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More great photos from Dominick Gravel

Vietnam Saigon Photo Dominick Gravel

(click photo for larger)

New Places & Subjects

Almost a year ago I wrote of accidentally discovering Dominick Gravel’s photo-blog during one of my aimless middle of the night surfing safaris. What a treat…

And so it was that I discovered the photos of Dominick Gravel early Monday morning when I couldn’t sleep.

I’d say I “wasted” two hours at his website and blog, because I should have been sleeping so I could be human for work in the morning, but I couldn’t stop. Mr. Gravel’s photos took me around the world and every one of them was more than art. Playing lot cricket in India, school girls in Japan, riding bicycles in Nepal, a smile from the Dalai Lama, speeding across the plains of Tanzania, an alleyway in Hong Kong, releasing a captured bear somewhere. Who is this guy?

… from BFP’s We discover Dominick Gravel’s blog – a creative feast for eyes and imagination

Last night I found that Mr. Gravel has posted many new and fabulous photos of Vietnam, Korea, Paris and Australia, and more people, people, people!

Have a look at Dominick Gravel’s and his info website, but I warn you… be prepared to blow at least an hour. Well worth your time.


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Mike Tompkins: One man, one voice – so many instruments

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mike Tompkins: LIVE!

We’ve been fans of Mike Tompkins for almost a month – that’s all. Yesterday he released his latest and it’s going viral.

One man, one computer, a few pads and a couple of mikes in his girlfriend’s apartment. THIS is what the internet is all about. THIS is why Sony Music, Virgin, CBS and all the rest are freaking. Tompkins is making a living with his voice, and if he keeps it up he might make a good living – marketing straight to his fans, selling songs through iTunes or giving them away in exchange for club dates where he can make some money too.

No 15% contract for this man like some beggar saying “Please Mr. Sony, please distribute my CD and take all the money.”

Music, fiction, politics, economies, freedom: The internet changed everything.


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Here’s just what you need on a Monday morning: Matt!

Watch this video and you might believe there is hope for the world after all

Matt is a self-described 35 year old ‘micro-famous deadbeat’. He’s the dancing guy from “Where the hell is Matt?” website who got paid to take his girlfriend around the world doing Stride chewing gum commercials. At one point he was a flat-broke guy hanging around Hanoi, Vietnam when he had a friend make a video of him dancing with some kids on the street. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Half way through Matt’s new 2012 video, Shona, the boys and I were laughing and tearing up at the same time. The kids were dancing. Shona was dancing. I was dancing.

Then I started thinking what a great idea this would be for a Barbados Tourism Authority commercial: spend a month going around the island getting people to dance – taxi drivers, fisherfolk, chefs, hotel staff, children, shop clerks, police – everybod all around the island. Then take the best and make it into a Barbados TV commercial with the same feeling as Matt’s videos. Better yet: get Matt to Barbados and have him make the commercial for the BTA. Done well, that could be a great commercial.

Shona, the boys and I would dance for Matt and the BTA… how about you?


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Spark of the Day! Will you marry me?

Ginny thinks she’s watching a movie with her brother. She doesn’t know that the trailer is something else!

(Hey darlin’ – I know I didn’t make any movie trailer for you…

… but Auntie said she’ll collect up the boys for dinner on Monday evening. See you later!) 🙂


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Spark of the Day! – Mobile phone commercial shows why I love the Japanese

Prepare to be amazed!

posted by Robert


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Spark of the Day! Keenan Cahill goes viral with Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World

Keenan has over 200 hundred million views on YouTube

I laughed, I cried and I prayed as I watched 16 year old Keenan Cahill’s lip-sync singing videos on YouTube.

God made us all different, and Keenan’s challenges didn’t stop him. He’s a worldwide sensation and I love him. (and yes that is 50 Cent singing with him in another video.)


Here’s Keenan’s homepage:

Here’s his full YouTube channel:


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Spark of the Day! About that missing sock…

My sock fell off. What do I do now?

Of course all the girls at work did nothing else yesterday after this hit the network! 🙂

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