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Barbados government makes support payments for delinquent fathers – Deadbeat dads, slut mothers say “Thanks taxpayers!”

… or a Slut Mother?

Deadbeat Fathers: I shouldn’t have to pay for your children!

Submitted by West Side Davie

A recent news story announced Barbados sets up child support assistance fund and covered Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s comments about deadbeat dads during the budget introduction. Sinckler used the politically-correct term ‘parents’ instead of ‘fathers’ but everybody knows that ‘parents’ word is a lie because fathers are never awarded custody of the children by Barbados courts. The few exceptions prove the rule but are usually held up anyway to prove that the system is ‘fair’ when everybody knows it is incredibly biased against men.

The bottom line of the story is that the Barbados government has decided to make support payments for delinquent fathers who cannot be found…

 “This situation has reached a particularly unsettling stage where on a weekly basis several parents who have ventured into the various Magistrates’ Courts to collect payments have had to leave empty-handed as these payments have not been made and Court Marshalls have been unable to locate the delinquent parent. The downside of this is that several of the nation’s children are then left to struggle without basic amenities and supplies necessary for a meaningful existence,” Sinckler said.

He said the persistence of this problem is causing major social dislocation among a particularly vulnerable segment of the country’s population.

“We are satisfied that this matter has reached such an unhealthy state that lack of intervention by Government at this stage will lead to the emergence of a dangerous set of circumstances that will work to undermine the household fabric of the society,”

The DLP government is not responsible for the disastrous societal changes that resulted in an exploding epidemic of single mother homes in Barbados in the last twenty years. There is no one cause for the ‘single mother culture’ and thousands of fatherless homes on this island, nor is this only a Bajan or Caribbean phenomena…


This is just one more instance where Barbados is using tax dollars to perpetuate the destructive single mother culture. Men have been reduced to being nothing but sperm donors and then financial slaves for a few moments of pleasure. Don’t hand us some line once a year about fathers being necessary for the proper development of children, especially sons, when the daily actions of women, society and the courts show them in total opposition to the concept that fathers are important.

Aside from the continuing societal injustices against men, I’m tired of paying for other people’s children. I’m tired of paying in tax dollars, and I’m tired of paying in the reduced quality of life in Barbados. I’m tired of paying in increased crime by fatherless young men who have been taught everything they know by their uneducated, low-class, no-class, slut single mothers… of which there are hundreds and hundreds on this rock if not many thousands. Continue reading


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No wonder the North Koreans are always so angry…

(click map for a larger, ah, image)  🙂

The nation with the smallest average penis size in the world?

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un welcomes you to the People’s paradise of North Korea!

And ladies… on the other end of the list – Cliverton welcomes you to Barbados and the Caribbean…  🙂

Click Here to check out the winners and losers around the world.


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Meat glue: Is your beef roast held together with pork blood enzymes?

Call upon Barbados Ministry of Health to ban meat glue use

Have you heard about meat glue? I hadn’t until an old friend sent Barbados Free Press the above YouTube video. It is a common practice where scraps of meat are glued together so they mimic prime cuts, and it’s not confined to beef: pork, chicken and lamb are also subject to this trickery.

According to the video report, the enzymes used to perform this are dangerous and the meat ‘cuts’ created by this process can have over a hundred times the bacteria content of ‘real’ meat cuts. That’s important if that nice looking steak you ordered ‘rare’ is actually formed with multiple scraps of meat.

This white powder sold by the kilo, is the meat industry’s dirty little secret, secret because it is hazardous to your health! Meat glue makes pieces of beef, lamb, chicken or fish that would normally be thrown out stick together so closely that it looks like a solid piece of meat. Continue reading


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Barbados Family Planning Association selectively aborting girl babies upon request?

Gendercide: selective abortion of females when parents want sons

In the latest in the ongoing war against women, Planned Parenthood in Texas is caught on video encouraging a woman to obtain a late-term abortion because she is purportedly carrying a girl and wants to have a boy. The video is first in a new series titled “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” exposing the practice of sex-selective abortion in the United States and how Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry facilitate the selective elimination of baby girls in the womb.

