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Trinidad & Tobago government’s war on the news media

A timeline of events within the People’s Partnership period…

“I am seeing these events as a sinister pattern and we need to recognise that now.

by Afra Raymond

  • Fazeer Mohammed fired from CNMG.  Fazeer was the popular co-Host of the leading breakfast TV show ‘First Up’.  6th November 2010 – see FIRED!


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Trinidad: Police storm newspaper offices, journalist’s home

Snapshots from the battle for press freedom

Police seize Andre Bagoo’s computers, phones, flash drives

Nine police officers raided the Newsday offices and journalist Andre Bagoo’s home on Wednesday – seizing at least four computers, two mobile phones and several external storage drives. The police say they are looking for evidence of Bagoo’s sources for his December 20, 2011 story about the row between Integrity chairman Ken Gordon and deputy chairman Gladys Gafoor.

Of course, now that the police have EVERYTHING on Bagoo’s computers they will have a look at EVERYTHING, won’t they? Emails, love letters, shopping lists, contacts list, financial records, photos, sources for every story Bagoo has ever written – little things like that.

The latest attack in the Trinidad police campaign to muzzle a free press comes two months after a similar raid on TV6 last December.

The lesson is that if the Trinidad news media won’t self regulate (as the Guardian did causing journalist Afra Raymond to resign in disgust) then the Trinidad & Tobago police will teach the Trini press to know their place.

We’ve had our own problems here in Barbados with the police strong-arming journalists, seizing their cameras and arresting journalists for photographing accident scenes and corrupt police officers. As a society we must be vigilant and aggressive about preserving the independence and freedom of the press. History has too many examples of what happens when citizens drop their guard.

Photo courtesy of Newsday: Journalist Andre Bagoo, centre in white shirt, surrounded by officers of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) as they search his computer in an attempt to get him to reveal the source of information in a report he wrote on the Integrity Commission.

Further Reading

Newsday Statement

Newsday:  Shame!

Newsday: Newsday raid shocks AG

Trinidad Express: Police storm ‘Newsday’ offices in PoS

Trinidad Express: Cops want interviews with CCN directors

Trinidad Express: Newspaper stands by journalist not to reveal sources

Guardian: Tribunal to probe Gafoor

Newsday Statement, February 10, 2012

NEWSDAY condemns in the strongest possible language, yesterday’s raid by officers of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) on our Newsroom at 23A Chacon Street, Port- of-Spain and at the private residence in Belmont of this newspaper’s senior investigative parliamentary and political reporter, Andre Bagoo.

The police officers led by Senior Superintendent Solomon Koon Koon, executed a warrant and searched Mr Bagoo’s desk in our newsroom, went through his office computer, all documents on his desk, including parliamentary papers and other information used in the course of his duties.

After two hours they left our Chacon Street newsroom, taking with them two flash drives, one Newsday cellphone issued to Mr Bagoo, his personal cellphone and Newsday’s computer hard drive on which Mr Bagoo has stored confidential information relating to his duties. Continue reading


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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation porn weather forecast goes viral

Oh baby!!!  Oh Oh Oh OH OH BABY!!!

A YouTube video of a CBC Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation weather forecast has gone viral in the Caribbean racking up almost 60,000 views in a few days. YouTube shows a segment of the CBC’s January 10, 2012 Weather News unintentionally broadcasting “inappropriate audio” as the CBC so delicately refers to the error.

In a just released statement to the local press, the CBC says “appropriate action” has been taken after a breach in corporate policy caused the “unintentional airing of inappropriate audio.”

Donville Inniss, Minister of Health

At this time there is no word on whether the moans and other sounds originate from any of the porn videos associated with Barbados Minister of Health, Donville Inniss. Mr. Inniss is a porn industry business veteran. He was associated with the trademark for the porn brand that is connected with websites such as, OrgasmLive,, and many others.

