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Alan Harris says Hello London 2012! Selected by International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Young Reporters

“It is with great pleasure that we invite Alan and May to join our team in 2012. These reporters have already made a real impression in Singapore and I hope this opportunity gives them a springboard to outstanding careers in the field of reporting and photography.”

London 2012 Chairman Sebastian Coe

Congratulations to a hardworking young Bajan journalist

Barbadian Alan Harris, 23, will be joining two other young people from Singapore and India chosen to take part in the IOC’s Young Reporters programme. Allan’s six-week internship will be with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). Continue reading


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Son of Barbados shines at the Winter Paralympics – The Lou Gibson story

Seven years ago, Lou Gibson of Langley was out for a morning bike ride when he heard a car pulling up behind him.

He could feel something wasn’t right and took a quick backward glance. That is all he had time for. He was hit.

He remained conscious through the blur that followed, lying on the side of the road, the ambulance arriving, the transport to hospital.

In that instant, his life was turned upside down. The para-Nordic skier in the 2010 Paralympic Games spent the next six months between hospital and rehabilitation at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

Emerging in a wheelchair, the Barbados-born athlete then spent a number of years as an outpatient. He lost his job as a truck driver. He lost so much…

… continue reading this truly uplifting story at the Vancouver Sun: Langley sit-skier makes great strides since accident


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Barbados athletes to train in West Sussex for Commonwealth Games & 2012 Olympics

Bajan athletes will train at K2 in Crawley

This makes sense to me. Barbados has chosen one venue in the UK as a training location for both the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the 2012 Olympics. That way our best athletes will be able to develop a familiarity and comfort level with their surroundings as they ready themselves to be the best they can be.

The home team always has an advantage and part of that is simply the physical comfort of being in known surroundings. Nothing makes up for being at home, but it looks like the folks who are running our work-up to the 2012 Olympics are making decisions based upon what is best for our athletes within whatever budget they have to work with.

Here’s looking forward to seeing Bajan colours on the podium in Glasgow and then London in 2012!

Some excerpts from the BBC story West Sussex to host Barbados athletes for 2012 Olympics

Crawley has been named as the official training site for athletes from Barbados in the run up to London 2012.

The team will use the K2 leisure centre, which has an 50m swimming pool, running track and other facilities. Crawley Borough Council said the town’s proximity to London had also helped attract the Barbados National Olympic squad to the venue. West Sussex County Council leader Henry Smith said he believed their decision would boost the area’s economy.


Crawley Councillor Lenny Walker said: “This is fantastic news for Crawley and the county.

“K2 Crawley is the jewel in the crown of the town’s leisure facilities and it’s extremely gratifying to get this kind of international approval.

“However, this isn’t just about a few weeks in 2012. The Bajan athletes are looking to use K2 Crawley as a training venue before this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow so we are looking to build educational, cultural and sporting links with Barbados over the next few years.”


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“I think the Bajan took it!” – Ryan Brathwaite wins Gold in Berlin photo-finish


“At the first hurdle I thought I do not have this race anymore but then I fought and fought to the end and the gold was mine.”

Ryan does Barbados proud and let the world know it!

How close was it? So close that Ryan Brathwaite won gold in the 110-meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships because he bent further forward than the two Americans on either side of him: Terrence Trammell on his right and David Payne to his left.

Brathwaite hit the first hurdle but ran a clean race for the rest of the way and finished in 13.14 seconds.

Here is Ryan at the finish line…

Brathwaite Photo Finish

So Barbados’ first gold at the games comes from speed and technique.

Some of the news coverage tried to take the shine off Ryan’s victory by highlighting that two of the top runners weren’t in the race. Olympic champion and world-record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba and defending champion Liu Xiang of China were both sidelined with injuries.

Barbados Free Press would like to remind Cuba and China that athletic competition isn’t just about speed – its about stamina and toughness too!

A horse might be fast every so often, but if it can’t take the long run then another horse might win the race – a horse named Brathwaite.

In all fairness though, have a look at the photo-finish. At this level of competition the difference between gold and bronze can be a sneeze or a pebble… or the ability to bend lower while running at full tilt.

Well done Ryan!

Here is the YouTube of the entire race, including the announcer’s “I think the Bajan took it!”


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Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?