Does the Barbados Family Planning Association engage in sex-selection abortion?

It’s not illegal here in Barbados where, to be truthful, not much is illegal and our medical profession is only loosely regulated and then in the most casual manner.

And seeing as how the Barbados Family Planning Association is closely aligned with and receives awards and funding from Planned Parenthood of America, we’d like some rock solid public statements from George Griffith and the BFPA that they NEVER abort unborn babies on the basis of gender.

Then again, we also asked Griffith and his abortion organization to stop taking money from Planned Parenthood of America because the money was probably donated to selectively target black babies for destruction…

Black Genocide: Abortion is the number one killer of Blacks North America and the Caribbean.

Back in 2008 we told Bajans of how Planned Parenthood accepted donations from racist whites for the specific purpose of aborting black babies.

As we said at the time:

So once again we ask… now that it has been proven that Planned Parenthood accepts donations to be used only to abort black race babies, we call upon the Barbados Family Planning Association…

1/ Refute the Planned Parenthood award.

2/ Give back the US$25,000 cash donation and any other monies received from Planned Parenthood.

3/ Publicly sever ties with this racist group.

Move ’em in and move ’em out…

Youth Worker: Women In Barbados Not Counseled Before or After Abortion, PLUS… Abortions Provider George Griffith Talks About Profits Being Made From Abortions


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Heart attack in Barbados – tourist praises Pirate’s Inn staff, ambulance crew – slams Queen Elizabeth Hospital

What happens when a tourist has a heart attack at a Barbados hotel?

Having a heart attack must be a frightening experience, and it is probably all the more frightening when it happens in a hotel thousands of miles from home and far from friends, family and your own doctor.

That’s what recently happened to a Canadian tourist to Barbados, who fortunately had a happy ending to a bad situation. ‘Will-Sandy’ tells of his (her?) experience in several postings on the TripAdvisor Barbados message board where others have been quick to join the discussion and recount their own medical emergency experiences in Barbados and elsewhere. Their extensive discussions make for some interesting reading by tourists and Bajans alike. It is always fascinating to see how others view Barbados. Hopefully the Barbados Tourism Authority and Misery Ministry of Health also pays attention to these discussions.

“Pirates Inn the staff was fantastic, so professional and knew what to do, when the Ambulance arrived they where also very professional and reassuring…”

Canadian tourist and heart attack victim ‘Will-Sandy’ on TripAdvisor posting Note of Caution – Barbados

Tourist heart attack victim waits 12 hours to see doctor at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

To read Will-Sandy’s account is to be at the same time proud of how the Pirate’s Inn and ambulance staff looked after a guest to our shores, but ashamed of what happened to the tourist after they arrived at our largest medical facility.

According to the heart attack victim, the Triage Nurse did not know what a stent was.

That simple fact should cause all readers to pause for a second: the Triage Nurse in our largest medical facility didn’t know what a stent was. I know what a stent is and I’m a mechanic, not a medical professional. Question: does the QEH still employ nurses from Nigeria? Just asking!

Then the heart attack victim waited 12 hours to see a doctor.

There is another statement that should make you pause – a tourist in the middle of having a heart attack had to wait 12 hours before seeing a doctor. That is disgusting, outrageous and completely unacceptable by any standard. But that is what happened to this tourist visiting Barbados, and some of the other medical emergency stories on the TripAdvisor website tell similar tales of experiences in Barbados.

The Barbados brand and tourism-based economy cannot thrive and survive when such stories become commonplace on the internet. No longer can Barbados insure our brand reputation simply by inviting a bunch of journalists for freebie trips every winter. We must walk the walk and upgrade the tourism experience because increasingly travelers are able to use the internet to discover the differences between hype and reality when they are choosing their next vacation destination.