In a way the CBC and the viewers got off lucky during the Weather Show error. At least the audio didn’t come from one of the bestiality human-animal porn videos associated with the business and brand!

Well, I don’t think the CBC audio came from animal porn – but then I’m not an expert on that kind of thing like someone with years of experience in the porn business might be.


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Goodbye to Desmond Bourne “The voice”

Our heartfelt condolences to our friend Ian Bourne and family upon the passing of Ian’s father, Desmond Bourne, at the age of 79.

Desmond Bourne’s deep authoritative voice is what we immediately remember, but what causes us to smile are the memories of Desmond saying so many things that needed to be said – but that no one would say except him.

Head over to The Bajan Reporter to read Ian’s tribute: Desmond MacDonald Bourne – 1932 to 2011: R.I.P my crazy Dad

Photo courtesy of The Nation: Desmond Bourne dies at 79


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How one policy change will cause a worldwide explosion of Caribbean culture and commerce

The Proposal: All Cable Networks must Carry all Caribbean Television Stations as part of its Basic Package.

by Baba Elombe

“The ultimate goal of this proposal is to prepare us for entry into the lucrative world markets with our distinctive culture.”

In recent months there has been a growing spate of negativism across the region emanating in a large part from our lack of knowledge about the others that we share this Caribbean space with. Most of the time hear-say dominates public opinion and the rapidity with which it takes place makes it impossible to have reasonable conversations.

We are therefore asking heads of Governments to commit to the involvement of Caribbean people in the conversation by making it mandatory for all cable networks to carry all CARICOM television stations as part of the basic package that is offered to Caribbean households.

It will cost governments nothing to implement this policy.

It is purely an administrative decision for the Broadcast Commissions to implement this policy as a priority. If stations do not wish to participate it is up to them but the networks must make room for them as a matter of our policy of regional development. Stations in each territory must have the same rights as citizens to travel where ever they desire within the region. Journalists are free to work in any of the CARICOM member states, yet their abilities and strengths are hidden and is only available to the local market.

More importantly, our intellectual and mental space is dominated by USA, Canadian, British, German, French, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, and Mid- Eastern perspectives. For example, when a number of university educated and professional young people visited Jamaica and was taken around various neighborhoods in Kingston, they expressed surprise at the quality of the housing they saw. When asked why they were surprised, they pointed out that their knowledge of Jamaica was based on music videos. Continue reading


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Caribbean New Media Group fires journalist Afra Raymond, stops his CL Financial, CLICO fraud coverage

Afra Raymond too effective, too insightful in his CL Financial, Clico stories

The Trinidad and Tobago state-run media company Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) recently fired contract journalist and television host Afra Raymond without notice and without explanation – then backdated their faxed letter to him.

“Remember this folks: CL Financial – CLICO damage control by the involved governments and politicians is all about getting the public to foot the bill, while ensuring that the crooks keep their profits and Florida mansions and stay out of jail.

Afra Raymond stands in the way, so out he goes.”

Afra Raymond is a chartered surveyor, journalist and television host whose intensive and detailed coverage of the CL Financial – CLICO scandal has caused much embarrassment and fear to some very important persons, companies and organisations. Continue reading


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Something going very wrong at The Nation newspaper?

The Nation Newspaper is at it again:

“The sophisticated radiance class cruise ship Jewel of the Seas made its inaugural visit to the Bridgetown Port today docked with approximately 21 000 guests and 850 crew.”

21,000 passengers ???!!!

That is more than 3 times the size of Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s biggest cruise liner!

… above sent in by a Barbados Free Press reader. (give thanks!)

Do the truth and accurate reporting matter to The Nation Newspaper?

Just one day after we caught The Nation Newspaper publishing a fake photo of Grantley Adams International Airport, the newspaper is now reporting that 21,000 cruise ship passengers arrived in Bridgetown on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. (Nation News article Jewel brings 21,000 cruisers)

21,000 passengers must have been a tight fit in the cabins because the designed capacity of the Jewel of the Seas is 2,520 passengers and 842 crew – a fact I confirmed online from a few sources including the website of ship builder: Meyer Werft

My research expenditure was a few keystrokes and about 60 seconds.