Tibet Execution

Barbados PM attends China’s National Day Reception

BRIDGETOWN, Oct. 1 (Xinhua story here) — Barbados Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson, Chief Justice David Simmons, some government ministers and assembly members attended China’s National Day reception at the Chinese Embassy Wednesday.

Speaking at the reception, Thompson said that relations between Barbados and China now develop well, and new achievements have been made in the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation.

Barbados Police Already Receive Training From China's Police - There's Much We Can Learn Through Increased Cooperation!

Our Barbados Police Officers already receive training from and in China. Click on the photo to read more about the excellent training curriculum at China's Police Academy - including how to execute prisoners by shooting them in the head. Like every other skill, it takes practice to do well!

Thompson said that he is looking forward to more mutual beneficial cooperation with China.

Click on the photo to read about China's Olympic Success story!

Click on the photo to read about China's Olympic Success!

The prime minister also hailed China’s successes in holding the Beijing Olympic Games.

Chinese Ambassador to Barbados Liu Huanxing spoke highly of Thompson’s resultful visit to China in May 2008, and expressed the belief that the friendly ties between China and Barbados will be further enhanced with concerted efforts by both sides in the future.

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

David Thompson, David Simmons - Two Barbados Politicians

Chief Justice’s Embassy Visit: A Political Act By A Politician

As much as we don’t like Prime Minister David Thompson and other government ministers attending at the Chinese Embassy to celebrate their “National Day” – we understand that the visit was a political act and a political decision. We disagree with the PM’s decision, and if any one of the BFP crowd were elected we sure wouldn’t be visiting with a country that maintains a slave camp system.

But we aren’t elected politicians – and neither is our Chief Justice.

There is no way that the Chief Justice of Barbados should have attended a political function at the Chinese Embassy.

But as we keep pointing out: David Simmons is a lifetime career politician, and this was just another night of politics for him – celebrating with government representatives of one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes on earth.

We bet that SIR David Simmons never even considered whether or not it was ethical for the Chief Justice of Barbados to make a political statement of support for such a brutal government – but the Chinese news media are all over it telling their people that the highest judge in Barbados is a friend. (See here and here)

Perhaps Sir David sees it as a fair trade: he provides the brutal Chinese courts with the credibility of showing their people that the highest judge in Barbados has no problem with their “justice” system.

In return, Sir David receives… some finger food and a scotch.

Sounds like a fair trade to me!

Once more SIR David Simmons proves that he doesn’t give a damn about the Office of the Chief Justice.


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Olympics President Jacques Rogge Rips Usain Bolt For His Victory Celebration – Ignores China’s Human Rights Violations, Lies, Murders and Forced Abortions

IOC President Ignores True Symbolism Of China Olympics

IOC President Ignores True Symbolism Of China Olympics

“Jacques Rogge is so bought, so compromised, the president of the IOC doesn’t have the courage to criticize China for telling a decade of lies to land itself these Olympic Games.

All the promises made to get these Games — on Tibet, Darfur, pollution, worker safety, freedom of expression, dissident rights — turned out to be phony, perhaps as phony as the Chinese gymnasts’ birthdates Rogge was way too slow to investigate.

One of the most powerful men in sports turned the world away from his complicity. Instead, he has flexed his muscles by unloading on a powerless sprinter from a small island nation.

Rogge’s ripping of Usain Bolt’s supposed showboating in two of the most electrifying gold-medal performances of these Games has to be one of the most ill-timed and gutless acts in the modern history of the Olympics…”

… continue reading Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports shredding and dicing IOC bully Jacques Rogge link here.

A Pity That IOC’s Jacques Rogge Is Blind To The Communist Despots Of China

When the fastest human in the world gave a little “take that!” to the also-rans so far behind him, that was as fine a demonstration of the competitive spirit of the Olympics as I’ve seen in a long time.

In these days where western schools are doing everything to make sure that no child’s “feelings” are hurt by losing a competition or failing an exam, where children are taught that being number one is something to be hidden, it is good to see the raw human spirit of competition and victory rise as it did in Usain Bolt.

God made Usain Bolt fast – but it took years of hard work and the desire to WIN for the man to be what he is… the fastest runner the world has ever seen.

Jacques Rogge lives a life that is far removed from reality. His remarks against one of the most outstanding athletes in the world illustrate all that is wrong with the Olympics.