Further Reading

Pirate’s Inn website

June 11, 2010: Typical toilet, Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

August 27, 2009: Has it come to this in Barbados? Dialysis patients turned away due to shortage of needles, gloves, standard supplies

September 19, 2007: Your Child Is Sick: Welcome To Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital


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Cornwall Coroner: “Absolute tragedy” – Barbados-born dentist Dr. Darren Eastmond inspired others, died accidentally

Dr. Darren Eastmond was returning to Barbados to practice dentistry

Our prayers go out once again to the family of Darren Eastmond, who died in December of 2010 in Truro, Cornwall U.K. when he apparently missed an insulin injection and fell into a diabetic episode that left him helpless and dying in his flat.

Darren’s father, Barbados dentist Victor Eastmond, has been attending the recent coroner’s inquest and so has to deal with his son’s death once more.

Darren’s family can take some comfort in the legacy that he left in his short time here on earth. He had so many friends, and he inspired so many to live life to the fullest no matter what.

Goodbye Darren… your friends will not forget you.

Further Reading

Athlete died at home after omitting to take his insulin

Inquest told of young dentist’s ‘tragic’ death

Water polo contest held in memory of coach Darren

Darren Eastmond was one of the most fun, caring, passionate and full of life people I have ever known; he was “all teeth and smiles and a laugh so amazing that it echoed in your mind long after you had left his company. He had an inner light and shine that made you feel almost blessed to know him.” I was dating Darren when he passed away unexpectedly in December. The causes are unknown, but could be linked to his diabetes. Darren was not defined by his disease, but by his passions in life (water polo, dentistry, family and friends, and Barbados, his home). Darren excelled at everything he did, and was thankful for all the opportunities that allowed him to do so, including his education in the UK.

We are looking to honor Darren and celebrate his life in a number of ways. Over time, we will be selecting and working with a few charities that both help those in need, and are also connected to Darren’s passions. Money donated will go to these organizations and charities, assisting with some of the things Darren cared about: Barbados, education and water polo, to name a few. If you would like more information about your donation please feel free to contact me.

The first project is ‘Camp Pride‘. About to return to Barbados, Darren was going to help out with a camp for young diabetics in Barbados. The camp aims to provide otherwise unattainable opportunities for these children, including education and scholarships. Money raised will be donated to the camp, specifically to fund education for young diabetics in Barbados.


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Barbados Health Minister admits hospital lacks inventory control of medical equipment, assets

Another one of those “don’t know whether to laugh or cry” stories about our illustrious DLP leadership.

by Nevermind Kurt

Health Minister Donville Inniss (photo above) just let the cat out of the bag: after four years of DLP government and 14 years of BLP government, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital still has no computerized inventory system for assets – including super expensive medical equipment. Un-freaking-believable!

Minister Inniss was giving one of the DLP’s famous “this is what we’re gonna do” speeches and that is laugh or cry time right there. After four years he should be giving a “This is what we’ve done” speech – but with the election fast approaching it’s the same old story as Ministers again try to portray that words, ideas and promises are real action.

“There will also be the development of an equipment inventory…”

After four years in power the DLP have suddenly realized that no one has a clue about what assets and medical equipment we have, and the assets’ location, condition and actual value. You will note that the Minister’s speech about this is all in the future tense, as in “We’re going to start to develop this inventory system.”

Have a read for yourself…

The Health Minister further revealed that there will also be the development of an equipment inventory of the medical equipment by the Information Systems Department and other authorities for the evaluation, monitoring and management of all health technology in the polyclinics.

“This Assets Management Electronic Database containing all essential information on each medical device will be kept and used for accountability and transparency for all of our equipment,” Inniss added.

Assets Management 101 for DLP Government Dummies

Hospital assets management has gone way beyond barcodes!

It is the height of incompetence and negligence that our government and health system and hospital administrators have not had a computerized assets inventory system in place for the past ten years – or three years.

What would it take? I know nothing about hospital assets management, but at the company I used to work for they have little silver “can’t remove” stickers with barcodes on every piece of equipment. Twice a year someone comes through with a barcode reader plugged into a laptop and zap! The list is made. If a piece of equipment is transferred to another division it’s a change in the database. If particular items are prone to going missing, or certain divisions lose too much equipment it shows up as a pattern. Easy.

I’ll bet there are many canned solutions out there. Just a minute, I’ll check…

Yup. I Googled “hospital asset management system” and there are 12 million hits, with hundreds of software systems for sale. Some track the assets automatically by radio tag like shoplifting stickers.