Could it be that the best journalists and hardest working staff of The Nation Newspaper…

… are now working together at Barbados Today?


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Nation Newspaper publishes computer game screenshot as real photo of airport!

(click photo for large)

Welcome to Flight Simulator’s version of of Grantley Adams International Airport! (ROTFLMBAO)

Oh this is fun! Did someone at The Nation have a little too much to drink when the article Jetblue boss wants airport upgrade was published just after midnight Friday morning?

Not only did the editor not notice that the “photograph” of Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) is a screen capture of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator computer game, they captioned the, ah, ‘photo’ as “Grantlay Adams International Airport”. I haven’t seen the dead-tree version of the paper this morning, but someone should have a look to see if the computer game “photo” made it to print.

Don’t they have a real photo of GAIA in the files at The Nation?

The Nation probably has hundreds of GAIA photos, but when it’s late at night and you’ve had a rum or three, going into the files isn’t as easy as just stealing something off the internet.

And here’s the really good part: I found the website of the Swedish chap who created the screen shot published by The Nation. It looks like the newspaper just went to Anders Svensson’s website, ripped off his copyright-protected art and used it without attribution. Continue reading


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Bajan Reporter website crashes due to high traffic!

The popular Barbados online news site The Bajan Reporter has been down for at least eight hours after 6,000 unique visitors in 12 hours caused the server to crash.

We have three thoughts for our friend Ian Bourne, who writes and runs The Bajan Reporter…

1/ Congratulations! Achieving an effective rate of 12,000 unique visitors per day is a big deal. If you could keep it up that would be over 4 million visitors per year. That’s huge numbers for a website focused on a population base of less than three hundred thousand people.

2/ Ian, in our opinion the continuing success and exponential growth of The Bajan Reporter is due to your chosen mix of topics, your writing skills and your extensive contacts. When something happens you probably hear about it long before many of the other journalists in Barbados.


3/ Time to get a new hosting service with enough capacity to handle your increased traffic.

Big Question: Will Ian Bourne be covering the Arch Cot Inquest?

Only one newspaper mentioned the October 18th start of the inquest into the 2007 deaths of five members of the Codrington family – killed when their home collapsed into a known cave. In short, Barbados cannot rely upon the oldstream news media to provide complete and accurate coverage of this important inquest.

Ian Bourne could do the job… but will he?


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Should we buy the Barbados domain name? :-)

Did someone forget to pay the internet bill?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I’m trying to get to the online edition of the Barbados Advocate at and I’m seeing a notice that the domain name expired and is “parked” for renewal. Continue reading


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One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 – Great listening for West Indians around the world!

AN OLD FRIEND recently told us that they were doing a little behind the scenes work for One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 out of Brooklyn, New York and suggested we give a listen via the internet. All we can say is Fabulous! What a great mix of music, talk, cricket and the world as seen by the West Indian diaspora.

One Caribbean Radio is the only HD Caribbean radio station in the US and after listening for a week, we’re hooked.

No wonder the station is landing big-name commercial sponsors and growing its audience at a rate that must make some other broadcasters wonder what’s going on.

As many of our readers know, Shona and I (Marcus) are big fans of the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts and we try to take in a show whenever the sisters get together in New York. The next time we visit though, we’re going to drop in on the folks at One Caribbean Radio and let them know how much we enjoy their mix.

Amazing how such a simple thing as discovering a new radio station can give you so much pleasure.

I think we’ll throw up a banner for them in the rotation at the top and link to their website. If they want to send us some artwork (say 500wide x 350high pixels – width is pretty well set at 500, but they can vary the height to what they like) we’ll use that but if not we’ll make our own banner for them.

