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Prime Minister Stuart ignores request for BHTA tourism meeting for four months!

“Stuart just doesn’t get it.”

Four months for the PM to respond to a simple request

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What the hell? It’s only that way back in March the business people driving THE major section of our economy asked for a meeting with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to discuss the obvious distress being experienced by the tourism industry. Stuart has ignored the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association’s request for months and only now says he’ll meet – but no date has been set. July will be four months since the BHTA’s request.

The Nation News presents the announcement of the unscheduled future meeting as if it is some great triumph to be celebrated. It is, in fact, a tragedy that we are saddled with a do-nothing Prime Minister who insulted and ignored an entire business community that is foundational to our economy. It seems that each day another news story proves that Stuart can’t decide whether to tie his shoes or brush his teeth first. What are this man’s priorities?

“Let’s not be hasty here. Maybe the PM should keep the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association waiting a whole year for a meeting. That will show them!”

Yes, it sure will show the members of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association that our accidental Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and the DLP government are totally disconnected from reality.

If I could make this article any more contemptuous of the PM’s arrogance, ignorance and disconnect, I would. Stuart just doesn’t get it.

Further Reading

Folks: Please go to The Nation to read this article, but we have to print it here because that paper has a history of removing or changing news stories to suit changing political agendas…

Meeting On

THE DATE AND TIME are still to be fixed. But Colin Jordan as well as other past and present executives of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA) who have been anxious to meet with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart are about to get their wish. Continue reading


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Venezuela Says War Has Started – Colombia Says Chavez Funded FARC Terror Base In Ecuador


Photo: 13 year old girl – kidnapped and made a child soldier by FARC. See Human Rights Watch report You’ll Learn Not To Cry: Child Combatants In Colombia

On The Edge Of War

In case you haven’t noticed, a few of our neighbours are making noises that sound very much like war. The short story is that US-backed Colombia raided a FARC terrorist base in Ecuador without asking permission of the Ecuadorian government.

Of course, the reason that Colombia didn’t ask for permission first is that Ecuador has been looking the other way (at the very least) while FARC uses their country as a base for carrying out thousands of murders and kidnappings in Colombia.

Leftist Hugo Chavez had aligned Venezuela with Ecuador against Colombia and sent troops to the Colombia border for some saber-rattling when the big news broke…

FARC Laptop Computer Points To Venezuela Funding FARC Terror In Colombia!

Colombia says that when it raided the FARC base last Saturday and killed 24 guerrillas it recovered a laptop computer showing that FARC had received over $300 million dollars in support from Venezuela. Ecuador and Venezuela say this is nonsense, but reporters who have seen the data from the computer say it is compelling.

War cannot be dismissed, and neither can the potential scale of war be shrugged off as both Colombia and Venezuela are armed to the teeth.

Will This Impact Barbados?

Even if one does not become involved in neighbour disputes, you have to pay attention when gun battles take place on your street. Barbados is not next door, but we are close enough that we should be concerned about the economic and social consequences of an area war.

What do you think folks? How does this developing situation impact Barbados?

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