What would it take to list and evaluate the top five hospital assets management systems? Two months? Six months, tops? Good lord, this is 2012! Why haven’t we had this since 2000? Any damn fool knows that inventory management systems in business pay for themselves. I learned that one day when I didn’t fall asleep in business class.

Donville Inniss promises “I will no longer accept mediocrity.”

At least Inniss is honest enough to admit that for the past four years he and his DLP government have been accepting – and delivering – mediocrity.

Further Reading

Here is the news article from the Barbados Advocate that our story is based upon. We’re forced to reprint it in its entirety because the Barbados Advocate has a history of destroying its own archives and changing news stories without keeping copies of old versions.

Please go to the Barbados Advocate to read the story, and only continue reading here if the BA story is missing…

Better health records


By Tanya Lightbourne

The age-old challenge of missing patients’ notes and delays in obtaining medical reports in the public health care system must no longer persist, says Minister of Health, Donville Inniss.

“This is 2012 and we must get real! We have been talking about it for far too long,” he stressed during the handing over ceremony of new medical equipment to Warrens Polyclinic on Friday. Continue reading


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Leptospirosis crisis shows long term negligence by Barbados Government

In face of a record outbreak Health Minister Inniss admits Ministry inaction, negligence

“The Government of Barbados gave notice this morning that it will be prosecuting owners of Bridgetown businesses, home owners and individuals who persisted in flouting the Health Services Act.

Health Minister Donville Inniss laid down the gauntlet at a Press Conference at his Culloden Road office to deal with a record number of leptospirosis cases which had resulted in three deaths this year.

Inniss fingered “the big ups” whom he said owed the ministry money for cleaning up their unkempt properties and could afford to pay, but wouldn’t.

He said while Government should not have to use “heavy-handed” methods to get Barbadians to keep their surroundings clean and tidy, he had asked his officers to step up surveillance and start lodging cases in the law courts.”

… from the Barbados Today article Foot Down

by Nevermind Kurt

 Listening to Minister Inniss one would have to think that he and his staff just heard about the annual statistics showing a massive increase in leptospirosis cases during the past year. Indeed, the “Woaloss, what a surprise! We gots to do something about this!” feeling that ran through the press conference was surreal.

Why doesn’t the government already monitor this deadly disease on a weekly basis? Shouldn’t the trend have been noticed six months ago? Shouldn’t there already have been prosecutions, inspections and forced clean-ups happening for the last three years?

The latest press conference by Donville Inniss has all the usual hallmarks of the laissez-faire system of non-leadership that characterizes both DLP and BLP governments.

Think about past leptospirosis outbreaks and you’ll see that the story always follows this pattern:

  1. The long-term failure of government to counter leptospirosis is once again highlighted through the release of an annual statistical report, or a death.
  2. The newspaper stories note that many publicly-owned lands and derelict buildings contribute to the problem by offering homes for rats and other lepto carriers.
  3. Government Ministers call a press conference where they vow to “lay down the law” against businesses and land owners who fail to keep their properties clean, clear and free of carrier habitats. Government pledges to do its part about public properties. Government promises new and revised laws where current legislation is inadequate.
  4. After a month or two of action, the outbreak dies down. Monies that were pledged to the long-term control vanish from the budgets because the problem has gone away. With the crisis past, the preventative measures fall off the priority chart as some other flavour of the day takes over.
  5. A steady and slow increase begins again, until it reaches the tipping point when leptospirosis cases go exponential. When this happens, go back to Step 1 and start again.

This has been the pattern of response to leptospirosis outbreaks for the last 20 years.

Why must every new leptospirosis outbreak be a surprise? Why are Barbados governments incapable of implementing and carrying through with long-term plans about issues that are foundational to the health and safety of citizens?

The same thing happens with mass vehicle deaths and drinking and driving. The government responds with plans, promises of breathalyzer legislation, increased enforcement and the start of action… but six months later its all back to the way it was.

The Health Minister’s latest press conference was nothing more or less than an admission of gross neglect about leptospirosis since the last outbreak.