Check out and listen to One Caribbean Radio at their website:


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Four Days After Barbados Free Press Broke The Sir Allen Stanford – Drug Cartel Link, Nation News Steals Our Story

UPDATE: Just a note that Allen Stanford has been under suspicion for money-laundering drug money for 20 years or so – according to The Independent article The Stanford Files: FBI’s first probe was 20 years ago.

Original article…

On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, at 11:50pm Barbados time, Barbados Free Press was the first Bajan news outlet to report that Sir Allen Stanford was being investigated by US Authorities not only for fraud, but also for money-laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. We also reported that one of his aircraft had been seized with drug money aboard.

Our story Stanford Trying To Flee USA! US Federal Authorities: Allen Stanford Money-Laundering For Drug Cartels was sourced from an ABC Network News article (link here).

Here we are four days later and now Albert Brandford at the Nation News is “breaking” the same story and using the same source that we used.

Good work, Albert! We love it when the Nation, CBC and the Barbados Advocate duplicate our articles and use the same sources. And not only does the Barbados media steal our story ideas, sometimes they even go so far as to scoop quotes from our story – actual phrases – without attribution. (For one of many examples see Nation News Steals Quote and Story Ideas From Barbados Free Press – Fails To Credit Source)

How often do Bajan “professional” journalists steal story ideas and sources from the blogs?

Every day, my friends. Every day.

Oh… Albert…?

Were happy to help, but you really should tell the folks where you first heard about the story you’re now breaking… OK?

It is all about ethics and integrity.

If you and your paper have any integrity left, we hereby give you our full permission to use another one of our stories. Let’s see if you have the integrity and the courage to copy this BFP story…

How Many “Political Donations” Did Sir R. Allen Stanford Give To Barbados Politicians?



Old News “Broken” By Albert Brandford

Drug Link In Stanford Money Saga?


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Bajan Writer, Editor & Novelist Jeanette Layne-Clarke Passes

PRIVATE LINE: Dialeck in crisis

Some people we got in Buhbayduss
Does mek talkin’ loud a career . . .
Duh’s somehow get duh mout’ in motion
Befo’ puttin’ duh brain in gear.

Duh now describin’ dialeck
As “slave talk”, ef yuh don’ mind’!
How dem does t’ink show duh missin’ a link,
Dat duh tek a six fuh a nine.

But leh dem prance an’ hop – I still en gine stop
Puttin’ Bajan dialeck ‘pon show…
As Sandi say, duh could like it or lump it –
From my pen it will always flow!

layne-clarkeCondolences to the family. Short story writer, radio producer, columnist, magazine editor, poet, playwright and novelist Jeanette Layne-Clarke passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. I enjoyed her Bajan writings.

… BFP regular reader Hants

Jeanette’s passing has been confirmed by the CBC: Barbados Loses Another Media Stalwart


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World Attention On Barbados Journalist Arrests


Harvard Law School’s Global Voices, Reuters, Taking Interest In The Threat To Journalistic Freedom In Barbados

The Global Voices website at Harvard Law School receives millions of visitors each day and provides information and stories to major media around the world in conjunction with Reuters News.

Today they published a feature article on the arrests of Barbados journalists Cherie Pitt and Jimmy Gittens – where they quoted from many Barbados news sources and blogs including The Nation, Barbados Underground, Barbados Free Press, Boyce Voice and the Bajan Dream Project.

Global Voices also quoted from the call-to-arms letter put out by Barbados journalist Amanda Lynch-Foster – who had for some reason earlier attempted to have Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground “unpublish” her open letter sent out to Caribbean media “professionals”. Apparently she was upset that her words appeared on (spit on the ground) blogs!

Ms. Lynch-Foster’s desire to retain the old definition of “media” and to restrict her communication to “media professionals” is an interesting contrast to Reuters’ formal relationship with Global Voices. Reuters realises that carefully embracing bloggers and the new media as a worthwhile source of information and stories is the future – or even the present of cutting-edge quality news reporting.

