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“Gimme a ticket to Barbados, one way”

Funny, sad… and a little bit of de truth!

Avicii vs Nicky Romero: I could be the one.



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Van Cliburn and “My favourite chopping”

My favorite Chopin

Memories of Auntie

Van Cliburn died yesterday and there is not one in 100 people on this island who would recognize his name, let alone know who he was: one of the first 20th Century classical pianists to have rock star cult status.

I only know who he was because Auntie lived with us for her last ten years and she had one Cliburn ‘record’ that she loved and played over and over and over. And then played some more.

But Auntie called the album “My favourite choppin” as in chopping onions, not listening to ‘show-pan’.

We never had the heart to tell her.

When I read that Van Cliburn died I thought of Auntie and it made me sad and happy at the same time. I hope you don’t mind I shared that with you.



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Count your blessings in Barbados!

Landfill Harmonic makes us grateful for everything we have

There’s a space in the corner that I’ve set aside for the day I can afford the guitar of my dreams: a brand-new made in the USA semi-hollow Telecaster with a humbucker in the neck position and a single coil at the tail. I’ve been looking to own that little baby for ten years and I drop hints every Christmas but until things change for the better my dream guitar will have to wait. There will be no new guitars or anything else ’bout this place in 2013 and probably 2014 too.

But how bad do we have it, really?

An old friend sent us the Landfill Harmonic teaser. Lots of lessons in there about working hard, making do and looking after the children no matter how much money you don’t have.

How bad do we have it on this little rock? Not too bad at all, thank you!

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Tamara Marshall comes together at Carib Beach Bar

The audio doesn’t do justice to Tamara’s powerful delivery… but all in all it’s not bad for a little Flip camera that Ian Bourne won in a contest!

Thanks to The Bajan Reporter for “working” on a Saturday night!  🙂



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If Soca star Machel Montano came out as gay, what would happen?

Our old friend Karel McIntosh of Outlish Magazine takes a look at how mass media transforms attitudes to gays. But does the same apply to gay Soca artistes?

by Karel McIntosh Outlish Magazine

Studies show that people are likely to be less prejudiced towards gay people through parasocial contact via mass media. What this simply means is that you’re socialised through one-sided interaction. You know a lot about the other person – the celebrity who’s gay or the gay character in “Will & Grace” or “Sex & The City” – but the celebrity doesn’t know much about you.

And, through regular consumption, your prejudice levels begin to drop – most likely, I suppose, because you begin to see them as human characters, and not as “that gay man or woman”.

But does increased tolerance really mean that people are ready to see homosexuality, which is still viewed as an alternative lifestyle, represented on the big stage?

Would thousands jump up in Soca Monarch for a gay artiste? Would the grassroots in general admission go for it?

Would thousands jump up in Soca Monarch for a gay artiste? Would people be cool if a male singer put “he” where they’d have expected “she” in a song? Or would we really not care because, oh lawd…de song sweet!

Read the full Outlish Magazine article Soca and Sexuality: What if your Favourite Artiste was Gay?


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Mike Tompkins: One man, one voice – so many instruments

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mike Tompkins: LIVE!

We’ve been fans of Mike Tompkins for almost a month – that’s all. Yesterday he released his latest and it’s going viral.

One man, one computer, a few pads and a couple of mikes in his girlfriend’s apartment. THIS is what the internet is all about. THIS is why Sony Music, Virgin, CBS and all the rest are freaking. Tompkins is making a living with his voice, and if he keeps it up he might make a good living – marketing straight to his fans, selling songs through iTunes or giving them away in exchange for club dates where he can make some money too.

No 15% contract for this man like some beggar saying “Please Mr. Sony, please distribute my CD and take all the money.”

Music, fiction, politics, economies, freedom: The internet changed everything.


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Nation News finally does story on Miles Robertson, Adele’s musical director

Now if we can only get the Barbados Tourism Authority to wake up…

When golden-voiced Adele won big at the Grammys, The Nation did a huge spread on her music and her life…

… but The Nation said not one word about the Barbados-Adele connection:  musical director and Bajan Miles Robertson, who as much as anyone helped Adele to achieve all that she could with the talent she is blessed with.

Barbados Free Press covered the story at the time last February and posted Meet Adele’s musical director: Barbadian Miles Robertson. We also lamented that the Barbados Tourism Authority seems incapable of capitalizing on positive breaking news that is in any way linked to Barbados…

“Maybe we at BFP missed it, but at the moment Miles Robertson with his Adele connection sure looks like another opportunity missed by the BTA at a time when our country needs all the positive vibes and publicity we can get.”

So now The Nation has, as predicted by one of BFP’s readers, followed BFP’s lead and done a feature story on Miles Robertson.

The remaining question is whether or not the Barbados Tourism Authority has what it takes to embrace the free opportunities that come our way. Adrian Loveridge had some thoughts on that back in February. We wonder if Adrian has seen any progress since then.

The Nation: Going Miles with his music


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