Remember this: three months from now nothing will have changed, and a year from now when the 2012 leptospirosis statistics are released we’ll see the same speech by the next Health Minister.

Not much changes ’round this place.

Further Reading

Barbados Advocate: Health warning

The Nation: Lepto Leap


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Everything prospective tourists need to know about Dubai sanitation

I’d rather visit Barbados, thank you!

“It’s amazing to understand. They have the biggest mall in the world and the most modern rapid transit system fully automated, one of the largest office towers in the world and no sewer structure. C’est incredible !”

BFP reader comments on the video

Dubai doesn’t have sanitation infrastructure. All buildings including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, collect their sewage in tanks. Trucks come and haul it away to the sole sewage treatment plant.

Each truck has a 10,000 gallon capacity, but the quicker they can unload, the quicker they can return for another load of poop. With the lineup for legal unloading being hundreds of trucks waiting three or four days, many drivers dump into the storm drains (that go into the ocean) or in the dunes (pushing the poop into the water table).

Going swimming or scuba diving in the Dubai ocean front? Heh heh… make sure all your shots are up to date and keep that mask on all the time. Better yet, don’t go into the ocean. Tourists are warned about typhoid and hepatitis if swimming on Dubai beaches.

Wikipedia: Sanitation in Dubai

(Thanks to an old friend for this tip. Who’d have thought?)


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The fallacy of “Community based care” for psychiatric patients

“This is all budget driven and it will turn out very badly”

by One Who Knows

There are two stories in Barbados Today that should be required reading for every business person, landlord, tourism worker, shop clerk or shopper who has ever had trouble from the mentally ill vagrants who prowl the city looking for their next victim. The stories should be required reading anytime you smell urine in the air while walking past the War Memorial or find human waste on the beach.

The Psychiatric Hospital announced they are cutting 230 beds over the next ten years and they intend to do this by implementing the same Community based care model that has proven to be a disaster throughout major cities in the UK and America.

People who used to be looked after and did moderately well with daily care at hospital residences now populate the ranks of the “homeless” throughout the UK and the USA.

These poor souls used to have health care, hygiene facilities, nutritional standards and behaviour monitoring with professionals ready to intervene. Now they sleep under bridges and in parks: malnourished, without medication, filthy, lonely and socially outcast. Their mental health always slides on the outside. Always.

That is the outcome for the vast majority of “former” psychiatric patients tossed out on the street due to budget cuts. That is the history of “community based” mental health care.

Community Care does not exist except on paper during budget proposals

The fallacy is that you can cut the budget for looking after psychiatric wrecks by shoving them into the community and providing them with “community support”.

This word “support” is never defined by minimum standards of care, budget or monitoring to ensure patient and community safety. This “community support” is a vapourish term that means anything people want it to mean at any time.

“Community Support” always ends up meaning that people who need serious attention now live next door to you and your children. It means that patients who can barely make it through the day in a professionally staffed hospital residence are now on their own.

Model patients in hospital residences can become dangerous when the system tosses them onto the street. Read the big city papers anywhere in the USA or the UK and you’ll see the same story over and over again: After an incident where the patient or an innocent victim is hurt, authorities talk about how well the patient was doing and how this incident is an anomaly in an otherwise effective programme of Community-based care etc etc etc.

Health Minister Donville Inniss and the other proponents of Community based care for psychiatric patients never talk about increased costs that happens in other areas when the health system unloads its burdens upon the community. They never talk about the increased costs for policing and ambulance services. They never talk about increased crime and violence in the community. They never talk about the deterioration in the quality of life for ordinary people and about mothers who don’t let their children play in front of the house anymore unless someone is right there all the time.

Community based care proponents never talk about what happens when two or three borderline patients move into a neighbourhood and disrupt the lives of hundreds of people every day.

Read the two Barbados Today stories and know that this is all budget driven by the government: not driven by the health care professionals who are trying to cope with the budget reductions and know how this will turn out.

Reduction in accommodation Psychiatric Hospital’s goal

Helping the homeless

Remember my words: Community based care for mental patients is a fallacy that always turns out badly. Always.