At BFP we found it interesting that Ms. Lynch-Foster believed she could successfully issue a recall for something posted on the internet, and also that she rejected the assistance and support of the blogging community who, after all, are nothing more than ordinary citizens!

Ms. Lynch-Foster should stop sticking her nose so high in the air and re-examine her position.

Freedom of the press in Barbados will not be won by a cloistered group of media elites who are usually afraid to publish the truth anyway. Frankly, the eunuchs of the so-called “professional” Barbados media let Commissioner Dottin and the police bullies get away with what they did for the past 18 months.

Lynch-Foster’s position that this is a fight for “media professionals” only is just about the stupidist, elitist position I’ve seen anyone adopt in a long time.

Freedom of the Press in Barbados will only be won by the “professional” news media and the public standing shoulder to shoulder to oppose the abuse of journalists by the police and government.

And yes, Ms. Lynch-Foster, that includes your fellow citizens who blog too.


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Barbados News Media Fails To Cover Major China Story: Tainted Food Deaths

Barbados News Media Reports On China Tainted Food Story

Barbados News Media Reports On China Tainted Food Story

Mothers in Barbados want to know if any Chinese milk products have been imported into Barbados recently or at any time in the past, but the Barbados news media – both print and broadcast – remain silent.

The Shame Of Our “Bought And Paid For” News Media

The world’s news media has been in a feeding frenzy for three days over the latest contaminated food scandal from China. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of babies are seriously ill due to contaminated baby formula and milk products from China. At least one child is dead, maybe more if you don’t trust the Chinese to tell the truth… and we don’t.

News reports indicate that the Chinese manufacturer and government knew of the contamination weeks ago but in typical fashion failed to recall the product and alert the world.

The melamine-contaminated milk products have also been exported to at least one country outside of China for processing into products that will not bear the “Made In China” label.

Silence In Barbados

The Government of Barbados has said nothing. The Minister of Health has said nothing. The Barbados news media has said nothing…

Mothers in Barbados want to know if any Chinese milk products have been imported into Barbados recently or at any time in the past, but the Barbados news media – both print and broadcast – remain silent.

I guess it is payback time for all those free trips to China enjoyed by Barbados “journalists” as guests of the communist government.

To hell with them all.

Further Reading

September 13, 2008 – More Melamine Poisoned Chinese Food: Hundreds, Maybe Thousands Of Babies Seriously Ill – Deaths Starting

August 14, 2008 – Hartley Henry Pays The Chinese Back For That Free Trip!

July 6, 2008 – Pet Kidney Failures: Tainted Pet Food Still Killing Pets In Barbados?

July 6, 2008 – Keltruth Blog: Did your pet die suddenly from kidney failure? Tainted petfood could be the cause.

May 15, 2008 – Journalist Peter Wickham Says Nation News Removed Section On China Human Rights Violations From His Article!

May 6, 2008 – Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Ignore China Human Rights Issues As Long As Communist Dollars Continue

April 23, 2008 – Which Barbados Journalists Have Received Gifts and Trips From Communist China?

April 27, 2007 – Chinese Pet Food Poison Found In USA Human Food Chain


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Thousands Of News Outlets Worldwide Mention Barbados Free Press, Credit Our Tiny Snake Story – Associated Press, CNN, Newsweek, NBC News, New York Times…

Welcome To The Thousands and Thousands Of New Visitors To Barbados Free Press

At the time I am writing this, the Associated Press story Barbadians slam discovery, naming of tiny snake is less than five hours old, yet an online search shows that thousands of news outlets worldwide have published the story. The online issues of the New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and many other major news outlets around the world are featuring the story on their front pages – and all of them quote from Barbados Free Press and Margaret Knight and give the BFP blog credit for contributing to the story.