In the coming years, the China Olympics will be remembered for two things: the super-human performances of Usain Bolt and a handful of other athletes… and how the Olympic organisation ignored Communist China’s human rights violations, lies, murders and forced abortions.

Because for the IOC, it is all about control of the show and money. If this Olympics has taught us anything, it is that the IOC and China’s despots have much in common. They have to keep the athletes in check because both China’s and the IOC’s corrupted vision of what the Olympics should be falls apart the moment that the athletes open their mouths or in the case of Usain Bolt, show what one individual can accomplish.

Usain Bolt can do ONE THING To Slap Jacques Rogge, the IOC and Communist China’s despots right in the face…

… Come home and under controlled conditions, smash his own Olympic record!


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Hartley Henry Pays The Chinese Back For That Free Trip!

China 2008 Olympics – Memories Of Germany 1936

Hartley Henry’s current article in the Barbados Advocate is everything the Communist Chinese paid for when they gave Hartley and his wife that free trip to China. You have to hand it to the murderous ChiComs – they sure know how to buy the journalists they need to keep the world focused on the television spectacle while ignoring the plight of those in the government-run slave camps or the young mothers who are kidnapped off the street by government agents and forced to have abortions and undergo permanent sterilization.

Yup… Hartley Henry does a masterful job in briefly mentioning China’s human rights violations and then says that the Olympics shouldn’t be politicised.

I guess that Hartley “forgot” that China banned its own athletes from the games for having the wrong politics. Maybe Harley should recall the story of Fang Zheng and 43 other Chinese atheletes who are banned from participating in the Olympics for political reasons. In Fang Zheng’s case, the wheelchair athelete had his legs crushed by a tank in Tienanmen Square. But hey, like Hartley says… let’s not bring politics into the Olympics, ok?

Especially if we have to write a positive article as pay-back for that free trip!

Here’s what Hartley says about Tibet..

“First there was the Tibet uprising. That was unfortunate, but necessary. China really needs to do and be seen to be doing more to resolve this internal but yet international blotch on its record and image. But several of the other charges and allegations levelled against the host nation, and which really had nothing to do with its suitability to host the Games, were overdone and in poor taste.”

“Poor Taste”? Maybe Hartley should have a look at this video of Chinese troops shooting innocent Tibet folks. Oh well… maybe Hartley is correct… what are a few lousy slant-eyed Tibet people anyway? I suppose Hartley would have been all for having the Olympics in Botha’s South Africa too! What are a few niggers shot to death compared with not politicizing the Olympics? Yup, maybe Hartley is correct to forget about human rights violations.

After ignoring the plight of the Tibet people who are being slaughtered for being another race and religion, here is what Hartley says…

“For example, I can think of no greater form of injustice, man to man, than for a presidential candidate to be overlooked by a voter, a state and perhaps even a country on the basis of gender or the colour of one’s skin. To me that would rate among the most critical of human right abuses, if ever there was a rating or sliding scale.”

Really Hartley? That’s the worst?

How about the government of China kidnapping pregnant women off the street, holding them down and ripping the children from their wombs and then sterilizing them? How about Christians who are murdered and jailed for praying together or handing out bibles? (Story links here, here, here and here)

Folks, I want you to really read Harley’s article in the Barbados Advocate. Really think about the words he uses, the spin and the ideology and purpose behind his article.

Then think about his message and tell me this – in another time and place, would Hartley Henry have praised the 1936 German Olympics?

Hey… for the right price, Harley will write anything. Here is what he says about the Chinese Communists…

Well Done China!

CHINA has done it! Of course it is too early for a medal count, but a platinum award must go to China for arrangements and infrastructure. They have silenced the world!

Whether you are Uncle Sam or Auntie Jane you must admit that the opening ceremony, as witnessed on close circuit television last Sunday was nothing short of spectacular. Also, up to the time of writing, there were no reports of major incident, threat or scare to athletes and visitors alike.

Indeed, arrangements for these games will make other nations think twice before offering to host this elaborate activity in the future. The standard is high and there are few countries that henceforth that will be able to better what Beijing has offered!

I am happy for China because the western media, quite frankly, overdid the pessimistic articles…

… continue reading this bought and paid for Chinese Communist propaganda at The Barbados Advocate (link here)


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