Submitted by One who knows


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New Barbados hospital announced? It’s election time again!

Taking their lead from BLP tactics, the DLP delivers another worthless election promise…

“The Government has finally seen the wisdom of the BLP’s Cabinet decision of October 2007, when we agreed and I stated publicly, that there was a need to construct a new general hospital in Barbados,”

…former Health Minister Dr. Jerome Walcott outrageously tells The Nation he is “vindicated“.

In October 2007 after 14 years as a majority government where they spent our money on everything except the hospital and other vital infrastructure,  the Barbados Labour Party promised to build a new hospital.

It was a last minute election promise by the corrupt Owen Arthur government. This was the same government that blew a billion dollars in a failed attempt to nationalize our tourism industry through the failed Hotels and Resorts GEMS project. This was the same government that borrowed tens of millions for the West Coast waste treatment facility – and then spent the money on something else. The same BLP government that spent three hundred million dollars on the disastrous Cricket World Cup.

By 2007 the BLP had spent our money on follies and left us with nothing to build a new hospital. In desperation they promised it anyway as the election approached. Anything for votes.

Now our current DLP government announces a new hospital after four years of dithering and doing nothing. No plans. No land. Not even a planning committee struck. The DLP has done nothing in the last four years to advance a new hospital.

Surprise, surprise… next year is an election year

As one of our readers asked in our post Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital cannot pay millions owed to suppliers

“If they can’t find money to pay suppliers where are they going to find money to construct a new hospital?”

We’ve needed a new hospital for at least 20 years. Responsible government would have started real work and planning long ago.

I don’t believe Health Minister Inniss any more than I believed Health Minister Walcott back in 2007. Neither have anything more than words. Such fine talk these politicians deliver as the election approaches.

I am so tired of this same old, same old – and nothing will change if we continue to vote the same BLP/DLP bunch back into office.

Dear Prime Minister Stuart:

Pass the promised Integrity Legislation before we even think of an 800 million dollar new hospital.


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Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital cannot pay millions owed to suppliers

Life Rule #1: If you don’t pay suppliers, they stop supplying

Our Queen Elizabeth Hospital is facing shortages of supplies because it owes and cannot pay millions of dollars to multiple suppliers.

Former BLP Health Minister Jerome Walcott is all upset and says patient care is being compromised. From what we’ve seen in the past under Walcott’s rule, that’s probably true.

Current DLP Health Minister Pornville (Donville) Inniss (photo above) says there’s nothing new here and he’s “not aware that the level of care has been compromised by indebtedness to suppliers”. Inniss is correct that the QEH hasn’t been paying its bills on time for years, but whether we’re running out of cancer treatment or rubber gloves he’s wrong about patient care not being compromised – for it surely is.

“Inniss says that the Government of Barbados will honour the debts to suppliers but he didn’t exactly pull out a cheque book to make it happen.”

We wonder if Minister Inniss has been back to inspect the hospital conditions since we alerted him last year that things were so bad that the hospital staff weren’t even cleaning the toilets. Yuk!

Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Washroom under Health Minister Walcott – “Progress & Quality Of Life” As Defined By The Arthur/Mottley BLP Government.

Let’s remember the QEH under Health Minister Walcott

Yes, the QEH has all gone to hell, but Walcott shouldn’t be so self righteous because it was his BLP government that chose to spend hundreds of millions on a failed cricket extravaganza rather than making health care and clean water a priority.

As one reader related the horror tale of her child at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital when Walcott was Minister of Health…

“I don’t know how much the government spent on Cricket World Cup, but every time I go past that big white elephant Kensington Oval I think of my son and all the tears and fear over that filthy, falling down slum we call our hospital.”

“None of the ward toilets where my son was had paper, none had soap or paper towels for drying. Everyone must bring their own.”

“I had to buy “Intrasite gel” for my son’s wounds because the hospital had none that they could give me after 3 days. This was $20 a bottle and it only lasted a few days because I and my friends ended up changing the dressings ourselves when we found they were not being changed enough. I had to buy a box of sterile gloves to change his dressings. I bought a small package at first but the nurses kept “borrowing” the gloves because they were short of gloves so I bought a box.”