The story originated with Associated Press writer Danica Coto in Puerto Rico and is now making its way around the world with the new day – first in North America and then in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. News outlets in Asia are starting to pick up the story now and we presume as the day breaks in Europe and the UK that outlets there will join in.

Of course, the Olympics and the Russian invasion of Georgia are the big stories of the day – but thousands of news outlets are already following this new development in the Barbados small snake story. If the visitor numbers we are seeing continue, Barbados Free Press will receive tens of thousands of additional first-time visitors to our blog in the next week as a direct result of the AP story. There will also be a long-lasting legacy of residual visitors who will come to BFP as a result of online searches.

To Our New Visitors – Barbados Needs International Pressure To Fight Corruption In Our Government, Justice System and Police!

You arrived at Barbados Free Press as a result of your curiosity about the world’s smallest snake, but please take the time to at least read this, and maybe look around for a bit – because Barbados citizens need you to know about our battle to reclaim democracy and to eliminate endemic corruption in our government, justice system and law enforcement.

While that might not sound like the “Little Britain” Barbados you heard about, read on and you’ll see proof that the Barbados media is carefully controlled by government, and that opponents of government and the ruling elites are ruthlessly censored and harassed – even to the point of being fired or being threatened with murder, rape and arson by government power-brokers and insiders. The Rule of Law in Barbados is whatever the powerful say it is on a given day. (You don’t have to believe us about anything. Read on and you’ll see proof, photos, transcripts of recordings, court documents enough to make up your own mind.)

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Arrest Barbados Reporter

Police Corruption, Oppression Of Journalists

The Royal Barbados Police Force arrest and harass journalists – grabbing their cameras and erasing photos, assaulting and dragging them away for covering stories that the police don’t think the public needs to know about. The police have shot innocent unarmed citizens – even in the back of the head – and are never called to account. There are never any public inquests into deaths in police custody. Corrupt police are proven to use pre-signed blank search warrants as they act as debt collectors for powerful government officials like the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Charles Leacock.

Once again, you don’t have to believe us, read the links at the end of this article and you will see photos and proof on various Barbados blogs and media outlets enough to make up your own mind.

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Chief Justice David Simmons - Political Hack

Barbados Judicial System A Tool For Corrupt Government Officials

The Chief Justice of our Barbados is “Sir” David Simmons: a career politician and former Attorney General who was appointed by his best friend, then-Prime Minister Owen Arthur, to gain political control of our courts. With the appointment of David Simmons as Chief Justice, the separation of powers between the government, the judiciary and the police effectively disappeared in Barbados.

Major police investigations, government audits, court cases and criminal charges often strangely disappear in Barbados without the news media mentioning a word. Official government documents routinely disappear in Barbados when they are evidence against a member of the ruling elite. Foreign investors or ordinary citizens who foolishly turn to the Barbados courts for justice against an elite never win. Never.

PM Thompson Says His Conflicts Of Interest Are None Of Your Business

PM Thompson Says His Conflicts Of Interest Are None Of Your Business

Successive Barbados Governments Refuse To Adopt Anti-Corruption Laws, Freedom Of Information

In Barbados we have no laws against government officials receiving “gifts” – even money – from companies that the same officials award government contracts to! Successive governments including the current DLP government of Prime Minister David Thompson have refused to adopt rules that would prevent government officials from using their positions for personal profit.

Corruption in awarding government contracts, kickbacks to officials and overpayments to favoured relatives and friends are endemic. There is no transparency, oversight or accountability of how our government spends monies it borrows or receives from international sources and agencies like the World Bank and the EU Development Fund. There is little doubt that several hundred million dollars have been corruptly siphoned off over the years.

Thank you for visiting Barbados Free Press. We love our country and we want it to be the best it can be – but we must now appeal to the International Community to put pressure on our government and business leaders to stop the wholesale corruption and human rights abuses that threaten the very soul of our nation.

Please read a few of the below links, and remember what you have read the next time that someone talks about Barbados.

