited the Dallas Cowboys and has been working out with former Dallas Cowboy George Hegamin in preparation for the NFL draft.

The young man from Barbados is 6-foot-6 and has slimmed down a bit to 335 pounds. Chicago Breaking Sports says the Bears are keeping their eyes on the lineman from Barbados.

Good luck Ramone! (But if you have a choice – live in Dallas any day over Chicago.)


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