… from BFP’s Your Child Is Sick: Welcome To Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

We’re out of money, friends. And it seems the only answers our politicians Glorious Leaders can come up with is 1/ Deny the problem exists, and 2/ Borrow more money to stave off disaster.

Walcott or Inniss: It doesn’t seem to matter which one is Health Minister because nothing changes.


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Troublemaker calls for environmental testing at Jada Construction beach project

Director of Jada Group calls complaint “Ridiculous”

Jada Construction Company representatives are quoted in today’s Nation stating that no chemical or waste was pumped into the sea from their Road View, St. Peter project.

Jada Group director Philip Tempro calls a complaint by the troublemaking Mullins Bay blogger “ridiculous” and confirmed that he’s seen the stories and photos on the internet – presumably at Mullins Bay Blog and here at BFP.

Site supervisor Larry Maynard told The Nation that “several gallons” of seawater had been pumped back into the ocean during the construction and that Coastal Zone Management and Town and Country Planning have been “constantly” monitoring the project. (Constantly? I don’t see them in photos of the construction site when the pumping was happening!)

“Several gallons?”

Have a look at the above photo of the discoloured “chemical smell” sea, taken by the Mullins Bay Blog “troublemaker”. Does that look like “several” gallons to you… or several hundred or several thousand?

A pity that our blogging friend hadn’t thought to fill a couple of sample jars for testing. Why two? One for the Environment Ministry and one to be sent to an independent laboratory over and away to be compared with the government results. Everybody knows the reason why you have to do that! It’s the only way to keep things honest ’bout hey where the big money boys can make lab results change by magic.

The Mullins Bay troublemaking blogger also says that the new seawall is being constructed too close to the sea. Companies regularly do that when they can get away with taking a little more of the coast. We’ve all seen it happen a dozen times.

This time though, our blogging friend has asked for the authorities to come in, take measurements and also to test the water coming out of the pumps and in the general area of the discharge.

Will CZMU, the Environment Ministry and T & C Planning really look at the construction site, and deliver a public and transparent examination?

This being Barbados I wouldn’t hold my breath, but maybe we’re being too critical. Maybe the authorities will be on site today. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more on that from Mullins Bay Blog.

Further Reading

Now look here, folks. You should go to The Nation to read Sea Fear. Please do it now.


You know how it is… The Nation has a record for deleting and changing news stories to re-write history, so to preserve the truth and the integrity of our post we have to print their whole story here. But please do read it at the Nation. They did a good job covering this news and they deserve your visit… Continue reading


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SAFETY WARNING: Mullins Bay fouled by dirty water, chemicals from JADA construction site.

Blue sky, Caribbean sea… and the filth near shore

Turtles in trouble – swimming in JADA’s swill

Royal Westmoreland Beach Club patrons also exposed

Our friends at Mullins Bay blog are sending out a safety alert after tying to take a sea dip on Tuesday afternoon, September 27, 2011.

Where is the Coastal Zone Management Unit? Where is the Minister of the Environment? Where is Prime Minister Stuart after his fine fine coastal environment speech at the United Nations? Where is former Environment Minister Elizabeth Thompson whose BLP government couldn’t pass an Environmental Protection Act in 15 years of majority government?

Swimming in JADA Construction’s filth

This blogger was taking such a dip in the sea today around noon and all was going swimmingly until I noticed a foul chemical odor in the water and noticed that it had turned milky. I decided that something bad was happening and that I needed to get out of the water as quickly as possible. It was then that I noticed a juvenile turtle sticking its head out of the milky water in the nearshore area as if it were suffocating and/or struggling to to leave the area…

It was only after complaining to relatives visiting from the UK and USA who had gone about two hundred yards up the beach to Mullins that I learned of the source of the discharge – the JADA construction site opposite the Texaco Service Station in Road View, St. Peter. I was swimming in JADA’s swill.