Proof Of Endemic Corruption & Human Rights Violations In Barbados

Continue reading


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Nation News Steals Quote and Story Ideas From Barbados Free Press – Fails To Credit Source

Here at Barbados Free Press we always credit the source for any materials that we comment upon.

Not once have we quoted from the Nation News and failed to name the source.

But it appears the cowardly editors at the Nation News do not feel it necessary to extend the same courtesy to Barbados Free Press. Many times we have written articles only to have them publish similar articles days or even weeks later – but this time they have directly quoted from Barbados Free Press without attribution.

Those lazy, unethical pretend journalists.

Of course, this is the same so-called “newspaper” that refused for two weeks to publish the news that the contractor of the Barbados flyover project had publicly admitted to bribing politicians in many other Caribbean countries when building bridge projects! For two weeks the Nation News was shamed by Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press as we taunted the editors at The Nation to cover the story. (See BFP’s article Triumph Of The Blogs’ Print Editions – Nation News Shamed Into Reporting Fraud Allegations Against Barbados Flyover Contractor)

This is the same newspaper that allowed its own reporters to be roughed up by police on two separate occasions while they covered serious motor vehicle accidents. This is the same newspaper that kissed the feet of the Police Superintendent who forced their own reporter to erase photos of the bus accident. (Read the unbelievable-but-true story here)

What did the Nation News do about this outrage against a freedom of the press? Nothing… they let the story fade into nothing…. just like they were told.

Bottom Line: you can’t rely upon the Nation News to provide Bajans with the simple, honest truth about anything… and this latest story is but one more example.

Bryan Walker wrote in the Nation article When Size Matters

Protests on blogs

Also on the blogs, Barbadians have been voicing concern about the matter.

One woman wrote: “This is ridiculous! Are we going to allow this American biologist, Blair Hedges, to walk in here and claim he has ‘discovered’ the smallest snake in the world, when this snake has been slithering around in the undergrowth since my childhood days? . . . How dare this man come in here and name a snake after his wife?”

That was a direct quote from Margaret Knight writing on Barbados Free Press which you can see right here.

Not only that, Nation News writer Bryan Walker lifted a main theme of our article that Barbados is receiving excellent worldwide coverage due to the popularity of this snake story.

Too bad that the so-called journalists at The Nation News don’t have the courage to report on the Ronja Juman story, or camp out in front of Gline Clarke’s home and ask him how it is that a Minister of Government built a home on land that his government expropriated!

Cowards. Lazy useless thieving lapdog cowards.


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Sungoddess Says “Let The Traditional Media Die… No Longer Serves The Interests Of The Common Man…”


“I say let traditional media die. I think they were mandated to be the public watchdog, but in fact serve corporate and political interests with far more alacrity than they do the interests of the common man.

I think blogs and blogging and other online mediums can and should take the place of traditional media, if only because it saves trees… but also because having been a journalist, and in fact a member of this Caribbean Collective, I do not think that traditional journalism is doing the job anymore and it’s up to those of us who have the will and creativity to write, to speak out.

Where is the Ocean Park story? Where is the story about the boy missing in Farley Hill? Where is the coverage of the Roy Morris Rape case? Where is the coverage of anything other that uber-right arch conservative overly-Xtian BLP propaganda in the Barbadian press? Just isn’t there…”

… from The Death Of The Caribbean Media House by Caribbean blogger Sun Goddess.

Our friend Sun Goddess is a big Second Life fan. I don’t know where she finds the time to SL, let alone time to blog, be a mommy and “real” work. But we are thankful that she does take the time to blog because it is always a worthwhile visit.

Oh… the little one?

He’s Dayo and he rates about a 15 out of 10 on the “cute baby” scale. Sungoddess caught him discovering the sunrise. Look at that smile and enthusiasm for a new day.

If you could bottle that, you’d make a fortune.

Keep smiling Dayo and the future is yours!


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