Full story/photos/video at Mullins Bay Blog: Beware of Mullins Beach Area


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Why does Barbados have a “low risk of liability” for doctors?

click photo for large

What does “low risk of liability” for doctors mean for medical patients?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I saw in the news the other day that the Barbados government is partnering with an American company to build new medical tourism facilities on the site of the St. Joseph Hospital. The news story and the press release sound like this could be an opportunity for Barbados but only if enough investors and medical professionals come on board.

The American World Clinics website is straightforward saying that Barbados is the company’s first project, and lists many reasons why Barbados would be a good place for medical professionals and to build a medical tourism industry. One of the listed reasons puzzles me though…

The American World Clinics press release and the website say that Barbados is a good place for medical professionals because “Barbados is friendly for medical practice and features low risk of liability…”

What does this “low risk of liability” mean, exactly?

We know it takes ten and fifteen years for civil lawsuits to be heard in our court system. What about medical malpractice lawsuits? Would a medical malpractice lawsuit take ten or fifteen years to resolve in the Barbados courts? If the Barbados government is a partner with American World Clinics, can a patient rely upon the Barbados government and the courts in a dispute?

The question that really needs answering is “If Barbados features ‘low risk of liability’ for physicians, does that mean it features a higher risk for international medical tourism patients?”

Also I would like to know about the medical certification procedures in Barbados and what body will oversee the clinics to ensure that compliance with medical standards is acceptable? What are the medical standards in Barbados?

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Frankenstein: British scientists create 150 human/animal embryos

You just know that Josef Mengele must be proud as hell that British scientists have adopted his values…

“UK SCIENTISTS have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories.

The hybrids have been produced in secret over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.

The revelation comes a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare Planet of the Apes scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far…”

… from the Herald Sun article: Labs grow human-animal hybrids

Barbados must remember…

When Owen Arthur announced that our country would be the “stem cell center of the world”, it ended very badly with the cells of murdered Ukrainian babies being shipped here for research and cosmetic use.

Science and medicine without controls, ethics or morality always degenerates into evil.

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Not pretty, but a compelling read for any who have doubts about whether Barbados should be allowing medical companies to do what they wish in our country – simply because they bring in foreign exchange funds…

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Barbados welcomes “bullied” UK Hospital Director Gulzar Mufti

Will Doctor Mufti’s insistence on performance monitoring cause difficulties in Barbados?

When the Director of Medway Maritime Hospital resigned, it was because medical staff came after him “like seven or eighteen hyenas getting together to kill a lion.” So says our newest medical professional on the island: Doctor Gulzar Mufti.

According to a UK newspaper account, the bullying was in response to Doctor Mufti’s introduction of staff performance monitoring.

Monitoring staff performance? Wuhloss!

If Doctor Mufti is the kind of professional who recognizes that there must be standards and that normal monitoring is necessary to encourage folks to comply with standards – well, he’s just the type of person we need more of.

We welcome Doctor Mufti to Bim and hope that everything works out so fine fine fine for him. The only question we have is whether our medical personnel will be any more accepting of performance monitoring than the staff at Medway Maritime Hospital. After all, we’re not so good at all that monitoring and standards an such ’bout hey.

If he’s successful bringing performance monitoring to Barbados medicine, perhaps we could put him in charge of implementing the promised Environmental or Integrity legislation.

Good luck to Doctor Mufti! Something tells me he might need it if he stands fast to his standards.

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Human Feces use in food agriculture no worse than animal feces – or, just as bad!

by Dr. Robert D. Lucas

Special to Barbados Free Press

In the 5th.of June Edition of the ‘Nation” newspaper, there was an article by Mr. Matthew Farley entitled: “Spain blamed.” Farley seemed to be concerned about the use of human feces in the growth of agricultural produce by the Chinese, while conceding the fact that, animal manures are used locally in agricultural production.

Nowhere in his article is it stated whether or not human feces were used in the cultivation of vegetables for salads in the current outbreak of food-borne illnesses in Europe. In the final paragraph of his article Farley urges Caribbean peoples to be cautious when growing vegetables using non-traditional methods. I have some comments to make on the above, but before I do so, I will review some aspects of food microbiology and food safety. Continue reading


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